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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 63

Chapter 63 Futsuno's Rescue Mission - Part Four


Time goes back a bit.

Nobusada who was crossing swords with Living Armor showed a faint smile.
I don't feel an overwhelming gap like I do with Master. I'm not getting toyed around with by its techniques like Eleanor-san does on me. It's true that its skill with swords befits that of a rank A adventurer, but I don't feel that large of a gap between us. Besides, I'm somehow managing to follow its moves. The odd feelings I had been experiencing since I first wielded Lunar Cat has gone too. I'm focusing wholly in evading and slashing.

Living Armor follows me around as it tries to sweeps with its shield, and slashes with its sword. This Living Armor may seem sluggish, but its two hands where the shield and the long sword are move real fast and sharp. However, its legs aren't moving that nimbly, its ability as a former rank A adventurer must be inhibited. And it probably cannot stray too far off its master, the idiotic brat, without permissions. It's not coming to me when I get to a certain distance.

From that position, I'll try shooting magic at it. Not fireball or ice bullet that could be physically thwarted, but lightning. Normally you can't physically thwart fireballs either though.


Lightning shot out of Nobusada's palm, going toward Living Armor as if it was getting sucked in... and really did get sucked in to its shield. After a short pause, Living Armor bashed its shield forward. A jewel that was thought to be an ornament in the center of the shield shot out lightning at Nobusada.

"Owaa, whoa whoa whoa, Earth Wall!!"

Nobusada deployed a wall of soil in a panic. The lightning disappeared into the ground.

Umu, it could reflect magic back as well as cutting it huh. Well, I'll be.
I'm still managing to cross swords with it, but it's really tough. It's numbing my hands, I might slip off and let go of Lunar Cat before long. I'd like to distract it with magic and then cut off its joints during the opening. And destroy or at least blow away the portion while I'm at it. It shouldn't be able to magnetically stick its body parts back like some kind of steel man somewhere, I think.

Living Armor began to move again when I entered its range.

"Goo! Do iit! Charge, finish him off!!!"

The idiotic brat is getting excited. But thanks for telling me its next moves. Wonder if he even gets it?

An even sharper sword slash is coming at me. However, perhaps it's because it's been given manual orders? It feels like its attack pattern has gotten a bit monotonous, easier to handle.

I'm not gonna come out unscathed if it hits me. Got a feeling that mana would be diffused, and Mana Clad and even protections would disperse on that sword.
Using Discerning Magic Eye, I memorize, analyze and keep repeating them on each swings, while looking for the right timing.

And when Living Armor makes a large swing at me, I choose that timing.

"Air Thruster!"

I accelerate with magic and jump into its bosom. Then I swing down Lunar Cat at the base joint of its right arm.

The armor was hollow, but I could feel Lunar Cat cutting off some kind of joint part, then its right arm fell down just like that. In no time flat, I kicked away that arm. It crashed into the wall and fell down.

Tettere~♪ Katana Lv1 Acquired
Tettere~♪ Acquired Weapon Skill

The way to use and explanation about the new weapon skill I just got flashed on my mind.
This is...
I can do it with this!

I jump backward to put some distance and ready Lunar Cat against Living Armor. Even after losing its right hand, it still moves like before.
I made a move first.

"Majestic Collapsing Stone Fist <<Titan Crash>>!"

This was the spell I used to crush adventurers groins back then, but it's different this time. Three stone pillars lift up below Living Armor's left arm.


The stone pillars flicked Living Armor's left arm upward. Now that it's defenseless, I accelerate diagonally upward with 『Air Thruster』 and slash down from above.

"Weapon Skill 『Vibrating Blade - Destruction』!"

I used the newly acquired weapon skill, and then the instant Lunar Cat hit Living Armor, its blade raised a high pitched noise. The blade that would have been repelled back if it was just a normal downward swing easily cut Living Armor like butter. Living Armor that had been cut in two couldn't support itself and fell to the ground.

The idiotic brat seemed to be agape when he saw that scene. Naturally, after that much boasting, someone he verbally abused as lesser cut his prized Living Armor in two with a single slash.
I mean, this technique is pretty amazing. Is this like, a high frequency blade? I dunno how it works, but I felt like I just could do it. Hum, I'd like to know the particulars, but the explanation's no good. Here's it on my Status field. Discerning-sensei sure is quick at his job.

Weapon Skill 『Vibrating Blade - Destruction』
The secret art martial art instructor of Hinoto Empire's imperial household, Shinsuke Tokuda arrived at in his dying moments after achieving enlightenment. As his apprentices were watching over Shinsuke on the verge of death, he suddenly stood up and went to the courtyard with a katana in his hand. With trembling hands, he lightly touched a sakura tree in the courtyard with his sword, and just like that, the tree was cut in two. His apprentice who bore witness of that spectacle, Juuzou Tougo established that as the school's innermost secret art, or so it's been handed down.

Is it really okay for me to learn the secret art of a school so easily. And how did I even learn it. I repeat, I have absolutely no clue! But I'll be sure to make good use of this. It's really exhausting though. This is the first time I've ever used a weapon skill, it's taken quite a bit of my stamina.

Glancing to the side, Kagura-san has defeated Dave too. She's gotten smaller somehow, but all's well I guess?
All left is to take care of Kurei-san, and it should be smooth sailing. However, things seldom go as you wish...

"Kurei, Futsuno. Restrain those guys! No need to hold baaack."

Kurei-san ran toward Kagura-san afterward. I could hear Mitama's pained voice from behind. Ah, geez. This guy just doesn't know when to give up!
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"Air Bind x3!!"

I didn't use this spell on Living Armor since it would easily brute force its way out of it, but it's effective enough on these three.
Bound by air shackles, all three have stopped on their tracks, idiotic brat as is, Kurei-san right before she reached Kagura-san, Futsuno-san with both her hands in air.

"Hii, you can still use magic after all that!? J-just what are you. W-what are you gonna do to me. Go on and try it if you don't care what happens to Futsuno!"

Ah, hearing you uttering Futsuno-san's name is getting irritating already. I cast Air Bind on his mouth to stop him from talking. He's gasping in pain, I care not.

I walk to where Futsuno-san is, and whisper on her ear. In a volume as low as possible so other people can't hear it.

"Futsuno-san, you should be able to hear me now, don't you. I will now attempt to free you from that corset. I'm going to use a certain skill, but whether it will effective or not depends on Futsuno-san. I'd be glad if you could give me your consent after listening to me."

I don't know whether she still retains her awareness or not, but I will speak in serious tone. The things I've been keeping in my mind.

"I like Futsuno-san. However, I also like Mitama and Kagura-san. I understand if you're disgusted by my lack of integrity. However, it is my dream to make everyone happy. That's why, please stay by my side Futsuno-san. If possible, would you be willing to walk together with me till death do us part?"

I wish for that skill to activate while talking. I've only ever used it once. And without realizing at that.

Silence rules the place for a while. Right when I thought 'as expected she didn't accept it, let's look for another way', an announcement resounded in my head.

Tettere~♪ Futsuno has displayed feelings of affection. Activating Differing Soul Telephaty Lv2. 

Beep, beep ♪ error came up, no really. There's something trying to obstruct the process. Please directly pour your mana into the target.

No-Goddess announcer sure has no feelings of tension.
Pouring mana into her means... Argh, we've got no time, just act before complaining. Nobusada, it's time to show that you're a man!

I kiss Futsuno-san on the lips to pour my mana into her. Sefi-san taught me a way to counter orally taken curses, but I never would have thought I would do the reverse here.
As I'm pouring mana into her, the corset on her waist is blinking as if resisting. Not sure how much mana I should give. My mana was wrapping Futsuno-san's body like it was Mana Clad when our lips parted.

Crackle crackle crackle


The corset couldn't endure it anymore and popped off. Along with the wedding dress Futsuno-san is wearing, which ends up showing many stuff. I hurriedly undo Futsuno-san's binding, took a sheet from my rucksack and covered her with it.
Confirming with Discerning-sensei, her State has gone back to normal. Looks like it's a success.
She seems to have fallen unconscious due to the forceful insertion of mana, but she should be fine right? She even looks to be grinning a bit after all.

"...Nobu. I'll listen to what you have to say later."

Yup, Mitama is staring at me hard. I shall explain everything, so please forgive me.

That aside, it's spanking time for the idiotic brat.

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