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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 150

Chapter 150 Strongest Sage, Raids


"Acknowledged. Everyone, please take these."

Eiku distributed some paper to us four.
The paper contained permission for us to act as a proxy of the royal family.

"Are we allowed to arrest the city ruler anytime we want?"

"Yes. When are you planning to do it?"

"....Right now of course. You three don't mind right?"



"Of course!"

The three immediately replied to me.
We're doing this raid because we've witnessed the awful state of this dungeon city in the past week.
We are in consensus that the city ruler must be replaced as soon as possible.

"...Understood. Our target is most likely located in the city ruler's mansion.... And that mansion is heavily guarded. Should we request cooperation from the knights?"

Eiku took a blueprint of the mansion.
Looks like the mansion is built with the possibility of attacks from outside in mind.
There's only one entrance and one back door, both of which are thick doors, and guarded by guard rooms.

...Well, that's irrelevant though.

"No, we can handle them. We'll be fighting in a confined space, so having more people around would make it more difficult instead. Also, it'd be annoying if the city ruler noticed and used some weird trick. We're breaking through directly from the front. Is there any problem?"

"...Understood. There is no problem. I have heard from people that know about Mathias-sama that taking the knights along would only drag you down."

Eiku began to guide us after saying that.
I'm not sure what kind of rumors are spreading about us.... but since it made things go smoother, guess I'll let it slide this time.
....We left the dungeon and arrived at the mansion.


"...Something seems amiss...."

Eiku looked perplexed when he saw the mansion.
We have never come close to the mansion so we have no idea, but Eiku seems to think that there's something wrong with it right now.

"Is it?"

"Yes. The front door is usually open, and guards are standing by around it. But there's no guards today... and it's eerily quiet."

Hearing that, I investigate mana reactions inside the mansion.
There are people inside it seems... But this is....

"The info about this probably got leaked."

"The info?"

"Yeah. Looks like they've strengthened the defense inside the building... When you think about it, don't you feel that there's a few guards in the city today? They've all been gathered here."

Usually, there are guards under direct control of the city ruler besides the knights in the city.
They're called guards but rather than suppressing crimes inside the city, they're taking part in the city ruler's crimes instead.
I'm sure that the people who regularly attacked us normally worked as guards.

"...What would you like to do?"
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Eiku asked us.
However, there's no change to the plan.

"Like I said in the beginning, we're breaking through from the front."

I walked forward, stopped before the steel door and gripped the doorknob.
There doesn't seem to be any trap around the door.

"Are you four ready?"

I look at Iris, Ruli, Alma and Eiku.
The four have readied their weapons and nodded.

"...I think it's locked... Would you like me to unlock it?"

I shake my head at Eiku's suggestion.
Lock picking is quiet, sure... but now's not the time to be secretive.

"No need for that. There's a better way to open this lock."

I grip and rotate the doorknob.
The door is locked indeed....

"This is how... you open it."

I used Physical Reinforcement magic as I said that and twisted the doorknob.
And then, SNAP! The lock was blown away with that sound.

Then I kick the door while throwing away the broken doorknob....
The door got blown off with a roaring sound.

"Alright, it's open!"

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