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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 21

Chapter 21 Gutsy Nobusada


This place is the street in front of 『Solomon Pavilion』.

And I'm facing off against a thug-looking adventurer at that street full of pedestrian traffic. My opponent is obviously stronger than me. However, I do not regret provoking him. I'm not shitty enough to abandon an animal girl.
The surrounding onlookers have gathered around us.

--Now, get it on! Which one you're betting on? One minute is the most popular odd right now!! The next one is three minutes, and a draw is the losing bet!

Oy yo, don't use this to gamble you guys. Moreover, even a draw is against all odd huh.

"Are you ready shitty brat. I'll execute ya, kuhaha. I'll turn you into a human sandbag."

Uwaah, what bad taste. He's licking his lips eww.
Let's change my First Class back to Fighter. To even the odd even a little.
This Gian guy party members have positioned themselves in all directions around me to prevent me from escaping.

By the way, I don't have the Iron Ant breastplate on me right now. I unequipped it since I was having a meal. Just great eh. Fortunately, I've got the gauntlet and leggings on, so it's not the end of the world.
Since my mana has fully recovered, I put a thin but sturdy co*do*-san-like Mana Clad coating on my body.
Come to think of it, feels like my mana recovers very fast, wonder how it is with other people.
Oops, now's not the time to be lost in thought. Gotta focus on his movements.

"What're ya daydreamin' about. Are ya done sayin' goodbye to yer' life. Come on oraaa."

He unleashed a straight punch from his right in a karate-like stance. Oh crap, he's fast!?
I'd like to evade it if I could, but I won't make it. I try to block it somehow with my gauntlet.


Ouchhhh. The vibrations shook my whole body even though the gauntlet blocked the attack.
So this is the fist of a pro.

"Ora oraa, I ain't done yeeet. Ya got no time to coweeeer."

Gian came attacking with right, left, right combination of onslaught.
I evaded the first one, guarded the second one and got hit in the face by the third one.
I reflexively bent my head back and almost fainted there.
And then the pain assailed me after a slight time gap. My left cheek is stinging with dull pain.

Dammit, I can't read his movements at all. They're like a mix of karate and boxing. I don't know much about martial arts in the first place, I can't think up of any way to deal with it.
For now, I'll solidify my guard and observe the opponent's moves.

"Kuhahaha, what's wrong. Where'd yer bravado earlier go. Yer' huddling yourself like a turtleee."

Pain runs from my gauntlet. How is this guy even fine hitting gauntlets this much anyway?
I measure my opponent's tempo while thinking about that and looking for a chance to counter.

"Oraaa, it's bedtime for yaaaa!"

When Nobusada's hand finally fell limply, Gian made a huge swing.
The straight right hit Nobusada in the face again.

And right at that time, both of Nobusada's hands caught the hand that reached to his face.


And then he stepped in toward his opponent's chest and sprung up.
Gian's view revolved. From the onlooker's perspective, he's drawing a circle in the air.
And then he hit the ground with a BAAAAM sound. Next, Nobusada hurled his body on him.


Gian fainted in agony after losing air from his lungs.

The peanut gallery around cheered for the surprising development.
It has been five minutes since the start of the fight and the only bet left is a draw.
People who bet on his lost also watched the match. After all, it was a D rank Vs an F rank. Nobody thought he would persevered this far.

Thank you buddy. I never thought that the 『Judo Vertical Play』 we played around during gym class would come in handy.

Nobusada stood up while wiping the blood around his mouth with his sleeve and took some distance away.
Gian slowly stood up.
His veins are popping so hard in anger you can visually check it.


Whoops, did I just add fuel to the fire.

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"All right, Kyle. You worked hard today. Let me treat you to dinner."

"T-thank you very much. Captain-commander."
(I-I wanna go home...)

Kyle could do nothing but nodded while smiling with a cramp on his face.

"Hm? What's this. The street seems quite rowdy."

Matda stared at a large crowd in front of them.

"Whazzat? Huh? Isn't that Nobusada!? What the heck is he doing."

Kyle stood on his tiptoe and saw Nobusada standing with a swollen face and wounds all over his body.


A blow launched by his male opponent made a clean hit and Nobusada flew backward.
It looked like it was over with this, but that didn't happen.
Nobusada sluggishly stood up. He took a battle ready-stance even while swaying like a revenant.
His opponent is the one who's making the onslaught, yet his face looks pale.

"O-oy. What happened here!?"

Kyle asked one of the people around.

"A, ah, when that Gian picked a quarrel with one of the waitresses in the diner, that young one got between them you see. So he turned to him and brought it outside. I mean, it's a D rank Fist Fighter against an F rank newbie right? At first we bet on how long he would last, but it's already been 20 minutes since the fight begun. That young one made a counter once, but Gian snapped and beat the live out of him afterward. Yet, the fight never ends cause that guy kept on standing up."

Kyle knew that he was tenacious, but not to this extent.
Kyle had a cold ran down his back.
But how is he this obstinate? His condition is such that he should have fainted a long time ago.

"Kyle, do you understand how Nobusada could keep standing up?"

Matda asked Kyle.

"I-I don't know. If it were me... I probably would have fainted right there."

"Look well. The surface of his body. Dim it might be, it's shining, is it not. That's him cladding himself with mana. He used it too when he fought with you y'know? He's also using heal on himself, though I'm not sure if he's aware of it himself."

What!? Now that you mention it, it does look like he's shining, though very dimly. But I only realize this because I was told about it and this darkness. Yet this guy so easily saw through it, really now.

"However, he should be nearing his limit soon. Now then, you know what we have to do here don't you?"

The captain-commander said that while showing his white teeth off. I wonder why, I don't have a good feeling about this....


"Goddammit, what the hell're ya!? How'd you keep standing up!"

Gian is looking at Nobusada, who kept standing up no matter how many times he beat him up, like he's looking at a ghost.

It's gotten to the point that that there's no more part of Nobusada's upper half that hasn't been hit. Gian himself doesn't know how much he's hit him that his fists are drenched with blood. Normally, he should have gotten several broken bones and might have been terminally injured already.

Deep in the completely swollen face, only his eyes are gazing straight forward.


The clamoring peanut gallery fell silent with Nobusada's words. Most of them are general human. Although few, there are some among them who look down on other races besides general human, like animalkin.

A roar resounds in that silence.


An earsplitting scolding voice loudly resounded.

"Geh, aren't that the War Fist!?"

One of the peanut gallery saw Matda and trembled.
That acted like a signal as the people around dispersed away.
The only people that remained there were Nobusada, Gian and his party, the bunny ear waitress, Minerva, Matda and Kyle.

"You there! Still wanna go at it?"

Matda turned at Gian and asked.
Gian clicked his tongue like he hadn't given up.

"Tch, like hell! Let's go you guys!"

Gian turned around and walked away. His party members followed him in a hurry.

"Dammit, disgusting. Always getting up even though I'm sure I broke his bones many times. The hell is that guy, shit shit shit."

Those groans reached Matda's ears.
And then he turned around toward Nobusada. Nobusada isn't moving at all as Kyle rushes up to him.

"Captain-commander. This guy fainted while standing up you know? Just how much of a sore loser this guy is..."

"I've been thinking since his mock battle with you, this lad is quite interesting. He might radically change for real if I drill him."

After saying that he put Nobusada on his shoulder like carrying a sack.

"Donur's daughter, err, Minerva-jouchan was it. Do you know where this guy's room is?"

"Y-yes, let me guide you there~"

Kyle was left alone as everyone went inside the inn. However, he had a slightly pitying look on his eyes.

"Man, that guy got himself marked down by someone troublesome. Those eyes, they were absolutely brimming with more thrill than when he's drilling me."

Kyle muttered and went inside the inn while sighing.

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