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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 60

Chapter 60 Futsuno's Rescue Mission - First Part


After our meal, I suggested holding a strategy meeting to plan our moves to Mitama and Kagura who were relaxing with fruit juice.
Mitama isn't privy to the layout of the mansion, the only landmark she knows is the hole she used to escape previously. Then, maybe we'd better sneak in using Space Camouflage. And since Tama-chan can use camouflage herself, she could scout ahead for us.

"We should get close to our destination before nightfall today. I'm thinking of sneaking in before the dawn tomorrow, what do you think?"

"I am in agreement, however, as I very much stand out, I am not well suited for stealth."

"Ah, regarding that I have this magic that..."

I reveal my cards to the two and plan out our moves.
Here's how it's gonna be.

・ Deploy Tama-chan to look out for the surrounding area
・ Put Space Camouflage on ourselves and enter the mansion from a window if possible (otherwise, we're going in through the front door)
・ After we're in, we'll quickly search for Futsuno-san
・ After finding her, it's retribution time for the idiotic brat
・ At the same time, capture the onifolk, or perhaps punish her if necessary
・ Also unabashedly punish the adventurers (?) who are helping them
・ Get compensations for all the trouble they caused

The plan is quite haphazard, but that's just how it is since we don't know the composition inside.
According to Mitama, it should be.
・ Idiotic brat + Onifolk + Adventurers (?) x9 + Kurei-san. We'd have to face at least 12 people. Well, since they're definitely criminals this time, I ain't gonna hold back at all.

"Then, let's dash there. Are you two ready?"


I focus and activate the high speed transport magic, pushing the carriage onward. By the way, the wind gushing forth from 『<<Air Thruster>>』 is about as high as the carriage's height, so it passes right below it when controlled well. It wouldn't have gone this well if the carriage was as low as a remodeled car, hey. But really, after hours of doing this, I'm used to looking stupid now. You can say I've been desensitized. After realizing that, I begin to look and listen around, it has gotten quite painless. Thus, I'm intrigued by the conversation the two girls on the carriage behind me are having.

"...So, how do really you feel about Nobu, Kagura?"

"You're quite persistent on that topic. I think he is desirable. And how about you yourself, Mitama?"

"...I like him, I think. I still don't understand how I feel myself..."

Oh oops, tis' a topic a man should not hear. Why are they talking about it now. Mitama-san, yer' too relaxed. Eargh, focus focus. Once I'm done extracting this retribution... No wait, I shouldn't raise a flag. Let's save it for when everything is over.
Afterward, we reached our destination far faster than planned. To the point that I'm not sure what to do since we're there too early.

We put the carriage in the cave where I found Lunar Cat since getting too close to the mansion with one would be bad. Of course, I've closed in the entrance with Stone Wall.
After this, we plan to cross a forest near the mansion during the night without sleeping. As there's no guarantee they don't have a scout around, I've put on Space Camouflage on us. Apparently, this magic turns into a dome shape when you specify other people in it. Of course, the center of the dome is me. Perhaps, it's easier to think that we're moving while being covered in an invisible bowl.

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And then at dawn, we're plodding through a hill road in order to infiltrate the mansion. Mitama and Kagura-san have been stooping while muttering something and looking at me with a dubious look, but I pay no mind to them. I've prepared a little something beforehand just in case.

There's two lookouts at the front gate. They look real sleepy, seems like they've pulled an all-nighters. Well, sleep tight then.

"Fall prisoner in thy sleep. Sink toward an endless dream. Nightmare Raid."

The two may be standing upright, but they are in fact sleeping tight. They must be seeing bad dreams right about now. It's a harassment magic modified from Sleep Mist. Do enjoy getting ***** by some massive old men in your sleep.

*Creak*, I open the gate just wide enough for one to slip pass through and enter inside in turn. It feels a bit anti climatic as there's no more lookouts it seems, but I'm not letting my guard down. I've put a complete set of defensive spells on everyone, it should be good as an insurance to a degree if we run into unforeseen accidents. Tama-chan had scouted ahead before we got here, apparently, Futsuno-san was not present in the last room she was in. Guess best course of action here is to catch some handy-looking guy and ask him directly.

And thus, I caught a lone employee nearby and dragged him inside a room. I dunno who's the villain here anymore.

"Err, sorry but we won't get rough on you if you just tell us what we want, would you?"

I tried to have a talk with a slightly plump old servant that looked as meek as possible. He's awfully terrified though...

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I can't, it's impossible. Help."

Did I look that scary, I felt a bit hurt. But then someone pulled my sleeve. It's Mitama.

"...Nobu. This person definitely cannot talk. Look at his neck, there's a Slave Crest. I'm sure he's not allowed to talk about something that brings harm to his master."

Fumu, is that so. Now that I think about, this is the first I've seen Slave Crest. Wonder if I could release it if I leveled up my Slave Trader class? Gotta put on some effort into that. But still, what to do now.

Then, let's get a parchment and write down the questions. If he can't talk, how about finger pointing then, I'll write several things since we don't know what kind is considered harmful to his master.
The result, absolutely nothing about the idiotic brat. However, we got hints on Futsuno-san's whereabouts. 『First Floor』, 『Interior Hall』, 『Saw a foxfolk before』, info from finger pointing. I put the servant, into sleep with Sleep Mist to prevent rackets while thanking him. Sorry about this, I'll release you once this is over.

There's a hall at the end of the passage. Everyone exchanged looks with each other and then we went through the door.
There's Futsuno-san inside a cage at the end of the hall. The problem is her outfit. Why is she wearing a wedding dress.


Mitama rushed toward Futsuno-san. Hold it right there Mitama-san!
Just when I was about to chase her in a hurry, an arrow went straight for the running Mitama's ankle... and got flicked away by Stone Skin. Whoa there, I couldn't see anything, where'd it come from!?
I ran up to Mitama in a hurry. The first one got blocked nicely, but it might not hold up on the ones after.
I covered Mitama from multiple arrows raining down on her, and then, with a high-pitched sound, my Stone Skin's effect expired.

I got it after getting closer. This room is wholly visible from the second floor. Both sides of the upper floor are overlooking here. I turned around, and saw a lowlife-looking slender man grinning down on us from above. Cops, that's the guy.
Near the idiotic brat, a female onifolk is leading a group of ten men. Four of them have bows with them.
Looks like we were completely found out. Is he linked with his servants' sense or something.

"Fufufu, Dave, it's just as you said. I never imagined it would go this smoothly however."

"Kukuku, told ya. That little oni is a softie. Knew she's gonna rush up here if we dangled this bait."

The two are conversing like it all went according to plan.
But, the female onifolk is talking in such a vulgar way, a huge contrast to her looks. Kagura-san who came after us grinned her teeth when she saw her.

"Mother!? Why are you assisting such an atrocious act like this!"

Looks like my prediction was proven correct. However, I don't get it. Would Kagura-san's mother do something like this? And she's supposedly to have passed away.
Discerning-sensei, full throttle on those two please.

Name: Brave - Gender: Male - Age: 23 - Race: General Human
Class: Shaman Lv28 - State: Healthy
Title: None
Darkness Magic Lv6 - Etiquette Lv2 - Life Magic

Name: Suseri - Gender: Female - Race: Onifolk
Class: Oni Princess - State: Death
Title: 【Oni Princess】
Club Art Lv6 - Body Reinforcement lv4 - Sturdiness Lv3 - Housework Lv3 - Anti-Curse Lv7

What!? Discerning-sensei, please look at every nook and cranny. Hurry hurry!

While my eyes feel like they were burning during the full throttle, I got a reaction. Around her breast, or to be more exact, around her heart, I'm detecting a foreign substance.

Name: Dave - Gender: Male - Age: 47 - Race: <<Specter>>
Class: Unholy Lv33 - State: Parasitic
Title: None

【Unique Skill】
Corpse Full Possession

An abhorred sub-species of devil that takes over and controls dead bodies. They're a gaseous life form that parasitically controls the dead. The main body can only use its own Unique Skills, however it can make use of skills the host body possesses. Nullifies attacks other than magic. Especially weak against fire and light elements.

Class that can only obtained by those whose conducts are outrageously fiendish. Excels at daunting others. Also good at borrowing other people's authorities.

...Truly atrocious! This class is basically no different than monsters at this point. I can't read the effect of his Unique Skill, but it's pretty obvious given the situation.

"Kagura-san, that thing is not your mother. More accurately, that thing is controlling the dead body of your mother."

"Hou, the brat over there. Well done. I thought you were just an extra, interesting. I'll spare your live and use you as a slave."

Dave is looking here with a broad grin. Since this guy can control dead bodies, the slave trader (Dave) was actually alive when it looked like Mother-san killed him. He must have clung to Mother-san's body and disposed of his then useless original body. Truly a troublesome ability that desecrates the dead.

"Huhu, do you know what it means to turn on me, the son of nobility? I'll let you off with your lives if you be obedient and let yourselves captured."

The idiotic brat suggested so triumphantly. Who the heck would agree to that. I know many things about this guy thanks to Jamito's info.
Presently, this guy has been disinherited by his noble parents. After all, he couldn't get away scot-free after burning down an entire village. But, being his parents and all, they couldn't just exile their son and instead let him drift here to Gramada with Jamito's help. Apparently this idiot has been acting like a yakuza in Gramada with Jamito's backing and his parent's money. He's got talents in illegal money lending schemes, illegally capture slaves from the shadow, and other shady stuff, so he's gotten quite well known around here. Well, I will now proceed to crush him flat though.

"Pu, what is this disinherited stupid son saying."

When I provoked him with that, his face that was looking confident up until now turns amusingly red. That's some low boiling point you got there, ex-noble.

"You bastard!! Where did you hear that! You guys, give a beat down to that guy and catch him."

"""""YES SIR"""""

The men went down stairs on both sides at once. At the same time, arrows are flying toward us.

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