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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 53

Chapter 53 Just Punishment Executed!



"We've thrown so many people on this already, what is so hard about capturing one little brat!"

I threw the glass on my hand at the floor in irritation.
It's already been five days since the operation began. Information about that brat went dark the other day. The guys who were sent to tail him didn't come back either. The bunch who were dispatched to the dungeon got captured by the Class-A adventurers [Muscle Brothers] for some reason.
Even though I've mobilized the entire force at my disposal, how'd it turn out like this. As long as I get my hand on that brat, my investment should immediately get its return!

Ideas like never before. Even just improving all the existing medicines should be enough to shift the market's status quo.
If my intuition is correct, that boy will surely bring me even more elevated profits.
That was why I went out of my way to go to that store, to first negotiate amicably.
I thought I'd get a deal immediately since the female storekeeper didn't look motivated, yet she surprisingly gave me an immediate refusal. It appears she knew about the usefulness of that boy.
I went for the brat himself afterward, but he too refused curtly.
Damn you brat. I was eager to crush his strong will since he asked for it, but that brat was making his moves too. It appears that he has some connections with the guards' Captain-Commander, they're scheming something.
Then I shalt make use of the noble colleagues I usually accommodate to do something about the guards.
I've also put work in the management of Adventurer's Guild so they shall hush up any incident after the fact. And I've rallied all our forces for this. Even after leaving the scene to those six, I still haven't heard a favorable report yet.

I've got to quickly arrange Bascom and the guys' release through the guild and rethink up another strategy to capture the brat.

Phew, good grief what a handful it's turned out be.
I should ogle at that again to calm my mind.

"I'll be staying in the underground facility. Stay away until I call for you."

After saying that to the maid, I went underground.

The underground facility houses prototype of magic tools in development. Beyond the door at the end of a strictly shut door lies my place of repose.
Piles of gold coins, jewels, and magic tools stuffed within.
Gazing at them is the only way I can relax. Even this irritation should settle down.

I open the ironclad lock and enter the room. The glitters of silver and gold coins heal my heart. The jewels also flaunt their glitters unbridled. Pheew, I almost would have undressed here and roll around on top of them in my bare body, but my self-restraint stops me from doing so.
Fuhahaha, just you wait. I shall make that brat my own and double, no triple this fortune in time.

I can't get enough of rubbing cheeks on these


I, Nobu-san, am right behind you.

Heya, it's Nobusada here. Actually, I've been watching this shitty geezer from behind him for a while. Yes, the Space Camouflage.
The adventurers gave me this info, 『There's an underground facility for developing magic tools exclusively for Jamito's use. But we've never stepped inside it. He shuts himself inside the facility every night, that place must be very important』, but who would've thought that it was for him to do this stuff.
Now then, since this money-grubbing geezer is fast asleep, time to start the retribution. Tonight, Nobusada starves for blood. I ain't drinking it tho'!


I woke Jamito up by pouring cold water on him.

"Gufuaa, c-c-c-cold. What just!?"

"Heya, wakey wake?"

I speak while looking down on the tied up Jamito laying on the floor. He's trembling and shivering, probs because of the cold water.

"Y-You're!? You think you can get away doing this to me!? Also... where did you hide my precious treasures!!"

"Yeah, no one is getting away from anything, you especially. Besides, I think I'm being really polite here compared to the stuff you've done. Your underlings had told me everything. One time you murdered a store manager then covered it up as an accident, other time you forcefully contracted an artisan into slavery and worked him to death, and another time, you made use of your connection with some nobles and hushed up all of those incidents. The word 'garbage' truly fits you like a glove."

"Hmph, it's only natural for the weak to become nourishment for the powerful. So how about it, you're still redeemable right now. Don't you want to work under me?"

"It's impressive how you could say that while looking like that. Well, leaving that stuff aside, I'll have you answer my questions. Do so without hiding anything at all."

"Hmph, like I'd tell you anything honestly."

Jamito snorted at me. I'm looking forward to see how long he can keep up his bluff.

"First of all, you will tell me all nobles who are cooperating with you. Oh and along with their weaknesses and stuff."

『Starting from the one with the highest authority, it's Marquis Ruum, then Viscount Runats, and Baron Ayrs. I provide funds for the marquis, deal with the clean-up of the viscount's affairs, and have the baron under my thumb after he asked me to do something about a mess his son perpetrated.』

(What the!? My mouth moved on its own? And even things that shouldn't be made public!)

I write down the stuff Jamito cheerfully chirped on a parchment in minute details. Ooh, the big bundle of parchment I have with me is gradually getting buried in text fast.

"Ohho, so what was the mess the baron's son made?"

『The third son burned down a village of beastfolks. Moreover, the reason why he did that was because the village elder didn't hand over the girls he took fancy on and let them go instead.』

Hm? Feels like I've heard this story somewhere before??

"Is that baron's territory quite far from here?"

『Yes, it is. However, my hometown is over there. I am acquainted with the previous baron since we were kids.』

"Well then, do tell me all about that baron."


(Stop! Don't speak any more than this!!)

Looks like he's getting restless about his mouth mouthing off in defiance to his will. Even though Jamito's forte is in mentally cornering people, he must not be used being on the receiving end. I will dig out all your dirt thoroughly to the end. While slowly but surely knocking about your mental state.

Even though I'm not really keen in using it, I've made use of Curse on the geezer. The content of the curse is 『Answer my question without any lie nor resistance』. I've appraised all the items he has on himself with Discerning-sensei, so there's no worry about the curse rebounding. Thus I had used half of my available mana to put a curse on this geezer. You've got to be extra careful handling this curse magic thingy, I can't believe the pros could use this stuff well.

Afterward, I spent a long time listening to Jamito. Every little bit. Misdeed after misdeed.
Furthermore, he's seized on evidence about misdeeds several of higher ups at the Adventurer Guild perpetrated, he's used the evidence to bring them over to his side. He's been using those higher-ups to cover up incidents that require him to deploy adventurers like this one. Documentary evidence and stuff pertaining this are conveniently put here, so of course I'll be securing them too.
Acquiring information about Mitama and Futsuno is also an unexpected harvest.

"Grr, just what is happening. Haah haah."

Must be hard to talk that long eh. But that much is nothing.

"Then lastly. What are you planning to do with me and Sefi-san once you've captured us?"

『First of all, I would put Slave Collars on you. Then I planned to make you develop and manufacture new products at a secret atelier that no one knows about.』

OH, this guy's rotten to the core. Guess there's no worry about hurting my conscience then. Ha ha ha, truly someone beyond saving. I regressed right back to polite speech in my anger.
Well, this should be enough. Also, I may as well take all the stuff I can take.

"Now then, I will be taking the gold coins, silver coins, jewels, and magic tools stuff piled here as a settlement. This much is nothing, isn't it. After all, you've partially destroyed our store, and even brought about burn on Sefi-san's fair skin."

"D-don't screw with me. What do you mean by nothing, gehaa."

I kicked Jamito's jaw with full force. Yup, you don't hafta talk anymore.

"I personally wasn't going to go this far myself, at fist at least. However, I have no mercy for you who dared to bring harm upon my acquaintances."


Ah, he looks like he wanted to say something but couldn't since I'm trampling on him. I shouldn't forget to gag his mouth, since it'd be troublesome if he shouted out loud later.

I store away silver, gold coins, documentary evidence, jewels and magic tools in the Magic Ruckacks. I was worried I wouldn't have enough rucksacks, but the problem was solved by borrowing several rucksacks put here. I found some other one-of-a-kind articles beside mass-produced magic rucksacks, but since these stuff could be traced back to me, I reluctantly disposed of them.

Yesterday I ended up making a new modified magic while thinking about how to do the burial. I'll be using that to kindly ask this geezer to say goodbye to this world.

"Run up from underground toward the surface along with a blast! Burst open together with my feelings! <<Bombermine>>!!"

Lumps of mana are now dwelling in some of the stone pavers around Jamito.
I've reinforced this underground facility with <<Dug>> to prevent collateral damage in the surroundings.
It's going smoothly. Next is the finishing touch.

"Well then, I'll be excusing myself now. Please do your worst to lament on all the stuff you've done so far."

I glanced at Jamito who was groaning unintelligently 『Gufuaoufuu』 and left the underground facility. I close the door to the facility, activate the Space Camouflage and quickly get the hell out of the mansion.

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After taking quite a bit of distance away, it's time for the finishing touch. That mansion is nicely visible from here yet there's no one around.
I slowly snap my fingers.


Uhoo, even though this place is quite far away from the mansion, I could hear sounds of the explosion and something caving in.
This is beyond my expectations, the <<Dug>> walls must have gotten blown off. As the base of this magic is Flare Bomb, the firepower is really nothing to sneeze at. It takes quite a bit of mana too it seems.

The finger snapping is merely a signal. Honestly, it could be done by just wishing for it to happen. But it's only best practice for finger-snapping to be the signal. Of course, I can't create whirlwinds just by snapping fingers like a certain great person. I'm not that inhuman yet... I think. Ah but, it's not like I couldn't do it with magic if I wanted to, wait wait, this isn't the time to do this. I've got to hide myself and get out of the north gate quick.

When the morning dawns, I arrive at the north gate with an innocent look on my face. From the direction of the northern forest of course.

And then, the middle-aged man guarding the north gate beckoned me. He must on high alert because of yesterday. Keep it calm without letting it show even on my finger, me.

"Good morning."

"Ou, s'that you Nobusada. First time seeing you coming back to town this early. Did something happen?"

"Yes, I was out for herbs in the northern forest before I suddenly met a herd of goblins. Since it was a bit too much to fight them when I was exhausted, I hid myself inside a cave and came back once they left."

"I see, at least you're safe. We've heard a lot of sightings these days, glad that it didn't turn grave. The town had a lot of stuff going on too. It's gotten quite unruly lately."

"Eh? Did something happen?"

What a barefaced lie I spoke of.

"It happened last night y'see. Look, you know that the largest alchemy store yeah. Seems like there was a huge explosion at that store manager's mansion. Apparently it was some kind of accident in the underground research facility. People are guessing that the explosion was caused by a failed experiment or something. Gee whiz, I always thought that magic tools were all convenient little things, but this incident really brought home that they could be real scary stuff too."

Ohho, that's how it's interpreted as huh. Convenient.
Afterward, we talked about some trivial stuff and then I left the north gate. I've got to go to the 『Shut-in Lamia』 quick. I wonder, how is Sefi-san doing? I'm worried about her now.

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