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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 131

Chapter 131 Strongest, Kept at a Distance


"...I don't see a strong monster at all."

It has been some time since we departed for Melkia.
We should be in this Chikirisbia Forest already according to the map, but I don't see any strong monster.
They might be stronger compared to the ones in an average plain, but they're at a level where we don't even need to fight seriously.

"Maybe we're not in that forest yet?"

"But the map says that the forest should be here."

I replied Iris.
We should be traveling on the right direction too.
There's no mistake about it since I've been using magic to check direction through magnetism and stars in the sky while we're moving.

"Uun. They say that you'd reach Chikirisbia Forest after a little while if you go straight.... But I don't see any monster like in the story...."

"The atmosphere does get more authentic as we dive deep into the forest though!"

We're advancing through the forest while talking as such.
I noticed a strange reaction caught in the 『Passive Detection』 along the way.

No, strange might not be exactly correct.
This is a type I was used to in my past life although I haven't encountered it much after reincarnating.

"...You three, wait here a bit. I'll return real quick."
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I run into the forest after saying that.
While erasing my presence and mana reaction.

Heading toward the reaction earlier by relying on 『Passive Detection』.
And there I found--a several meter tall huge ape.


When it saw me, the ape monster was going to attack me while looking like it was panicking.
But it's slow.
Before the ape could swing down its claw, I stepped in and cut its neck off.


"....Is this the intelligent monster in question?"

I went back to where Ruli and the others were, put the ape monster on the ground and asked them.
Seeing that, Ruli shouts out with a surprised look.

"That's... That's a Wizm Monkey isn't it!"

"...Wizm Monkey?"

"Yes! It's the strongest one among intelligent monsters that dwell in Chikirisbia Forest! It leads the monsters in the area--don't tell me you defeated it?!"

...I see. So that's what's going on huh.
I thought the monster could talk like Iris when I heard intelligent monster term... Looks like it's a miss.

"Yeah I beat it. And I know why the monsters didn't show themselves up."

"Show themselves up?"

"Yeah. They're.... avoiding us."

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