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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 147

Chapter 147 Strongest Sage, Receives Advice


"...Isn't it only right to introduce yourself first when you ask someone their name?"

After saying that, I look at the pair that talked to me.
Judging from their equipment and clothes... they're probably adventurers.

It seems they're normally working as secret agents, as their equipment are geared toward minimizing sounds, unlike ordinary adventurers'.
Which means... they're probably the guild's secret agents.

"...Excuse me. We're adventurers who took an unofficial quest dispatched by the guild."

I guessed right huh.
Seeing that they're taking different actions from the city ruler's underlings... the guild and the city ruler probably have opposing views.
I should introduce myself first for now.

"Yeah you're right, I'm Mathias. And... what quest you took that required you to tail us in secret?"

"You knew that much huh. ...Our objective is to pass a message from the guild to Mathias and his party. The reason why we're concealing ourselves is to... avoid the city ruler's secret agents, rather than your party."

The adventurer looked at the direction of the city ruler's secret agents as he said that.
Looks like the adventurers have the upper hands in stalking skill.
The city ruler's secret agents seem like they completely have no clue where we are after all.

I guess we can trust these adventurers a bit for now.

"Got it. ...So what's the guild's message? Is it related to the fact that the guild's secret agents are looking for us?"

"...You've seen through everything huh. That's correct. Mathias and his party, all four of you are wanted by the city ruler."

"Wanted? Like with criminals?"

"Yeah. They don't have an excuse, so they won't do it in public. ...But there's a high chance of you getting ambushed in a night like this. They're targeting... Mathias in particular."

When the three girls who had been staying silent heard that... they had a dumbfounded look on their faces.
And then they ask the adventurers while looking like they can't believe it.
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"Eh? Mathi-kun?"

"...Of all the ones here, Mathi-kun?"

"Why would they purposely go for Mathias-san?"

The adventurer sighs and answers the three's questions.

"There are two reasons mainly. First, he's the leader of the party that defeated a monster whom the city ruler couldn't defeat even after gathering people. He's losing his face.... The second reason... apparently, he thinks that Mathias-kun is the easiest one to beat amongst his party members."


The three let out a vapid voice.

"H-hold on. What do you mean by Mathi-kun being easiest to beat?"

"I think it'd still be easier to annihilate the three of us together than defeating Mathias-san...."

The adventurer answers that question.

"It seems like the city ruler... thinks that Mathias is just a mere healer. And he's a Disqualified Crest at that. Though I think even someone slightly skilled will immediately notice that Mathias is the most dangerous one among you guys...."

Ah. That kind of pattern huh.

"Which means, the city ruler is probably going to try to take Mathias hostage and put his party under his control. Since having Mathias's party under his control means he could save face... Thus, we'd suggest Mathias and his party to leave this city for a while."

"I refuse."

I immediately replied the adventurer's suggestion.
Why should we have to run away just to avoid one shitty city ruler.
He's not worth even that.

"...You might be confident with your skills, but you'd better off not staying in this city. They likely won't attack at places with many people around, but they will persistently come at you anywhere else."

"No problem. You three can hide somewhere if you don't like the idea though..."

"I think it's not a problem."

"Me too, nothing to worry about with Mathi-kun around! We can't let our guard down though..."

"I feel sorry for anyone who's going after Mathi-kun instead..."

The three are in agreement too it seems.

"For now, I've received your advice, so tell the guild that there's no problem. Well, you'll see the result in less than two weeks."

"Result... I probably shouldn't ask what you mean by that. I feel that it's for the best... I got it. I'll tell the guild that."

The adventurers left after saying that.
By result, of course, I mean the contact from the royal capital.

If the king gives his decree to execute the city ruler, dealing with the aftermath will be easier.
Well, I plan to assassinate the guy first if I deem that his adverse effect is too big.

...Now then.
For the time being, shall we go and deal with today's assailants.

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