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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 23

Chapter 23 24-Hour Lifesaving Inn


Chirp chirp chirp

A bird that looks like a sparrow is chirping near the window.
I'm awake but my eyelids won't open well. Huuh? What happened to me?
Mirrors are expensive so of course there's none of that here in a room for adventurers. No choice, I try to move my aching body... I can't!?
Huuh? I'm wide awake but I can't move my limbs at all like they've been bound....

I managed to somehow move my head and looked below to see that I had been tied in a rope.
How did it come to this? I went straight to bed after feasting on Donur-san's memorable Paella and I don't remember anything at all afterward.

Knock knock knock

Someone knocked on the door.
And then click, it opened.

"Huh? Are you awake now, Nobu-san~"
Minerva-chan came carrying a tray.

"fea I fuf fof uf "
(Yea, I just got up)

I was aghast when I tried to talk. Just what happened to me really.

"Ah, you shouldn't force yourself to talk~ It's just as Matda-san said, you've really swelled up~"

She fiddled with something on the tray while saying that. Master said that? Which means my face is so swollen I can't speak well right now. For it to be this difficult, does it mean it's really swollen so much?
As much as an**nman?
<TLN: Anpanman.>

"I was told that since it was Nobu-san, he might force himself to move around, so I took it upon myself to tie you up in the bed~"

She's saying that with all smiles... So that was why I couldn't move at all.
Then Minerva-chan put some gel-like substance on tree bark-like stuff. And then she put them on my face.


It stiiiiiiiiiiinks! Several of these things that are orders of magnitude stinkier than a poultice are pasted on my whole face.

"These have been applied with salve made from Alue leaves~. The swelling should be gone by tomorrow if we use this many~."

This stuff is folk remedies that don't rely on magic and are so effective guards and adventurers carry it around with them. Apparently this smell will disappear when it loses its effect. And the reason why I'm this swollen is a backlash of forcefully overlapping heals. It varies by people, but apparently Master said that the backlash was this severe in my case since I overlapped the heal after getting hit that bad. And he even saw through my personality and made sure that I wouldn't be able to move.... Kuuh, I feel like Son Goku who got toyed with in the palm of Buddha.

No choice, let's spend today resting.

"Fhanf fou, mifefa-fhan."
(Thank you, Minerva-chan.)

"Yes, well then, please rest well okay~"

After finishing putting the poultice-like stuff, Minerva-chan left in a hurry.

Still, it's been a few days since I came to this world. It really was like surging waves.

I was thrown into a forest, met beauty sisters, got attacked by a wild boar, had a mock battle with Kyle, met a Goddess and then got beaten to a pulp. It's been really stormy when you lay it all down like this.
I also met kind and reliable people.
Mitama and Futsuno-san. Eleanor-san, Master, and Kyle. Minerva-chan, Donur-san, and Bell-san. Boss-san, Storm-san and Sefi-san.

Oh there's also the muscled bikini pants and stuff, oh right, the no-Goddess too.

I think... I'm glad... to have come to this... city....

...Stop it, nee-san...


"Ufufu, he really looks cute when he's sleeping like this. It's nice when he looks gallant, but this kind is nice too."

"...He's fast asleep, you shouldn't tease him."

"Geez, Mitama you're so serious. You can do many stuff on this defenseless Nobu-kun...."

At that time, my eyes met Futsuno-san's who was peering.

"A-araa, yer' awake? Morning, Nobu-kun."

"W-w-w-what are you doing Futsuno-san."

"Y'know, we heard you got into a fight. After hearing some others rumors, we decided we might as well come to visit."

"...We heard from Storm. And that you were in this inn too. You're as rash as always, Nobu."

Mitama said that a bit critically.
Un, I feel sorry to have worried them.


Uwaa, how did they know about that too. Hearing that from someone's else mouth really makes it sound embarrassing and itching.


"Well, there were a lot of witnesses and it got quite lively 'rite? And many people have been talking about it you know. Was quite the hot topic in the diner earlier too."

Nuoooo, it's gotten so big. I didn't expect this.

"....You shouldn't be rash. You were like that with the wild boar too, Nobu, you drove your body too hard."

Mitama had a really worried expression as she said that. We haven't known each other that long, yet she's this worried about me, it makes me happy.

"Don't worry. I'll get stronger now that I've become a pupil of the 【War Fist】. Next time will be different."

The two looked shocked when they heard me.
Eh? Did I say something bad?

"W-war Fist!? That War Fist, the so-called Ultimate Weapon of Gramada? No-Nobu-kun... You shouldn't be so quick to jump to your death."

"....You went and did something rash right after we told you not to, geez."

"Eh? Eh? What's going on?"

"Don't tell me, you went and became his pupil without any knowledge?"


"Achaa~, that's right. Nobu-kun just arrived recently. No wonder you don't know."

According to Futsuno-san. Apparently there were countless people who went under Master's tutelage but only a few that managed to safely graduate. But, those few people went on to assume important positions like a general that protect an entire country or a high ranking adventurer.
However, the training was something those with half-assed resolution could not endure and numerous youngsters were left dejected.
Wow, Futsuno-san is really well informed.

"And that's that. Like we said Nobu-kun, you've gone and become a pupil of someone outrageous."

"...Nobu, don't die."

No no no, I won't die. Please don't kill me off, Mitama.

"I-it's alright. I'm not going to die just like that...."

Uu, now I'm feeling the nature's call after hearing that story. I can't move because of this rope though.

"Fu-Futsuno-san. Sorry, but could you maybe untie this rope. I'd like to go to the toilet for a bit."

And the thing I said this time became a regret I carried until death.
The moment I said that. Futsuno-san grinned and smiled. There's no doubt, that's her face when she's thinking of something bad!

"Ufufufufufufu. Futsuno onee-san gotta observe this real closely. Now then, Nobu-kun, let onee-san take care of you."

She had an earthenware of some kind on her hand. Where'd she get that from!? The shape looks... like... an... urinal.

No way!? I call for help from Mitama while having the worst premonition in my chest.

"Mi-Mitama. I beg of you, please untie me!"


Even though Mitama answered my call and tried to untie the rope, it doesn't look like it's getting unfastened at all, just what kind of knot is it. Futsuno is fast approaching my lower half in the meantime.
She turns over the blanket with a cheerful look on her face and extends her arm toward my lower half.

"It'll be over in a jiffy if you stay still, don't struggle okay. Ufufu, it's my second time meeting Nobu-kun's stuff now."

No no no, sure she did saw it once, but even then, I don't know about letting a young girl to take care of that.
Mitama! Please untie me asap! No wait, just stop Futsuno-san pleaseeeeee.

Futsuno-san's hands hang on my trousers.
Sto...wai...aa...where are you touching!??
The chilly earthenware got between my groins.

"No need to endure it anymore. Leave it to onee-san. Now, let it all out nice and easy."

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>


Uuu, I can't be a groom anymore, sniff.
In the end, Mitama couldn't make it in time and nature's call prevailed. This was the first time a woman took care of my lower half since I had never been hospitalized before. I feel like I've lost various things.

Mitama was downhearted for not making it in time, Futsuno-san looked like she had accomplished something.
The contrasting two went home after they were done with their business.
It was already evening by the time it was over. It's gotten dark.

The rope has been unfastened and I'm free to move my body now.
I sit on the bed, roll up my shirt and see bruises here and there.
I was hit so many times that I got backlash from using heal, just how badly was I beaten anyway.
In fact, I don't really remember the stuff after I was blown away. Really, I'm surprised I survived.


I heard a reserved sounding knock from the door.

"It's open, you can come in."

"P-please excuse me."

The one who opened the door and entered was the bunny ear girl from before. Now that I think abou it, I don't know her name.

Name: Fou - Gender: Female - Age: 10 - Race: Animal Folk - Moon Rabbitkin
Class: Waitress Lv7 - State: Nervous
Title: None
Dagger Lv1 - Housework Lv2 - Serving Lv2 - Good Luck Lv 2 - Life Magic
Three Size - B: 61 W: 47 H: 62

Ah, yup. Please cut off the three size already. Don't you have on/off function, Discerning Magic Eye.
Fou-chan huh. She's younger than I thought. Still, she has Good Luck huh. I sure would like one.
She looks like a striking little girl with pink hair and ears. She may look feeble, yet she's working as a waitress among those rowdy bunch, she's incredible.

She's shaking and looks really nervous though.
She trotted and came next to me.

"U-um, um, thank you very much for saving me yesterday. Err, you were hit really bad, are you okay?"

"I just did what I wanted, you really don't have to worry about it. See, I look fine right. I was so uncool getting all beat up thought."

I swung my right arm and joked about it. I'm still feeling a bit sore, but I've gotta do this much lip service at least.

"Umm, my name is Fou. What you said back then was really cool. This is, umm, my thanks."

And then she stood on tiptoe and kissed my cheek very fleetingly.

"Minerva-chan said that men would be happy if I did that.... I'll come back later with something to eat, please rest well okay."

The girl went straight out of the room with a red face. Is this what they call a startled hare. <TLN: Adverb that means lightning speed.>
But really, what are you teaching her, Minerva-chan... What a precocious kid she is.

Even while feeling slightly embarrassed, I felt a bit proud that I was able to protect this daily life.

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