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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 151

Chapter 151 Strongest Sage, Shows Up


"The front door has been breached! Get ready to attack!"

"Ha, they naively came from the front!"

"The prize money is mine!"

The mansion's guards have been gathered here due to the loud sound of the broken door.
Looks like the city ruler has put reward money on our heads.

"What is this?"

"Are they going easy on us?"

"No... Looks like they're already doing their best."

Their attacks were really shoddy.
Arrows without magic enhanced on them, and chanted magic so weak you would have thought they weren't even trying.
We didn't even have to do anything as all of them were all repelled by the magic tool we had prepared beforehand.

"Dammit, why aren't our attack working!"

"Could it be.... Barrier magic!?"

"Impossible! There's no way a magic capable of blocking this many attacks be deployed so fast!"

They're doing it seriously.

"Well since they're in the way, let's finish them off."

I plunge into the bunch after saying that.
I don't even need to use defensive magic. I can evade this level of attacks instinctively.

I activated lightning magic and paralyzed them all together.
Really helps that the lightning pass them easily since they've crowded themselves in formation.

Thus we continued to suppress the other guys and annihilated all the bunch on the first floor.
Some of them seem to have escaped, but there's no need to go after them.

"Err, the city ruler is in his office in the second floor.... Or that's what they'd like us to believe, but he's actually in a hidden room underground huh?"
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"...Judging from the enemy's formations, I think there is no mistaking it. I don't know the exact location, but my intuition tells me it's...."

"Here, right."

I pointed at a nearby wall as I said that.
There was an unnatural gap in the drawing we got earlier.
Judging from its width and the shape of mana reaction, it's probably a hidden stairway.

"Yes. Did Mathias-sama come to the same conclusion?"

"The one who set up this hidden room is most likely an amateur. It's so obviously unnatural."

Looks like Eiku noticed the oddity on the drawing too.
Well, it's only right that a proper secret agent would know this much oddity.

"The problem now is how to enter it...."

"That's a solved problem. It's open if you do this."

I kicked at the wall with Physical Reinforcement as I said that.
And the wall easily broke down.

The real mechanism to open this door is probably the magic tool in the corner of the hidden room, but this way is faster.
We don't need to follow how they do their key and hidden door stuff in particular anyway.

"...How do I say this, I feel like I understand what His Majesty and the Second Academy students were saying now...."

Eiku muttered when he saw the scene.

"What were they saying?"

"Do not antagonize Mathias-sama even by mistake."

"...I see."

They're saying such things huh.
Well, not having the royal family as an enemy is good for me too.

"Then let's get down the stairs. I'll be leading, Iris will be right behind me. You three follow us slightly away from behind."


Thus we got down the hidden stairs in a line.
And then we started to hear the commotion inside.

"It's so quiet on the first floor... Did they manage to suppress them?"

"No, we would have gotten the report if they did! Perhaps we should consider that they have been suppressed instead...."

"Fool! There's no way they could've beaten that many people this quick! ...But open the passage heading above just in case!"


Ah. They have another hidden door that leads outside huh.
I'm interested in the location of that hidden door.
...Alright let's ask them.

"That sounds fun. May I join in too?"

I showed myself up in front of the city ruler and his underlings as I said that.

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