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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 132

Chapter 132 Strongest Sage, Watches Over


"Avoiding us!?"

"Yea. I see with focused Passive Detection that monsters are moving like they're avoiding us. From what I tested earlier, looks like they were detecting our mana."

Afterward, I slightly moved forward and went back again.
I didn't move far at all, but I could sense the movement of monsters.
Not all of the monsters are like that though, sometimes the weaker ones showed themselves up before us.

"Well, it's true that monsters with intellect wouldn't voluntarily go and challenge Mathias...."

"Now that you mention it, keeping a distance itself is an act an intelligent monster would take... "

"If I have to say, I think it's Iris that they're detecting. Iris's mana reaction is the bigger one here right?"

The difference in mana quantity between a dragon and a human child is obvious.
On top of that, I normally control my mana so it won't leak out too much, thus it's only around the level of Alma and Ruli.
A monster with great detection ability might be able to see through the difference in mana quality, but I don't see any monster like that.

"...Our prey escape because my mana leaks out... Should I better suppress my mana too?"

"...Can you do it?"

Considering her track record so far, Iris's mana control is catastrophically bad.
A fireball she intended to go straight forward went right above instead.
And since the output is high, it's unnecessarily dangerous.

"Un. I don't understand, but I'll give it a try! ...Please back away a bit since we don't know what will happen!"

Apparently, she's aware of the danger herself.
Well, with how sturdy Iris is, her mana running slightly out of control probably won't hurt her.

Expecting that, I watch over Iris with Ruli and Alma from a place a bit farther away.
And then....

"Here I go!"
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With the yell, Iris's mana rapidly contracted--and right afterward, pokon! Iris flew up vertically along with that sound.
While leaving a small crater on the ground.
....Looks like the mana that was forcefully contracted exploded and launched Iris up.

"Uun. ...I failed. It felt like I managed to suppress it at first...."

Iris who landed without a scratch looked down on the crater while saying that dejectedly.

"Your mana reaction did get smaller for an instant... All the monsters around here scurried away the moment it exploded though."

I concentrated on Passive Detection after saying that.
The number of monsters who were just keeping some distance away from us have reduced to the level of an average plain one.
The remaining monsters are all moving like they're straight running away from us.

"I... I'm sorry! I didn't mean to scare them away...."

"Well, everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. I think you should be able to control your mana to a degree once you get used to that body too. ...And there's no point in beating monsters that would run away just from sensing Iris anyway."

A properly strong monster won't run away just from sensing the current Iris's mana reaction.
Some of them might run from the previous Iris, but the Iris right now isn't emitting as much mana as she did back then.

"I'm glad if that was the case, but...."

"Rather, a monster that's truly strong might come after Iris. And that'd be most welcome."

"I don't feel welcome about that at all..."

Ruli frowned when she heard me.

Well, judging from the mana reaction, there's fewer monsters coming here than expected.
For now, let's continue to press ahead without expecting much.

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