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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 140

Chapter 140 Strongest Sage, Sends Letter


"He wasn't able to even leave a will.... Isn't that too quick?"

"Yeah. I thought it was strange that he was unable to speak considering his wounds and physical conditions at the time.... But he really couldn't speak a word."

"Couldn't he just write then?"

"Yeah. We tried that.... But when ruler-sama was going to write a will, his hand suddenly stopped moving. We tried all other possible means too... However, it was all in vain. I'm thinking that he might have contracted a different disease in addition to his wounds...."

Yup. He was being completely silenced alright.
There's no doubt that it was someone's handiworks to weaken the dungeon city.

Judging from the level of magic used, the perpetrator is probably a low class demon.
Since I don't sense any reaction from demons around the vicinity, the culprit is probably long gone.

If the current ruler is joining forces with demons, we might be able to squeeze their location from him, but.... It's very unlikely to be the case.
The current management of dungeon city is just too crude no matter how you slice it.

If the demons were behind it, they'd either adopt a swifter and more effective strategy or gradually sap the dungeon city's strength to prevent them from getting found out.
They could probably destroy this unstable city in 10 days if they were serious after all.

It's too half-baked for either short-term or long-term plan.
Which leads to the conclusion--the current ruler has nothing to do with demons, and is simply an idiot.
The demons probably can't stop laughing at how stupid the management of the dungeon city has become after only killing the previous ruler.

"I have never heard a disease with those symptoms either. Well, I am not that well versed as a healer."

I think about what to do with the current ruler.
We need to do something about the guy for now.
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Evening of that day.
We've gathered in an inn room.

"This territory is really awful...."

"The mood of this city is far gloomier than what I heard...."

"Or rather, won't this city be in danger if we leave the current ruler alone?"

Looks like the three are well aware of this city's ruler's dreadfulness.
Alma is right, we can't let the guy run around free.

"Yeah. Thus, I'm going to send principal a letter."

I took a paper out of Storage magic.
The easiest way out of this is by secretly assassinating the guy but.... that will cause a chaos, so it'll be the last resort.

"Principal... Ah! Are you going to convey the situations to the king through the principal?"

"That's right. And here's the content..."

I write a message to the principal on the paper.
The letter was done in less than one minute.

『We have arrived at the dungeon city, but we still don't understand what our homework is about even after coming here. Would it be acceptable for us to be exempted from the homework along with classes?』

The three speak out when they see the sentences written on the letter.

"...What is this?"

"It reads like... a completely trivial letter...."

"What's a homework? Is that human's culture?"

Putting Iris aside, I've anticipated the two's reactions.
But that is fine.

"That's how it looks outwardly, this letter is a dummy, here's the real one."

I take another letter after saying that.
It details about the current ruler's behavior and that there's a high possibility of demon's intervention in the previous ruler's passing.
I put that letter and the dummy letter in a box that has a secret compartment in the bottom.

This secret compartment can't be easily opened as I've assimilated the material together using magic, the box is very good in being undetected.
It won't get find out unless the other party is a specialist. I've told the principal about this method, I'm sure he will notice.

"...Is it a countermeasure for inspections?"

"Yeah. There's no doubt that the letter will go through inspections. Otherwise, the royal capital would have been informed of this terrible situation long ago. We could go there ourselves, but a round trip takes more time than expected."

That said, there is a limit to information blockade, it's only a matter of time before this situation leaks out even without me doing anything.
The royal capital was probably late in their correspondence because they were busy dealing with demons.

"I see.... So you can use production magic like this too...."

We sent the letter to the royal capital and went to take a rest in preparation for tomorrow.
Now we just need to wait for the king's response while exploring the dungeon.
The king is usually quick to act when it's about a matter related to demons, so it shouldn't take long.

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