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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 51

Chapter 51 Advent of Saviors!?


It easily penetrated through my Mana Clad and magical protection!? Where'd this arrow come from?
Is it like a Weapon Skill or something? It's just an ordinary arrow, but I don't have the leeway to even pull it out. Just trying to get away from the assaulting Light Warrior took everything out of me.

I noticed something wrong with my body after a bit. I can't move it well. It's not simply some ordinary poison. Something whose effect is immediate... some kind of paralyzing poison. My stock of Para Potion is available only in my rucksack. However, it doesn't seem like they'd give me any time to take that out. Tama-chan... seems like she's still recovering her mana.

My chin was kicked so hard by the Light Warrior and got me rolled on the ground. My head feels dizzy, I can't put any strength into my legs.
Looks like my brain was shaken really hard. I've been unable to utter words well, and every time I try to cast a spell, some timely interruptions like kicks and stuff always come my way.
And then the Light Warrior took a glance at the Port Crystal while still focusing on me.

"Hmph, what are you struggling so hard against that weakling, Gyazan."

A skinhead adventurer brandishing a bowgun stood there. There's also a skinny man wearing magician-like outfits next to him. Those two were also with Jamito when he visited the store back then.

"Geh, Bascom sire. As boorish as always."

"How many times do I need to tell you. Boorish is nonsense, it's all about crushing your foe with overwhelming force. That's all there is to it."

"If you're here, that means... Ah, Siccoro's here too. What about the other three?"

The magician called Siccoro answers Gyazan's question.

"The other three are working as Jamito's bodyguards. Gyazan, for you to have this much trouble after mobilizing this many troops, do you mean to say this guy is that tough?"

"Guy's been using some unknown magic. Figure he'd be a good experiment for ya."

"Hoo, well well now."

The man who gives off a snake-like impression is looking at me like he's looking at a guinea pig. I inadvertently broke out in cold sweat.

"Hmph, anyway. We only need to drag him with us, no? Knock him out then."

"Yea, yea, yer' hasty as always sire."

I use Lunar Cat as a support to raise my paralyzed body up. Like I'm gonna give up here.

"Oy oy, ya sure ya still wanna go huuh. Steady spirit there for a younglin' but yer' just gonna hurt yerself' needlessly."

He kicked my stomach really hard while saying that. Intense pain and nausea assaulted me.

"Geha, geho, oee"

"C'mon, c'mon, get a rest already. Kukuku, hahahaha."


This guy doesn't have any intention to knock me out at all. Dammit, I'm getting toyed with. My entire mouth tastes like blood. The pain can't afford me to faint anymore.
The people I knocked out in the beginning are recovering while this is happening. Oh no, no no. What should I do!?

"Hold it right there!!"



"This voice!? Wha, where, show yerself up!"

Through my blurry vision, I could see figures standing on top of the Port Crystal.

"Vile creatures who derive amusement from tormenting the young... You scoundrels do not hold the right to shut off their future. Fruits yet to ripe that step forward toward the endless future. That which is known as <<Boys>>!"

"Bastard! Who the hell are you!!"

"You vile creatures have no right to call our names!!"

They disappeared right after saying that.


Almost at the same time, six gigantic figures descended around me with a tremor.

White mask and white loincloth. And the tanned light brown skin... No matter how I look at it, they're Maniwa siblings + Muscle Brothers. Their skin is less covered than the usual indeed, but it's not a big difference. Moriko-san is the only least problematic one with sarashi cloth wrapped on him... But why are they here.

"We adherers of Yasyuda School, here to assist justice!"

No well, that's a cool line and all but it's Maniwa-san, but with sunglasses. And Muscle Brothers, you're completely obvious by striking those poses! Was it even alright to utter their school name.

"O-oy, these guys..."

"Must be..."

Look, even they found out.


"No no, me think those are some wonderful pecs."

Do all these guys have holes for eyes!? Aren't they famous rank A adventurers?

"Ragh! Doesn't matter who you guys are, everyone get 'em!"

"This presence, they're strong. Fall prey to my ultimate magic."

"Fuhaha, finally someone worth fighting. Better than this loose change at least."

These three were relatively straightlaced. Rather, why didn't they retort to that.

"O earth, heed my call. In the name of Siccoro Paltimus. Bring down hammer of death upon the fools who dare to tread my path! Manifest! EARTH KIIIIIIING!"


The ground rose up in front of Siccoro and formed a golem-like figure. Height is about 2.5 meters. It's amazing, regardless whether he's an enemy. A spell that could form such a huge constitution in a short amount of time. It's probably a composite spell close to unique magic. I've only learned some rudimentary magic format from Sefi-san, but that's what I feel this magic is.

Maniwa-san is fighting Bascom. Minea-san against Gyazan, Kein-san went for the Earth King. Sige-san, Otto-san, and Moriko-san are dealing with the other adventurers. I take out Para Potion from my rucksack with this chance. Dammit, I'm moving slowly from the paralysis.

"Here I come-----"

"Finally a chance to go on a rampage after so long, Anija."

A brown whirlwind blew down on this 6F.

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Adventurer A furiously charged toward the light brown objects while swinging around his sword, half screaming half crying. Otto-san struck the Side Triceps pose and received that sword with his triceps brachii muscle.


But that shouldn't be the sound of metal hitting meat!?

He then shifted to Front Lat Spread pose and let out an elbow strike while spinning. BWOM BWOM, So this is how you do a beat down.
On the other hand, Sige-san struck the Front Double Biceps pose, lifted up an adventurer, then he too spun and hurled him away to other adventurers.
Moriko-san is doing a headlock while striking the Side Chest pose. His indescribable smile makes it all the more eerie. I'm really glad I'm not their enemy. Ah, now he's shifting from Most Muscular to Bear Hug, and... Won't that break the spine? But why is the receiving end looking happy instead? Ah, it's that one guy who praised their pecs!

At the rate they're going, everything would end before I finished recovering. The downed adventurers are piling up like a heap of corpses.

"Now c'mon, let's do this. Unlike this kid here, you can gimme some fun no? I can't get off of a half-assed thrill, ya see."

"Hmph, I do not derive pleasure from tormenting the weak. I shall only bloom when my opponent is that of astringent strong men."

"Hah, how long yer' gonna keep that attitude."

Gyazan who's brandishing his short swords craftily. And Minea-san who's parrying them with his hands. Just how the heck is he able to block those double edged swords with his bare hands. What a mysterious body.

"You are not bad yourself, but your swordsmanship is lacking. You cannot overcome me with such."

"Hah, you said it. Lived a live where I'd either die or finish the job, no matter how dirty y'see. Dieeee, 『Sharp Edge』!"

Gyazan slipped under the fist and went for the heart from the side.
However, Minea-san took the Abdominal and Side pose instead of trying to knock that down.


An ear-splitting sound like when metal met metal reverberated.
Like. I. Said. What the heck is with that sound! How is that possible?


Gyazan's short sword couldn't hold the load and got smashed into dust. Gyazan was agape like he couldn't believe what he just saw. Minea's figure danced there.

"It ends here. Sleep."

He tightly held Gyazan on the waist from behind and threw him to the back while he wasn't able to move.


Bridge of bodies created from a superb German Suplex. Gyazan whose head got driven down at an unbelievable speed fainted.

"Not good enough yet!"

Looks like Minea-san is not satisfied with the angle and opening of his suplex.


The fight between Bascom who's holding a bowgun in one hand and a hatchet-shaped sword in the other against Maniwa-san is progressing as a ranged battle.
Bascom reloaded his bowgun by replacing something that looks like cartridges. Is that akin to a repeating crossbow?
The fight continued one as he kept replacing the cartridges many times. Even though he has a sword in one hand, apparently his main style is that of a hunter.

"Tch! To think an old dog would be this strong."

"Ufufu, oh this is nothing compared to my prime days, but I have something that needs to be done. Besides, you played around too much, you've still got a long way to go."

"Hmph, shut up. I have my pride as a rank B adventurer. Hell I'd let some old dog do me in, Weapon Skill 『Split Shot』"

An arrow that's sharper and fiercer than before shot out of the bowgun. That's probably the skill that pierced through my defensive magic. Seems like it's the same type as the 『Piercing Shot』 that Mitama used.


The arrow cuts through the air as it heads toward Maniwa-san. I'm not sure if I could see its trajectory if I didn't see it from afar.


However, Maniwa-san easily caught the arrow in between his right index finger and thumb.

"Here, you can have it back!"

BWOSH, the thrown arrow went for Bascom at a speed that rivaled the Weapon Skill arrow earlier. In bewilderment, Bascom barely managed to flick off the arrow with the sword in his hand.

"Y-you monster!"

"My, what a rude thing to say to a man-woman <<maiden>>. Oh I've had it with you, get ready ok."

Maniwa-san took a forward stance. That looks similar to that of wrestling.


He closed the distance in one dash!? With that gigantic figure! Bascom couldn't react at all.
From the tackling position he then grabbed Bascom's legs.
BAM, Bascom fell down. With both his legs under Maniwa-san's armpits, he began to spin at high speed.

"Yea, yea, yea, yeaaaaah"

BWON, BWON, Bascom who's getting swung around has lost consciousness already. They're spinning so hard I'm afraid it'd create a tornado. Wonder how is Maniwa-san not getting dizzy.


Then Bascom got thrown away, flew toward the pile of beaten adventurers Otto-san made, and landed right in the heap.

"Oh phew, it's been a while since I've had a nice warm-up."

I guess that fight earlier was like a light exercise to him (her?). His strength is just on a whole another dimension.
Even though they're both Rank B, furthermore one has retired, the gap is too huge. I think I've been made aware that Ranks are ultimately just an approximation of strength.

Siccoro and his golem are getting driven to the corner by Kein-san alone. Against Kein-san who boasts a steel body capable of even repelling swords, what could a golem made of soil possibly do (?), or something like that.

Ay! Aye! Aboranamasuteweiaa!

Kein-san smashed the golem's left hand and tore apart the right one while screaming like a primitive man. Come to think of it, first I heard his voice.
Each time, Siccoro supplies the golem with more mana to restore it, but he's already nearing his limit.
They're a bad match no matter how you look at it.

"Earth King, move! Earth King, why won't you move!?"

The groaning strong arms crushed the golem arms and gradually, even the body.

"Move, move, move, move, move c'moooooon"



The golem whose body had a huge hole in it crumbled down. Looks like Siccoro ran out of mana to give the golem. He was dumbfounded after having his prized golem beaten down and running out of mana.


Kein-san tightly grabbed Siccoro. Then he dragged him to the ground. He folded his legs in the hold like doing seiza, stretched his back, and put his head in between the groins.
In other words.

Siccoro's face is getting pressed onto Kein-san's crotch...


A wail that came from the deepest part of Siccoro's psyche echoed. That's way too nasty. What a terribly cruel technique. Kein-san is holding him very tightly while looking slightly in rapture.
Eventually, the scream stopped and Siccoro fainted with bubbles coming out of his mouth. What a tragedy....
Let's make sure to absolutely never offend Kein-san. I don't wanna get hit by that.

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