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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 197

Chapter 197 Strongest Sage, Adjusts


"Here huh... Looks like it's still in one piece."

A few hours after we obtained the permit from Giruas.
We arrived at around the vicinity of an ancient ruin in the center of the restricted area.
...It feels a bit weird calling something I made with my own hand a ruin though.

"It's bigger than I thought..."

"Th...this wall is amazing! Just what kind of technology could have made this..."

Alma and Ruli spoke out when they saw the ruin.
The ruin that's about 20 meter high has half of its structure buried underground, while the rest is above the ground.

It should have all been buried below the ground when I was reincarnating back then, the surrounding rocks must have been weathered down during the period.
I've put many kinds of anti-break magic on the ruin's walls, so they're fine even several thousands years later.

"So how do we get inside? It's buried in the ground and I don't see any door... Should I break it?"

Iris lowered her spear as she said that.

"...Sure go ahead and see if you could, I think it's impossible though. Actually, don't, you'd break your spear."

The walls here are made from extremely hard materials to prevent breakage.
The base material was orichalcum, but I had magically changed its structure and mixed it with rare metal into an alloy, making it hundreds times harder than pure orichalcum.

Of course, Iris's spear is no match for it.
It might manage to deal a scratch if it hit these walls at 300 times the speed of sound though.

We could make some nice weapons if we scrape some of this material and turn it into weapons... but unfortunately, we currently have no way to process this.
Too potent a material makes it all the more difficult to manage.

"If we can't break it... Should we dig up the entrance?"

"Even if we did, this entrance never existed to begin with... There's no single place for the door after all."

I put my hand on a nearby wall and pour it with mana of a specific wavelength.
And then, the wall moved soundlessly and turned into a door.

"Waa, it moved!"

"Wow! It turned into a door in an instant..."

"Good, it's working."

This mechanism from thousand years ago seems to be still working fine even now, sure worth the trouble of making it then.
We wouldn't be able to enter the ruin if it didn't move.

"Whoa wha, I almost fell!"

"There's no footholds... What should we do about this?"

Ruli said that while looking around inside the ruin.

The inside is a simple cube-shaped room with around 20 meters in length.
The device we're looking for is at the center of the ground below.
Since we came from above the ruin, it's 20 meter long down below.

"Unfortunately, there's no stairs here. We have to jump down while using defensive magic each."

The past me didn't make an apparatus to go up and down, so we've got to manage falling down 20 meters below ourselves.
A mere 20 meter fall was nothing for me when I created this ruin, so the thought of making stairs didn't even cross my mind.
Fortunately, Ruli and Alma have mastered magic enough that they should easily manage mere falls.

"Got it!"
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Iris who could handle a fall without magic jumped out ahead.
We followed afterward and landed on the ground 20 meter down.

"All right, I'm gonna start preparing the activation, so Ruli and Alma, you girls should search around for stuff that looks usable."

I head to the facility in the center of the room and begin the work.
I need to adjust things since it's been quite a while since its last activation.
It should take about an hour at this rate.

"Usable stuff?"

"Yeah. There should be swords and stuff lying around in the corner of the room, I think... I have no clue what kind are there though."

For a period of time, I made these ruins as a room to do blacksmithing.
Afterward, I only brought with me things that came out well, and left the rest scattered around randomly.
Thus, those weapons should still remain in these ruins.

"Weapons from ancient ruins... That kinda pumps you up, doesn't it!"

"I feel like we'll get to see something amazing..."

I don't remember what kind of weapons I left here, but there should be some usable ones.
That said, since those weapons were originally intended to be used by the past me, most of those are probably unusable to us due to our current amount of mana or lack thereof.

As I continue the work while thinking such... Ruli ran up to me with a sword in hand and an excited look on her face.
...She went and brought an unusable one right from the get go.

"I don't really get it, but this sword feels amazing somehow! There's a really complex magic formula in..."

"It's a sword that disintegrates everything in its path if you provide it with mana as you swing it."

"Disintegrate, everything...?"

"Yeah. This sword can turn the royal capital into a wasteland with a single swing. We don't have enough mana to use it though."

"...Rather, I'm glad we can't..."

Ruli put away the sword afterward.
Well, these kinds of swords should be usable as a 『stupidly sturdy lump of metal』 at least though.

"How about this one for Iris? It's way heavy, I can't even lift it though..."

This time Alma dragged back a huge spear.
As a magic item... It's a spear that can evaporate everything it touches by generating super high temperature on its tip.

It consumes quite a bit less mana than the sword earlier, so Iris's mana should be enough.
But the mana control needed to operate this spear is extremely complex, it's ultimately unusable.

However... We can use it.
As this spear was designed to endure collisions while generating super high temperature, it's infinitely sturdier than Iris's current spear.

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