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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 50

Chapter 50 Requital of Softies


I proceeded onward after confirming Tama-chan's status. We don't know if more people will come along after all.
Tama-chan seems to be exhausted from either her evolution or from losing too much mana, she's currently resting in her exclusive bag on my waist.
Lunar Cat's blade's gotten quite chipped, but it should get back to form soon. More mana than the usual is flowing into it.

Come to think of it, did the Orc Shielder drop anything?

Two golden balls and a largish Soul Stone are on the ground.

Golden Ball of Orc Shielder
Quality: Good
Remarks: If processed with alchemy, it's very effective to cure infertility or impotency, and to also raise vigor. Higher quality than your average orcs'.

You won't just say testic*** outright huh Discerning-sensei.
Most importantly, this stuff seem to be very effective. Should fetch for high price if I processed these and sold them to some un-standing nobles.
The Soul Stone is yellow huh. Should be relatively pricey.
Really helps, since I've used up quite a lot of iron spears and for repair.

I went down the stairs in the boss room and headed for the Port Crystal at 6F. Let's confirm my status while walking. Should be lots of new stuff.

Name: Nobusada Izumi - Age: 15 - Gender: Male - Race: General Human?
Class: Fighter Lv20 - Otherworlder Lv20 - None
State: Healthy
Title: 【True Moss Ball Killer】
HP: 368/478 - MP: 62,958/524,478

Otherworlder Lv20 (up!) - Fighter Lv20 (up!) - Fist Fighter Lv10 - Magic Swordsman Lv1 (new!) - Monk Lv10 - Magician Lv10 - Conjurer Lv10 - Illusionist Lv12 - Alchemist Lv12 - Time Mage Lv1 (new!) - Thief Lv 10 - Hunter Lv10 - Beast Tamer Lv10 - Merchant Lv10 - Slave Trader Lv1 - Farmer Lv10 - Househusband Lv10 - Carpenter Lv1 - Mason Lv1

Ethania Common Language - Differing Soul Telepathy Lv2 - Magic Modification Lv2 - Composite Magic Lv2 - Housework Lv5 - Farming Lv3 - Swordsmanship Lv3 - Grappling Lv3 - Two-handed Spear Lv2 - Throwing Lv3 (up!) - Body Reinforcement Lv2 - Mana Clad Lv3 (up!) - Evasion Lv3 - Parry Lv2 - Intuition Lv1 - Robust Lv1 (new!) - Sacred Magic Lv4 (up!) - Dark Magic Lv2 (up!) - Gravity Magic Lv2 (up!) - Time Space Magic Lv1 (new!) - Elemental Magic Aptitude Lv5 (up!) - Composite Magic Lv3 (up!) - Life Magic - Disguise Lv2 - Alchemy Lv2 - Processing Techniques (Wood - Stone)

【Class Skill】
Provocation - Treasure Hunter - Chakra - Treatment - Hawk Eye

【Unique Skill】
Discerning Magic Eyes Lv4 - Levellit's Blessing (Small)

【Tamed Monster】

...My mana is over 500,000!? Since an average magician adventurer's MP is around 100, I've got about 5,200 people worth of mana huh... From now on, it might be a good idea to ignore mana consumption and focus on increasing activation speed, strength, and putting additional effects instead. For now, I'll set the third class be Magic Swordsman.

And here's the liberated magic

【Elemental Magic Aptitudes】
Fire: Flare Bomb - Create a lump of flame that can explode at the user's will
Water: Poison Mist - Generate poisonous mist
Wind: Air Bind - Bind limbs with wind rings
Earth: Search Metal - Detect various mineral

【Sacred Magic】
Dispel Cast - Free target from curse
Cure Sickness - Cure all sickness

【Dark Magic】
Sleep Mist - Generates Mist that invites deep slumber

【Space Time Magic】
Highly difficult magic capable of manipulating space and time. Consume a huge amount of mana, very few managed to use this magic.
Lv1 - Space Camouflage - spell to distort space, making it difficult to discern

Sure a lot of new things. I guess Space Camouflage is sort of like magical version of Tama-chan's camouflage. There might be more pursuers on 6F, I should use it before proceeding.

"Space Camouflage."

With a 'Von' sound, the scenery around me felt like blurring. Does it mean it's in effect?
It's hard to distinguish from inside. Let's ask someone to check for me later.
I should get back to the ground while this is in effect. I'm worried about Sefi-san's safety.

After descending for some time, I found myself at a room as large as a gymnasium with a Port Crystal in the center. Multiple parties are taking a break and having meal around it. Geez, every one of them look like my pursuer to me. Why am getting paranoid when I didn't even do any crime.
I should consult to Master once I've ascertained that Sefi-san's safe outside. I prefer not to cause him any problem if possible, but we're in a state of emergency. I've already gotten him involved by asking to take care of Sefi-san's protection though.
Forgive me for being such an unreliable pupil.

I slowly approach the Port Crystal while being careful not to make a sound.

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Something wrong happened when I was a few meters away from the crystal.
Ouch ouch ouch ouch!
A bear trap has deeply dug into my leg. Why the heck's there a trap in a place like this!?
The Space Camouflage's effect was cut off due to the damage, and all the adventurers in the area looked at the suddenly appearing me like I was their prey.

"Target sighted! Hyahhaa, he went and got himself in the trap."

"Dunno what trick he used to hide himself this long, but the special prize belongs to our party!"

"Oy! Call Shikkiro-san and the others waiting above!"

"Uhoo, what a nice boy!"

I'm completely surrounded by the time I managed to get myself off the bear trap. Something weird was mixed in among them too...
I mean, all these adventurers are hired by Jamito!? There's around 20 people at least.
That guy went this far just to get me alone. Frankly, I underestimated him. I put on multiple defensive magic while healing myself.
Arrows come raining down all at once. Truly rain of arrow.

"Wind Wall!"

The swirling wind repelled the arrows, flicking them down to the ground.
I ponder while maintaining the wind wall. Now then, what to do.
I've dived into the dungeon to prevent collateral damage, but that's not possible here. I dunno what's waiting for me at the destination if I use Port Crystal either. With this many people, they'd be like, 『Police-san, that's the guy!』 and I'd be labeled the criminal instead.
Good grief, what a massive blunder.
But there's no point grieving.
I put more mana into Wind Wall and leave it be. It should disappear on its own once it runs out of mana.
I prepare the next spell. Decrease the damage yet extend the range, make it crawl along the ground and thin the part around the Port Crystal just in case. All's good so long the enemy are numbed. The mana consumption is of no concern.
The scenery cleared up once the Wind Wall disappeared. The enemy archers are getting ready with their bows again, but I'm quicker!

"<<Electro Spark>>!"


Electricity spreads all around me like a spiderweb. Any adventurers that tried to go against it and touch it bent their body backward while convulsing.





Only around 10 adventurers got knocked down. Archers and magicians who were staying behind the line from the beginning were outside the range. And I can't let my guard down against several adventurers who managed to dodge the spell despite seeing it for the first time. Doesn't seem like I have any chance to check their status though!

I rushed toward the direction where everyone were keeled over and drew out Lunar Cat. Striking the bewildered magicians with the back of the blade.


The knocked out somersaulting magician. He shouldn't be dead since I used Un-Slash. I hope!
I head for the stairs to 5F while mowing down some nearby hunters. I should be able to avoid a one-versus-many situation if it were in a tight passage. I run out at full speed with that thinking.


I tumbled down when my leg got caught in another bear trap that wasn't there when I first arrived here. The pain made me think that my leg was about to be torn off since I was running off thoughtlessly. Even with Stone Skin reducing the damage, the digging jaws really hurt.

"Hn, gaaaaaaah"

I got the bear trap off of me with brute force once again, but the other people had gathered here before I noticed.
I limp away while dragging my leg.

"Hehehehe, don't think ya can underestimate Trapmaster's traps."

Must be a skill to either produce or set up traps. Truly repulsive. Dirty, Trapmaster, yer dirty!
I healed my wound with High Heal while thinking so. Nine opponents remaining.

I meddle with my mana while pretending to kneel on the ground. Magicians probably noticed it, but it's fine so long I can deal with the troublesome trapmaster. Time to get knocked out, you!

"Majestic Stone Fist Break <<Titan Clash>>!"


Fist-sized stone pillars rose up from the ground below these adventurers.





Two people were able to react against the attack that suddenly sprung out of the ground below. The rest were knocked out.
Never thought that this spell I made as a joke would prove useful. It's fast to activate and easy to control.
The trapmaster seems to have fainted with bubbles on his mouth. I especially put more mana on his, no regret. What if he got smashed? I could only pray for him to live another life then.

"This guy sure uses some nasty magic. Hell, he's been using nothing but unknown magic. Not sure if the pay is worth it."

The leading adventurer wearing light swordsman type equipment blurted out so while looking at me. He's obviously way more experienced than the other guys. The aura around him is clearly different. I recalled that he was one of the guys who were guarding Jamito.

"But playtime's over now. You'd better come along quietly. Otherwise, I'll hafta cut your tendon to stop you from moving."

He's not joking. His eyes are seriously saying that. But hell if I surrender to this guy.
I calm my breath and ready my Lunar Cat. Dunno if it's instinct or something, but he dodged magic. I'd have to keep watch on my surroundings, but I have no choice but to fight in close quarter.

"Tch, ya wanna go huh, what a pain. No choice, guess I gotta earn my keep."

He's walking toward me like he's taking a stroll with short swords in both hands. Even though I can't feel any motivation in his actions, I've got a bad feeling about it somehow.
I swing down Lunar Cat as if to shake that away.


The guy easily parried Lunar Cat with a movement that sounded like the above, and went into my bosom.

Oh crap!?

I don't care if it's unshapely. I roll away to try to dodge the attack, but the light swordsman cut up my side with the other blade he held.
The cut wasn't too deep thanks to Mana Clad.
I took some distance away while rolling on the ground.

"Ara ara, I thought I got you there. Kukuku, that's some nice vigor."

The way he talks creeps me out somehow. However, contrary to that, his two swords are cornering me.
I'm completely on the defensive. The people numbed by my magic have also recovered though I've got no time to mind them. Damn it, what should I do.




And that was when. I took an arrow in the leg.

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