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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 59

Chapter 59 Helper-san, Welcome Aboard~


"Boss-san, please get her equipment that fits her. Cost no object!"

Boss-san had a dumbfounded look on his face since that was the first thing I said when we got to his store.

"Hey hey, what's happening' here, Nobusada. Wait, yer' tellin' me you've gotten yourselves in another problem huh?"

As expected of Boss-san. He knows me well. Yes, I sure did jump headlong into one.
I gave him a thumb up with smiles to reply to that.

"Correct! And it's urgent, so please sort it out. Mitama, you can use all the money I gave you. Okay then, I'll be leaving for a bit!"

I left the store after telling that to Mitama. I could hear someone saying, "O-oy! Sheesh, what's with the hurry. It takes time to adjust ready-made stuff ya know", but I paid no mind to that!
I'm heading to my destination at a quick pace. That person will surely lend us a hand. After all, this matter might not be unrelated to her.

"And that's that, so yeah, we need your help."

"I don't know what you meant by 'that's that', however, I do not mind assisting you, milord. But, could you at least explain the situation a bit?"

As you can see, I've gone to fetch Kagura-san. From Mitama's testimony and information from Jamito, this whole matter should be connected to Kagura-san in a way.

"Blah blah yadda yadda, that's the gist of it. This disinherited idiotic son of a nobleman, 『Brave』, has a onifolk that follows him around. From what Mitama told me, she kinda resembles Kagura-san somehow. She's just a bit taller than you. Perhaps, she might be?"

"It's very much a possibility. As expected of milord. Giving me the info I wanted most. Even if that onifolk is not my mother, I must bring judgment to my cohort for supporting such vile acts."

"Then please come to the 『Flaming Mallet』 once you're ready. I've got to go and secure us a transport. Oh and I'll take care of foodstuff too, so just prepare your battle gear."

"Very well. I shall make preparations at once."

That's Kagura-san for you. She's quick to adapt. Now then, gotta go to the Ride Beast Guild myself and score us a ride.

This world has a lot of methods of transportation, Ride Beast Guild is an organization that supervises them all. Including of course horses, there are cho**bo-like bird monsters, dragon-shaped monsters called running dragons, and even centaurs. Their upper half is that of humans, is that okay? The costs wildly vary from top to bottom, and they're even offering rental service. I'd like to hire a coachman as well if I could, but I have to see how the contract is like first. Kumahat-san has told me about a contact person here that can be trusted, let's ask for the guy.

"Hello, I'd like to consult about ride beasts and carriage, could I have an audience with Yoshii-san?"

The moment I came inside Ride Beast Guild, I was assaulted by smells of beasts or rather, of many things. It's similar to the cowshed my friend managed.
I could hear animal cries like, kii kii, and gyau gyau from afar.
The one who came out of the shed was a race I never saw before. It's a lizardman of lizardfolk with scales covering his green body. Apparently, they're regarded as beastfolk in this world though some people treat them as demons.

"Ufiffuu, heyaa. You must be the one who called for me. Nice to meet you. It's my pleasure to be acquainted with you. I'm Yoshii, an animal trainer that belongs to this Ride Beast Guild. Now then, what do you need today?"

Ooh, he's a way more sociable lizardman than I thought he'd be. He feels overwhelming since he's almost two meter tall though.

Name: Yoshii - Gender: Male - Age: 38 - Race: Lizardfolk
Class: Animal Trainer - Level: 38 - State: Healthy
Title: None
One-handed Sword Lv3 - Small Shield Lv3 - Animal Training Lv5 - Rearing Lv4 - Gross Eating Lv4

He's got an unknown skill!? Let me see here....

【Gross Eating】
Skill of those who can eat anything with their stomach of steel. This skill disintegrates things like poison and paralyzing liquid and turn them harmless as long as they're orally ingested.

The skill is amazing in a sense. In short, you can eat any type of poison as long as it's orally ingested huh. The fact that you can't get poisoned by your meals is legit by itself.

"I was referred here by Kumahat-san. Actually, I need a ride beast and a carriage in short order. But we don't have anyone with experience as a coachman, is there a ride beast whom even beginners can handle?"

He looks a bit troubled (since his expression doesn't change much, this is a guess).

"Humm, that's quite a tall order. It's dangerous without at least a degree of experience. We have cases where ride beasts went on a rampage and ran away because they couldn't get used to the handling."

Figured. It can't be that easy. Well, I never expected that to work anyway, so let's get down to business now.

"I figured as much. Then I'd like to consult about another matter..."

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In the meantime, Mitama and Kagura who have finished their preparations and shopping are waiting for Nobusada in front of the 『Flaming Mallet』.

"...Kagura, thank you."

"Pay no heed, this matter concerns me as well. Besides, I cannot possibly refuse milord's request."

"...Is Kagura in an adult relationship with Nobu?"

"W-w-w-w-w-what are you talking about noja... We're just at a level where he's seen my naked body."


Mitama blushed with her ears flopped down. Looks like she ended up imagining things after hearing about naked body stuff. Kagura also blushed while muttering, 'I shouldn't have told her that'.

"But still, I wonder what's going on with milord. He said he went to get us a ride, but I do not see a ride beast anywhere... huh? What in the world is that??"

From the direction of the Ride Beast Guild, a canopy-equipped cart is being pulled by a small black thing at high speed. There's something obviously odd about it compared to other carriages around it.

"Milord. Just what are you doing noja..."

"Thanks for waiting! Now then, get on board."

"...Why is Nobu playing around as a ride beast?"

That's right, the one pulling the carriage is Nobusada. The carriage is a size smaller than normal carriages, however, it's still something that should be too heavy to be pulled by someone yet-to-be-adult by himself. It's a ready made cart that can be bought at the Ride Beast Guild.

"No well, we're gonna do a forced march right. And thus, I bought one, a cart. And now I can carry you two easy with this!"

"...So Nobu is gonna pull it no matter what."

"No, but, at this size, even a man who boasts of his strength won't be able to pull it to a satisfactory speed, won't he? Since when did milord train such powerful leg strength?"

"Let's just depart for now. Get on the carriage."

The girls seemingly yielded to the brimming Nobusada and boarded the carriage reservedly. There's enough space to easily fit five to six people inside. The two stare at Nobusada who's gripping the handle as if saying, what now.

"Let's get going. First of all, activate 『<<Anti-Graviton>>』."

Graviton is a gravity magic that crushes things. With magic modification, the less element you add, the easier it is to control. By reversing graviton's effect, you 'mysteriously' get a magic that decrease the effect of gravity. I can easily carry heavy stuff with this. Once activated, this makes the carriage lighter than even Mitama.

"In addition 『<<Air Hover>>』."

This is a magic modified from Wind Wall, normally it produces a wind wall that blows you upward, but this magic creates winds that blows and supports my feet like air cushions. It makes me look like I'm floating from outside perspective. We can't go forward with just these two magic, so I add another one.

"We're taking off. 『<<Air Thruster>>』"

This one is a modified Wind Storm. It's a magic that simplifies the blowing powers of a storm into a mere thrusting power. With a combination of these three spells, the Highspeed Mobile Transportation Nobusada is complete!! (smugface)
Sorry, I got ahead of myself. I was frantically practicing this you know. Thanks to that, I even got Parallel Casting skill. With this skill, combining multiple magic into one gets easier to control.

However, frankly speaking, this doesn't look cool at all. You're gripping the handle, and you don't look like flying after all. But if you can bear with that, you could be rewarded with speed that won't lose to an average ride beast. It's even possible to speed up to modern car's level if you forgo the control. Since I'm doing it very carefully, currently my limit is only around 50 Km/H, but it should be good enough. The cart's base might pop out if I overdo it.

Everyone who got passed by the cart that was being pulled by the floating me turned around with a 『What was that thing?』 look on their face, but I kept carrying on my way and ran past the South Gate.

I'm gradually raising the speed that was suppressed inside the town. Since the carriage was shaking violently, I bolstered 『<<Anti Graviton>>』 strength a bit, almost raising the carriage's wheels above the ground, or rather it's floating already. Furthermore, I use the two wind magic to suppress air resistance and the shaking. This requires me to finely adjust them, but it feels like it comes together nicely and naturally to me.
By the way, Tama-chan has enshrined herself on top of my head during the flight. Since I'm fully concentrating on controlling the flight, she's in charge of looking out at the surroundings.

We're having a meal while also resting at Pezun Village that is the halfway point to our destination. I completely ignored all the questions regarding our method of transportation. I'll explain it once this is all over.
Our meal this time is stuff I've always had on hands. After my first entry to a dungeon, I've been making food in large quantity whenever I have time and stuff them inside magic rucksacks. It's a habit I developed after coming to this world where many things are simply unpredictable. It's all thanks to magic rucksacks with preservation function though.

I only noticed that Mitama had a complete change of equipment after gazing at her munching down the hamburger I made.

"Those protectors, they're just like mine. Yup, it looks good on you."

Mitama who suddenly got addressed choked while letting out a sound, 'n-ga-kuu', like the wife character in a certain long-running daily anime series. My bad, seriously.
She's bought a set of Iron Ant protectors at the 『Flaming Mallet』 that's just like mine. She's also got herself a short bow and two double-edged daggers.

Trent Composite Bow
Quality: Good - Enclosed Mana: 2/2
A composite bow made of metal, Iron Ant material, and wood drop item of Trent. It is unfit for long range attacks, but due to its small size, it's easy to operate and good for short to medium range. The bowstring is made of Iron Ant's feelers, thus it possesses both strength and flexibility.

Maurio's Dagger x2
Quality: Good - Enclosed Mana: 4/4
Double-edged dagger of Maurio. Made of steel. Contrary to its bulky look, it's lightweight and can be equipped on both hands.

Complete Protector Set of Iron Ant (Breastplate, Gauntlet, Leggings)
Quality: Good - Enclosed Mana: 3/3
Protector set made from Iron Ant's carapace. Due to the improvements in processing technique, it's lighter and sturdier than earlier versions.

Boss-san, he's getting even better.

"They're quite something. Ah right, those are presents from me, please keep them with you from now on."

"...No, but, you're already helping so much, taking these would..."

"S'fine no worries. They're made to order for Mitama, so please keep them."

I pushed them to Mitama who seemed like she still had something to say.
I have a reason talking about this here. It's to make Mitama relax a bit since she's been brooding excessively. You could make an unforeseen error if you're too tense. I've been made aware of that thoroughly the other day. It's better to have at least a bit of latitude in your mind no matter the situation. Nothing good will come out of brooding over too much.

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