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Okami Wa Nemuranai 3


A blue point showed up on <Life Detection>.

Green points are detected ordinary animals, blue points are magical beasts. Blue points are displayed clearly like they did in his original world. Lecan felt a bit relieved at that fact.

He tried raising <Life Detection>'s sensitivity to the max. Countless green points got displayed. Must be little animals, birds, and insects. This forest is full of life with many creatures. Since there might be dangerous animals unknown to Lecan like poisonous insects and venomous snakes mixed among them, he cannot let his guard down.

Lecan lowered the <Life Detection>'s sensitivity. Too much information will only get in the way instead.

His right hand took out his trusty sword from <Storage>, then he slipped between the trees and began to walk toward the blue point, or the place where the magic beast is.

Lecan was relieved to see his <Storage> was working considering he could take his trusty sword from it. Which means his luggage is also safe inside. His <Storage> is now his lifeline for the foreseeable future. He's got to make sure to select food that's about to go bad and eat through it first.

Nothing feels amiss in the sensation of treading on the grass.
Walking slowly while checking the feels of trees on his left hand.

The green points went away. The animals seem to have noticed Lecan approaching and scrambled away.
And yet the blue point signifying a magic beast is drawing closer.

--Fufu. You think I'm the prey here huh.

Lecan swung his sword thrice to ascertain his physical condition.
Excellent. His body moves well, and the sensation of cutting winds with the sword is reassuring.

And his body feels light. He could walk faster than usual.
Before long, the magic beast came inside the range of <3D Perception>.

Its figure could be barely seen with bare eyes already, it's approaching while sneakily hiding itself between bushes and trees.

The radius of <3D Perception> is only about 50 steps with no way to alter this. However, if he concentrates on a part within the range, he could get more detailed info. It enables one to see at all directions including above and below, it has no blind spot.

One needs the knack to be able to use it, but once one manages to do so, there is no ability more useful in battle than this. Especially when you're up against multiple enemy in a cramped space, this ability gives you an overwhelming advantage.

The magic beast showed itself behind a bush when it was within 30 steps and rushed out. It must be a magic beast that weaponizes its own charging power.

The magic beast accelerates in a blink of an eye. It's accelerating even more since it's coming down a slight slope. It must have chosen this particular terrain to launch its attack.

Lecan has never seen this magic beast before. It's about as big as a medium sized dog with a head that looks similar to that of a wild boar.

Right when the magic beast was about to clash with Lecan, he swiftly dashed out diagonally forward and swung down his sword.

The magic beast kept rushing forward and crashed into a tree before collapsing.

Lecan's sword accurately hit the magic beast's nape. The sensation of cutting a living creature's flesh and skin gave Lecan's slight shivers and a mysterious sense of fulfillment.

Fight enemy, defeat them. These are times when Lecan feels alive.

He approached the magic beast and ascertained its death, afterward he put his fist on his chest and bowed his head to pray for the soul's repose.

Then he stood up, gripped his sword on his left hand and turned his right palm toward the magic beast. Or to be more exact, his right palm is turned toward the chest section of the magic beast where the Magic Gem is located.

And then he performed <Mana Absorption>.

Mana is flowing toward him. His palm turns hotter. The absorbed mana passes through Lecan's right arm, permeating inside his body.

Once the mana had been sucked dry, after a short interval, the corpse crumbled into sand.

This course of event is awfully relieving for Lecan.

The magic beast had a Magic Gem within. It was possible to perform Mana Absorption on it. The magic beast's corpse turned into sand once it was done.

The same principle with his original world.

Now then, he now knows that he could absorb mana after defeating magic beasts.

Next, he's got to confirm whether the animals here are edible or not.

It's pretty risky but he's got no choice but to give it a  try.

A woman's scream suddenly reached Lecan's ears.

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