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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 64

Chapter 64 Futsuno's Rescue Mission - Part Five


I hold Lunar Cat's blade right in front of the idiotic brat and release his Air Bind.


"Now then, spit it all out. Is there anyone else besides these guys in your organization?"

The idiotic brat cannot hide his fear at the drawn blade before him. He must be used to leaving all the fighting to his underlings while he himself watched from higher grounds. I'll use this chance to thoroughly uproot his organization.

"I-I'll talk. So get that thing away from me. The people that were here were our entire forces. The rest are the slave employees in this mansion and slaves that are going to be sold underground."

There's five enslaved employees. All of them are women who were abducted or forced to carry a debt and got called here. As for the captured people, there are several of them of which are all good looking. Apparently, he was going to sell them to the neighboring countries and nobles once he had enough. I thought these guys were operating like yakuza, but no, they're more like a band of bandits.

"Well then, where would those bonds of debt be?"

"Aa, they're in the hidden shelves inside my room. I've told you everything. You're going to let me go now, aren't you?"

Where'd the sheepish attitudes gone to, this guy is really shameless. After doing all those stuff to Futsuno-san, and Kurei-san, he wants to get off home free himself? To begin with, his backing, Jamito is not of this world anymore anyway.

"Let you go, sure, straight to jail though?"

"Wha!? Me, a son of noble, in jail!? That's absurd, my backing and connection will get me out."

Is that something he should be saying. Welp, might as well drive this guy to the depth of despair.

"Your backing, Jamito, had died the other days. Oh right, I heard that there's going to be a large scale investigation soon. Now then, wonder if your connections are gonna work."

I laid bare the news to the idiotic brat. As expected, he's making a 'I don't believe it' face. The stuff about investigation is a lie but it's not like he knows the truth here, it's good enough as a threat.

"That's a lie, lie, lieee...."

The idiotic brat keeps repeating 『It's a lie』 over and over again like a broken record. Unexpectedly enough, this guy's mental is about as strong as an earthenware pot. For now I'm done with cornering this idiotic brat, time to make a progress on freeing the captured people, collecting bonds and seizing the fortune here. Ah, I've got Living Armor's sword and shield with me already of course.

I sheathe Lunar Cat back and turn to Mitama and the girls. Futsuno-san still hasn't come to, Mitama is holding her. Kagura has shrunk back into her little girl form, she's changed into kid's clothing she had prepared beforehand. Huh? Come to think of it, her curse is still in effect even though she's killed Dave?
For the time being, we should get away from here and finish what we need to do. These girls should get some rest until Futsuno-san wakes up. I'll ask Kagura-san to look after Kurei-san after binding her.

"You! It's all your fauuuuuuuuuuuuult"

The idiotic brat charged at me while screaming out loud. Holding his right hand high up... There's something in those nails? I calmly turn around.
I cut the idiotic brat's right hand with an Iai slash as I turn around.

"GYAAAAAAAAAA, m-my right haaaaaaaaaaand"

There was probably cursed poison or something hidden. It doesn't matter now though.
Though I'm not sure how effective it is due to level differences, I'll give him a little present. Let's see if putting in more mana could cover the level gap. I don't think he could resist when he's hemorrhaging so much anyway though.

"I won't let it end in an instant. Savor it slowly as you lament all the misdeeds you have done. Pain!"

I press my fingertip on the struggling idiotic brat's forehead and cast a spell. Pain is a magic that amplifies sense of pain of limbs, but by putting lots of mana into it, even a simple touch would be enough to make the target faint.
When I tried it on a monster, it quickly fell down after taking a single step. And every time it rolled and writhed around, it damaged itself more. Eventually it went mad and stopped moving altogether.
And now I'm using such magic, powers increased. The idiotic brat couldn't even make a sound anymore as he continued to twitch. Since he's also hemorrhaging blood, he'll probably breathe his last sooner or later. But I shall give no mercy. None.

I went out of the hall with Futsuno-san in my arms. I had actually wanted to carry Kagura-san's mother, but Kagura-san insisted that she wanted to do it herself. Since the scene has turned pretty grotesque in a lot of ways, I'm closing the entrance with Stone Wall. Then suddenly, I got a message from Tama-chan who was keeping watch outside the mansion.

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<TLN: POV change>

Phew, I managed to get out without being found out. To think that that little oni had become that strong. But, my curse is still in effect. For now I've got to get away from here, that body will be mine one of these days.
However, as I am right now, even just moving about is hard. I've got to latch on something, anything, doesn't matter even if it's a corpse of some animal in the forest...

After getting out of the gate, I'm swaying and moving toward the forest. I'm not getting anywhere at this rate, curse this body. Those brats should be busy dealing with the spoiled kid right about now, they won't turn their attention on me.
Besides, this body can't be hurt by anything but magic. That little oni's weapon skill was shocking, but that little flame isn't enough to finish me off.


What!? The ground behind me burst out all of a sudden!
Just what's going on! This place is dangerous. Hurry up, hurry up me.
The explosion continues as if going after me. Stop! Don't come! Don't coooooooooome!


"Ta~ma~ya~" <TLN: Said when watching fireworks>

I'm looking at an explosion that can be seen from the mansion. Dave's body that looked like a haze was swallowed up in the explosion and dispersed into nothingness. Tama-chan, nice search. Good work out there.
I had prepared about a dozen of 『Wood Man-shaped Depth Charge <<Bombermine>>』 as a precaution to prevent the idiotic brat from escaping. The once leveled road burst open, turning completely bumpy. No, I didn't ignite all of them.

With that one, it should be every good-for-nothing now. Now then, all that's left is cleaning up.

The girls are all currently resting. Together with the  people who were forced to work as slaves. Taking into account that there might be remnants left. I'd feel bad interrogating them here, so I asked an elderly employee about the mansion's structure and went by myself to free the slaves.

I found the hidden shelves in the idiotic brat's room and collected bonds and transaction records there. There are documents pertaining bribery and slave trafficking that involve top people of guilds including Alchemy and Adventurer Guilds. We can probably use these to banish the corrupt bunch if we put them together with the documents Jamito had. Once we get back I'll ask Master or Eleanor-san to introduce me to guild personnels that can be trusted.

Also, asset forfeiture. To look for hidden safe boxes and stuff, I cast 『Search Metal』 in the entire mansion. This magic is a favorite of mine since it's so useful. On top of being able to increase its range and depth by putting in more mana, it can find every mineral, from iron, silver, gold and even mithril, it's bonkers. I still can't distinguish gems and minerals I'm not familiar with, however, it should be doable once I've learned more about it.

Oops, I digress. After a thorough search, I found two places with concentrations of gold and silver. They're probably the ordinary storehouse and the hidden storehouse. Okay, gotta get them all.

I found quite a lot of silver and gold coins in the ordinary storehouse, and stuffed them into my rucksacks. The problem is the hidden one. What the heck is this, that idiotic brat's hobby?
Gold (plated) skulls, gold (plated) bats, stuff of bad taste are lined up there. Fortunately, there's no cursed item among them, but I don't know if I want to take them back with me. Can't be helped, I'll just take the jewelry and nothing else. Selling those things would make people question their origin after all. But really, I don't get that brat's taste.

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