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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 137

Chapter 137 Strongest Sage, Gets Called


"...The public order, doesn't seem so good...."

"Yeah. It's not that bad, but we can't let our guard down."

This public order must be one of the result of the adventurers being forced to enter the dungeon.
After all, public order is something that worsen just by having fewer people around.

And also, that ruler guy is very likely responsible for this too.

"True, it feels like the mood was brighter in the royal capital!"

We head to the guild while talking.
It seems like you need a permit from the guild in order to enter the dungeon.
That's what was written on a poster I saw nearby.

"I-It's big..."

"Guess being a dungeon city isn't just for show..."

A few minutes later.

We arrived at a guild that was bigger than any guild in the royal capital.
However, there's not a lot of people relative to its size.
The adventurers who usually hang around here have probably been sent to the dungeon by the ruler's order.

"Excuse me. I'd like to procure a permit to enter the dungeon."

I immediately went to the nearby counter and told them our business.
And then, the guild receptionist frowned.

"Permit... Are you really sure? Will you not regret it?"

And she replied this.
The way she said it is as if the permit to enter the dungeon is a cursed item.

"...Is there any disadvantage in getting the permit? Or is it simply because it's expensive?"

"It is expensive, but... Dungeon permit isn't issued by the guild but by ruler-sama, so its holder is obliged to participate in special subjugation quest appointed by ruler-sama."

...I see.
The true coercion is through to the permit huh.
Avoiding it through rolling the dice is probably just to adjust the number of people.

"Is that subjugation quest dangerous?"

"Whether it's dangerous or not... depends on the quest. You're obliged to participate, however, it's usually only once a month, and the mortality rate has been suppressed to a few percent thanks to the cooperation of high level adventurers. However, even a few percent is quite a lot of people, and when they're still children...."

I see.
The mortality rate is low despite the party being a disorderly crowd huh.

...That said, even if that's the case so far, there's no guarantee that it will stay this safe.
Challenging a dungeon with a mess of a party while preventing anyone dying is a miracle in itself.

But well, we just need to protect ourselves, I guess I don't have to worry too much about that part.
I have the permit to enter dungeons from the king, but it's more convenient in many ways to move around without having someone troublesome watching over you.

"I don't mind. ...How about you three?"

I asked Ruli and the others while submitting my guild card.
I've had a hunch of their answers already, but I still need to ask.

"Me too, please!"

"If Mathi-kun is going, I'm going too!"

"Me too!"
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The three gave their answer promptly and submitted their guild cards.
The receptionist stared in wonder when she saw 『Second Academy』 written on the cards.

"Hm? This card, Second Academy... That rumored..."

Right after the guild receptionist muttered--the guild door flung open with a loud sound.
A guild staff member shouted out loud in fluster.

"Bad news! A giant monster breached during the special quest and left many victims! There's too many injured people, we can't handle them all!"

...It looks like the miracle didn't last long.

"I'm sorry! We'll talk about the permit later since we have an emergency!"

The guild staff began to move about in a hurry.
A correct response.

Acting fast can mean life in an emergency.
Postponing other less pressing businesses is an inviolable rule of it.

"We have an urgent quest! We're recruiting as many people who can use healing magic as possible!"

Well, and this quest would appear of course.

"I can't use healing magic... How about you Mathi-kun?"

"I can. And Ruli can too."

"M-me!? I have never used healing magic in my life before though...."

Ruli who got her name called had a look of puzzlement.
However, Ruli can use healing magic even without knowing healing magic.

"You can engrave this magic circle right?"

"I-I see.... You mean temporarily engraving it on magic stones right! I got it!"

I drew a magic circle on a paper I took out of Storage magic.
Having access to unfamiliar magic as long as you have magic stones is an advantage of augment magic.
Though well, its speed is inferior to normal magic and you need to build magic formation.

"Everyone who can use healing magic, please gather here!"

A guild staff member shouted just when we finished consulting.
However, there were only few who responded to her.
...Now then. What will happen now.

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