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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 145

Chapter 145 Strongest Sage, Explains the Situation


We immediately went to the guild after leaving the dungeon.
I put our baggage in the Storage magic since I knew that I didn't really need the mana right now, but my mana won't recover if I keep this on.
Fortunately, the guild is close by the dungeon.

"We'd like to sell some materials."

"...You guys went inside the dungeon at a time like this?"

The receptionist girl looked at us like she couldn't believe it.
I guess entering the dungeon after so many people fell victims makes us look rash.

The dungeon cities in my past life got it even worse at their worst though.... Well, I shouldn't judge this world using the same standard considering the current technology is underdeveloped.
And since we've returned safely, there should be no problem here.

"Yes. That said, we didn't encounter any strong monster though."

"Oh right, it shouldn't be that dangerous in the upper floors... You don't have a lot with you either."

Looks like she got it.
The part about not having a lot is a mistake on her part though.
Guess it's faster if I just show it.

"We don't have a lot because of Storage magic. ...See."

I took out the materials we brought.
Seeing that... the receptionist girl's expression froze halfway through.

"Anything wrong?"

"E-err.... What are those materials?"

The receptionist girl pointed at the materials we brought.
We only picked up the relatively better materials with us as we descended through the dungeon.... but the ones that remain in the end are the materials from that bird.
Even though it was beaten into a mess, the materials are still in a whole different class compared to other monsters, which were just too weak.

"They're from a bird monster we defeated in the dungeon. ...I didn't partake in the subjugation though, these three were the ones who did it."

I pointed at Ruli and the others.

"It was Mathi-kun who made that magic circle though...."

"I mean, I feel that Iris-san did most of the work."

While saying that, Ruli and the others brought the materials so they could be better looked at.
The receptionist girl had a perplexed look when she saw the materials... then she turns around and shouts out.

"Branch Head! Big news!"
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"What's wrong!"

"It's materials from the monster from yesterday!"

A middle aged man rushed out of the back to hear the receptionist's voice.
He's probably the branch head.
I don't remember us doing anything worth getting fussed over though....

Or rather... What does she mean by the monster from yesterday? This bird monster?
We delved into the dungeon for the sake of defeating the monster who annihilated adventurer joint party... but we couldn't find that monster y'know?

I wait for their reaction next while carrying that doubt.
And the branch head... Asks this question.

"Where did you get these materials?"

"It should be from floor 11."

"...Why did you go to floor 11 at this day?"

It kinda feels like he's suspecting us in his confusion.
Yeah, I guess going to floor 11 without any reason is suspicious.
As I'd also like to report about our failure in finding any strong monster, I should tell them the truth here.

"We heard that there was a strong monster in the dungeon, so we went to see how it was. Well, we didn't find that monster even after getting to floor 18 though."

"In the end, this guy was the strongest!"

"Right, most other monsters were done in one hit...."

Iris and Alma gave their own impressions after I explained the situation.
Seeing that, the branch head... put his hands on his head while looking like he wanted to say, 『The hell they're going on about』.
And then he muttered.

"W-what's with these guys... I heard that the Second Academy was bad news this year, but these kids are just too weird..."

What? Am I imagining things or did he just suddenly bad mouthed us.
I don't get what's going on, I should ask his story.

"...Is there any problem?"

"No, not problem, I mean... That thing is that monster..."

The branch head pointed at the bird materials we brought as he said that.
...Eh? This thing is?

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