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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 133

Chapter 133 Strongest Sage, Stands Still


"...It's kinda, peaceful..."

"Yeah. It's peaceful..."

A little while after we entered Cikirisbia Forest.
Monsters are running from us like always, so our journey has been exceedingly peaceful.

"Come to think of it, I understand that monsters run away from Iris-san, but where do they run off to? If they were to leave the forest and attack a town..."

"Ah, that won't happen."

I point at the direction we just passed.
Monsters who went away to avoid us have come back to the place.

"If you focus on the 【Passive Detection】, you should see that those monsters came back to their positions after we had passed through. Monsters have this turf-like area thing and they seldom leave it."

"Ah, I've heard about that before! If a strong monster appears, you estimate their rough turf and make sure not to enter that area...."
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"That's one way to use it. There's also a tactic to lure out a strong monster by purposely rampaging inside their turf."

The turf of a monster is generally larger the stronger that monster is.
And while they don't really cause harm to other monsters, they will attack any human that rampages inside their turf.

"T-that's, I'd rather not putting that into practice.... By the way, how will you go around doing that?"

"Right.... You do it by defeating monsters or cutting the surrounding trees down and such... oh and it can also be done just by walking around while sprinkling your mana around. We're doing that pattern this time."

"I see... Hm?"

Ruli stopped her words midway.
Looks like she noticed something.

"What do you mean by... 『This time』?"

"Right.... I think you'll understand if you focus 【Passive Detection】 over there."

I pointed diagonally as I said that.
And from that direction--a huge mana reaction is charging straight at us.
Looks like the lure by way of Iris works as intended.

"H...Hold on, this reaction, isn't it really really bad!?"

"We have to run away..."

"I don't think I can stop this one either you know!?"

The three who saw the coming monster began to panic.
Looks like the monster had come into view while were talking.
Well, it might be also because it's very easy to see the monster considering it's five meter tall.

I stood upright while watching that monster.
And declared the plan.

"No, you three, please don't move from there."


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