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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 139

Chapter 139 Strongest Sage, Made into the Leader


"I...It healed!? That wound!? You sure about that!?"

"I'm very sure!"

While listening to them, I stopped the second person's bleeding and went to the next patient.
It's important to be quick if you're stopping bleeding.

"L-let me see it!"

The healing magicians followed after me.
And then they're watching me doing the healing slightly away without saying anything.

You guys should use that time to heal the other patients instead....
While thinking about that, I coagulated the patient's blood with magic and closed the wound using magically made threads.
And then I put the finishing touch with healing magic and went to the next patient.

It all took 30 seconds.
I could have used healing magic right from the start, but the mana consumption would be too big.
Then I move on to the next patient.


"I've never seen such a fast treatment before...."

"Didn't he just stop the bleeding with magic? I didn't know that kind of magic exist...."

The healing magicians sounded surprised to see my treatment.
....Think they'll obey me now.
I'll give it a try.

"Could you guys give a hand instead of just gawking there. Just as you can see, we don't have enough people for the healing."

"G-got it! We just need to use magic on the patients by those wooden tag's orders right!"

The healing magician leader nodded to my words.
And then he went to the patients with numbered tags.
The other healing magicians cooperated too when they saw their leader.

"Alma, no.23 is done! Go to the next one!"
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"You can't manage no.27 alone! Cooperate with another!"


I'm using 【Passive Detection】 while healing the patients and giving instructions while keeping tabs of the patients' mana reactions and the remaining mana of the healing magicians.
Many of the patients were unconscious so we couldn't get their names, therefore, we used the wooden tags as substitutes.

As expected of healing magicians who had stayed in this city until now, they were more usable than their early impression would suggest.

--And about an hour later.

"We've treated the last person!"

We're done treating everyone with Alma's announcement.
Now, no one will die at least.

In the end, the four of us were the only ones who could continue the treatment.
The city's healing magicians ran out of mana nearing the end and shifted to nursing the patients.
Well, they were downed when there were 20 patients remaining though, we were able to save all the patients in part due to their contributions.

"You really did save them all... You may look like a kid, but in reality you must be a veteran healer aren't you?"

The healing magician leader talked to me after seeing that it was over.
Let alone famous, I can count people I used healing magic on in my past life by hands.
There were also times when I healed monsters I defeated and returned them to the forest in hope of making them stronger, but it's not a popular method nowadays.

"Nope, I've never taken the role of a healer before."

"Are you saying that this was your first time!?"

"Well, I'm an adventurer. I've been through a lot."

Apparently, it's customary in this country not to probe into an adventurer's past.
They should stop pressing further if I say it like this.

"Your skills are still weird regardless of what you've been through.... Even your instructions felt like you had precisely grasped what everyone was capable of...."

"Well, that's a matter of experience. ...By the by, I've got a little question."

I stare at the healing magician.


"Yeah. I'd like to hear the details about the previous ruler's passing... I've heard that it was because of a rare disease...."

Of course the latter half was a lie.
I don't know how the previous ruler died.
The only reason why I pretended to have an interest in his disease is to avoid suspicion.

However, I have a reason to ask this.
From what I've heard so far, the previous ruler was a competent man.

In fact, the basic constructions of this city are well thought out despite traces of deterioration from the current ruler.
I can't believe a ruler like that would willingly appoint such an inept man like the current ruler is as his successor.

However, it could be a case of him not making it in time while he was trying to find a solution.
--Like say, if he suddenly passed away.

"That rumor is inaccurate. The previous ruler passed away from a wound he sustained from a monster. You might have been able to easily cure him, but keeping his life for a week was the best we could do."

I see. Normal wound huh.
There are monsters that are poisonous after all.

Even if that wasn't the case, with the level of the healing magicians here, no one could probably heal a too serious injury.
As I thought this far, the healing magician spoke like he recalled something.

"Ah. There was one strange point. ...He lost his ability to speak early on. Due to that, ruler-sama wasn't able to leave a will."

...I see.
It came to that huh.

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