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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 134

Chapter 134 Strongest Sage, Falls


"W-what do you mean by don't move!?"

"Exactly what I say. ...Look, it's not hitting, right."

I pointed at the monster as I said that--which passed by in front of us.
The monster that appeared was a boar-like monster.

The boar monster turns around and charges at us again even while looking puzzled as to why its rush missed.
--However, the next rush passed by behind us.
Even though we haven't moved even an inch.

"W...what's going on?"

Of course the monster isn't charging around randomly.
I make it so that happens.

"I'm using magic to induce Iris's mana and making it so the monster sees us in different positions... Well, our opponent should get used to it and get its attack right before long though."

Numerous monsters, mainly ones that can detect their opponent's mana, use their sight only as an assistance.
After all, they would lose their targets in darkness or if there's an obstacle if they rely on sight.

Thus, it's possible to shift their aim by manipulating the location of mana.
...Though well, the effect probably won't be this effective unless there's an extremely obvious mana reaction like Iris here.

"It doesn't feel like my mana is getting lead around though...."

"That's because mana outside of your body is not within the realm of control unless you concentrate on it. It's possible to manipulate them once you get yourself familiar to it... But Iris, your priority right now is controlling your normal mana."
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I observe the monster while saying that.
Should be about time for it to notice that targeting the obvious mana will always result in a miss.
It will come attacking us for real anytime now.

We could defeat it like we usually do.... But since we're in a forest and all, let's fight in a way that can only be done inside a forest.

"It's coming to us soon! Spread out and attack!"


I attack the monster with my sword while watching over Alma shooting the monster with the arrows Ruli made and Iris attacking its legs.
The important thing here is to read the monster's target, and manipulate it in a way that will net you the advantage.

Doing a charge requires one to gain some distance.
Thus, you can seal the greatest weapon of a boar, its charge, if you keep its attention at someone who fights it in close quarter.

As the combat was unfolding... The moment the monster shifted its target to Iris, I left a delayed bomb magic on its body and then put some distance away from it.
A few second later, the delayed bomb magic activated and the monster turned its attention to me.

There is nothing in the path between me and the monster. There's enough distance to accelerate.
The monster fully makes use of its rushing power that had been blocked up until now, and charges straight at me.

A moment later--the ground below my feet collapsed.
Swallowing both the charging monster and me.

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