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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 58

Chapter 58 An Older Sister's Obstinacy


"It happened around a month ago..."

Apparently, the way she was trapped into slavery was similar to what happened with us. She took on a profitable-looking transport quest, however, the moment she arrived at this mansion, she got falsely charged of replacing the content inside the valuable box, and in the end, she was forced to take all the responsibility. They made it look like she replaced the box when she was staying in a room inside Pezun village's inn. The inn's owner was apparently in cahoot, cutting off any hope of escaping the situation.

What a repugnant modus operandi.

Thinking about it, Kurei might have been captured in order to catch us. Since we are partly responsible for it, blaming it on Kurei is like barking on the wrong tree. Un, everything is all that idiot's fault.

After hearing Kurei's story, I start to ponder what to do next. She can't go against that idiot as long as she's got the slave crest.

I can't move well in this state either. When push comes to shove, I'll do everythin' to make sure Mitama escape at least and ask for help... Oh no, wonder if there's anyone who would make a move on a nobleman's son. Kirishna-aneyan would probably do, but that person has her slaves and employees to care for herself. They could become a victim if ane-yan made a wrong move here.

Maybe adventurers... oh there is one. I dunno why, but I've got a feeling that he will force his way through if it's to save us. But, is it really okay to drag him into this?

Ah, but at least this kid. I want to save Mitama no matter what it takes. I don't care if I get dragged through the mud if it's for the sake of my cute important sister. No way I'd let her be that idiot's bride even if the sky comes crashing down. Forgive me Nobu-kun, for getting you involved in this. You can do whatever you like with my body if I got out of this alive.

It's decided then, let's go. I ask Kurei to send a message to that idiot. 'We'll follow your orders so please don't rough us up'. 'Course it's a lie tho'!

Once Kurei got out of the room, I turned to Mitama. She perceived something from my unusual serious face, and changed to a meek look.

"Mitama. I will now remove your shackle and destroy the wall. You get out through that and dash to Gramada. I'm sure Nobu-kun will lend you his strength."

"...But then, Nee-san will!!"

"I'll be fine. I'll buy some time with my barrier. The most I could do now is let you escape. Maybe then you could hurry up and save me too. Besides, isn't this exactly the job for Mitama who's quicker on her feet than me?"

"...Nee-san. I understand. I'll absolutely come back to save you. So don't ever give up okay."

Mitama cutely undertook my request. Oops, this isn't the time to mess around.

"O' course. I believe in Mitama more than anyone else. Lookie', off you go now."

I concentrate on the base of the shackle chaining Mitama. Kuh, this is hard, shouldn't have skipped my training.

"Burn, dance, o dazzling golden flame of Youko. Comes alight and melt everything! Bewitching Flame of Golden Fox!"

This is a secret art of our clan I learned from Ma. A golden colored flame lit up on my fingertip. I pushed that onto the base of the shackle. Mitama looks anguished to feel the heat transferred over the iron. Bear with me, Mitama.
I traced the iron with my finger and the flame severed it  down. Mitama suffered a slight burn but she was freed of her shackle.

Now I just need to make an exit. I've gotta hurry up since I can't maintain this secret art for long. Won't even be enough to unshackle myself.
I trace the wall with my fingertip like earlier. I could feel the flame drilling a hole through the opposite side. And then I begin to draw a circle big enough to let Mitama slip through. Once the circle is complete, I shove my finger on the hole and crank it open. Then I erase the flame and put my strength into pulling it into the room. Since the wall had turned into a melted lump to my flame, I managed to peel it out somehow.

"Go now, they should be still unaware. Take care on your way 'k?"

"...I'm going. I'll definitely come back to save you Nee-san!"

Afterward, Mitama erased her presence and escaped outside.

Please. At least, please let Mitama survive.

After Mitama had gone out, I dragged my exhausted body while breathing roughly and managed to close the wall back, and then I sit nonchalantly as I try to recover my mana. Just as I thought, this secret art may be powerful, but my current amount of mana isn't enough for it.
Okay then, it's a war of attrition from here on out. Wonder how much mana will I recover and how long can I maintain my barrier. Gotta make one that's sturdy yet small enough.
Fuhn, I put some spirit into it. I ain't gonna givin' up no matter what! Not until I could bear witness to Mitama in her wedding dress! Coz I made a promise to Ma and Pa!

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"...After that, I started running with all my might when I got to an unpopulated place."

According to what Mitama told me after she was awake, she got into that state because she had been running nonstop almost without a rest and with nothing on her.

But still, that noble brat really gets under my skin. Just like the matter with Sefi-san back then, I could endure it if it was something done to me, but it really gets on my nerves when the harm is directed to something I hold dear. I'll pluck and burst that brat open, physically speaking.
Mitama seems to have gotten anxious due to me keeping silent, she's looking at me with teary eyes. Sorry, my bad, I got lost in thought for a bit there.

"...I know that it's reckless to go up against a son of a noble. But please. Please lend me your strength. You can do whatever you want to me, just please save Nee-san!"

Oy oy, a girl of blooming age shouldn't say that kind of thing y'know. Don't worry, of course I'm gonna help you. It's a secret that it swayed my reasoning hard tho'.

"Oh sorry, I was just coming up with ways to save her. Don't worry, I'm Futsuno-san and Mitama's ally. Sefi-san, sorry about this, but I'll be leaving for a bit to knock the living shit out of some noble brat."

"My my, you're going just like that huh~. Well, that's exactly why you're Nobu-chan~. I knew you wouldn't abandon them~. I really would like to go with you as well, but it'd get too chaotic then~. So take this instead. There's potions inside. And here's a Scapegoat Ring. It will take a certain amount of damage for you."

Sefi-san handed over a magic rucksack and a ring as she said that. Mitama will have the ring. I have overlapping defensive magic like Stone Skin and Mana Clad already.

"Well then, first of all, let's go to Boss-san's place and sort out Mitama's equipment. I'll go fetch another helper while you take your pick, Mitama."

"...Thank you. I... was really afraid... our friend had turned into that guy's pawn... Nee-san was caught... we have no ally."

Mitama spoke quietly and began to weep. It's okay, everything's gonna be all right. I'll do something about it. I've done all the special training and raised my level for this sake. That's why, let's hurry. It's a forced march from here on.

"Mitama, calmed down yet? Here, wipe your tears with this. And let's go. Let's finish preparing as soon as possible and save Futsuno-san. Otherwise, she'd scold us like, 『Yeer' laate, well done' comin' tis' far Nobu-kun』."

She put on a smile and laughed when I fooled around a bit. Yup, Mitama's smile is the cutest after all.

"...Un, let's go. Sefirot-san, thank you for lending me this. Let's have another feast once we get back. Nobu-kun will be in charge of cooking."

"That's right! That party was really fun. Then you have to make sure to come back quick~."

Sefi-san winked at me as she said that. Yes yes, but make sure to do your job too you hear me. I don't want to do an all-nighters potion-making again.

"We're off then."

I pull Mitama's hand and run quickly. Wait for it, you shitty brat. I'll make you regret the day you were born.

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