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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 62

Chapter 62 Futsuno's Rescue Mission - Third Part


In the hall, Kagura-san and I are facing off against Dave and Living Armor.
Kagura-san has a spear, Living Armor a long sword and a kite shield while Dave an iron club.

"Flare Bomb!"

Taking the initiative, I fired a high powered Flare Bomb at Living Armor. A fireball around 1 meter wide in diameter fiercely shot out toward Living Armor.


Contrary to its initial sluggish motion, Living Armor cut the Flare Bomb in two in an instant.


The fireball that was instantly cut before it could explode disappeared without having the chance to demonstrate its firepower. Simply being cut would make magic disappear, what kind of mechanism is behind that?
Taking no notice of the confused me, Living Armor didn't stop its charge and brandished its sword toward me. Then it swung its long sword downward.

However, I parried that with Lunar Cat's blade. Then I aim at the joint as I pull the blade back.


Living Armor seemed to understand my intention as it made a slight motion, and let my blade hit its armored part instead. It managed to minimize the damage to a mere scratch. Looks like the base being a Rank A adventurer is not necessarily a lie. It's taking advantage of the fact that it doesn't have a flesh. It doesn't care about impacts assailing its inside since it doesn't have one. My attempt to destroy its joint must be far more damaging to it than that. Ok, this one's might be a wee bit tough.

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"Hey hey hey, is that all you got? Weren't you going to punish me?"

"Kuh, to think mother was this powerful."

Dave who's flailing his iron club around is gradually gaining the upper hand on Kagura.
Kagura's styles of attack is highly refined to the point Nobusada made a model out of it, she's capable of precisely breaching through her enemies' defense while taking a minimum amount of movement. On the other hand, Dave is moving around like a storm without a hint of refinement. However, as he wields the terrific strength of onifolks, even that is overpowering. Thrusts from Kagura's spear get repelled back with speed and power beyond hers, numbing her hands. Thus, she cannot carelessly approach him.

"If yer' not gonna come, I'm goin myself then. This body is way too strong, one wrong move and my opponents break just like that. But since you're from the same race, you'll last longer no? Lemme enjoy this to the fullest."

Kagura jumped back to evade an incoming down swung of the iron club, the floor where she was on got gouged out, scattering rock splinters around. As such, she deemed that frontal clashes would be foolish, thus she's shifted to trying to find an opening while parrying the iron club.

Sounds of several clashes between spear and club echoed in the hall.
Kagura has been exhausted to the point of losing breaths. Since getting hit even once would be fatal, she was focusing fully in parrying and evading, unlike her usual style.
On the other hand, it seems Dave cannot hide his irritation since absolutely none of his attacks connects. Having your attacks parried consumes a great deal of stamina. Add to the fact that Dave has been bulldozing down all his opponents so far after getting ahold of Kagura's mother, Suseri's body. Thus, he has no idea how deal with protracted battles like this well.
Judging only from physical abilities and skills alone, Kagura has no snowball's chance in hell of winning however, she's been evading all of his attacks by focusing everything in observing.


None of his attack hits. The floor has been gouged out all over the place.
Kagura took some distance away while evading, and stared at Dave while regulating her breathing. On the contrary, Dave is looking at Kagura with loathful eyes, without trying to hide his irritation.

"You pesky little fly, this is getting annoying. Are you only good at running, huuh."

Kagura puts up a pensive look while completely ignoring his provocation. Suddenly, she took a test-tube like stone container from a pouch on her waist. She immediately drinks it one go and readies her spear once again.

"Phew, I've seen through most of your attacks now. Mother's body is truly wasted on the likes of you. I shall end it here even if it means destroying that body."

Dense mana overflows out of Kagura afterward.
While still in her human form, Kagura's eyes began to shine bright red, her double teeth transformed into fangs. And the most striking change, her pair of horns that had been hidden through secret art have manifested themselves. The obisidian-like jet black horns harm not Kagura's beauty, putting on solemn and terrifying air.

"Hah, whaddya hope to accomplish changing back to little oni. Enough, this is boring. Just die already!"

Black mist like thing overflow out of Dave's body after he said that.
That's!? She's heard of that from the patriarch. Normally, onifolks cannot make use of mana well. Since their mana is naturally converted into their strength and resistance. However, there are rare cases of onis who surpass that. And some are able to manifest their mana and turn it into strength without having it out of control. In the form of black mist, they call it 『Miasma』. Kagura has no way of knowing whether Dave is controlling that, however her intuition tells her that it's dangerous.

"Your spear no longer works on me. Hihihi, now die."

The brandished iron club has gotten heavier and faster than ever. Kagura managed to evade it somehow, the club hit a wall, drilling a hole on it. A gust from outside whirled up the cloud of dust.
Kagura could barely afford to endure the assault. However, her red eyes is not showing even a hint of resignation.
It's not possible to tear through miasma with brute force alone. However, Kagura can't use magic, she's only got one technique to counter it. And then, she spots the moment to unleash that.

"Hahaha what, what now you little..."

Right at that instant, Kagura made her move. She's been waiting the moment Dave who's confident of his defensive wall to expose himself wide open when he's boasting.

"Weapon Skill 『Light Execution Flame Spear <<Sinensis>>』!!"

With a loud boom, she rushes forward. The ground below Kagura's feet are gouged out by her momentum.
A crimson flame is flickering at the tip of Kagura's thrust spear. The heat haze drew a trail of flash, and then thud, the spear pierced Dave's heart as if it was sucking it in. His miasma that should have protected him was rendered completely useless before the crimson flame.
Kagura is convinced that Dave must have never fought someone stronger than him. It must be so judging from his fondness of watching the weak getting tormented, and tendency to talk unguarded while over relying on his defensive barrier. And that was exactly the chance to unleash this one strike she was waiting for. After all, even in her perfect state, Kagura could only use this technique once. She was able to do it here thanks to the dense mana water she got from Nobusada acting as a doping.


Dave is looking at his own chest still not understanding what just happened. Then he looks at Kagura with an expression as if saying 'how'. And then he fell down listlessly without uttering a word. He's turned into a wordless corpse... no, rather he's turned back into one, Kagura pulled her spear out of her mother's body and laid her down.

"At last, I'm finally able to send my mother body to the afterworld. Mother, I hope you can rest in peace now."

After saying that, I felt strength leaving my body. Oh no,
I've used too much mana, the curse is acting up again. I can feel my body shrinking gradually.


A shrill noise suddenly resounded. That was perhaps the sound of swords clashing between milord and that big armor. It appears that milord has just finished his side of things too.

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