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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 190

Chapter 190 Strongest Sage, Sneaks In


Folkia is full of demons.
Alma and Ruli ask me in a panic when they hear that.

『More than 30 demons!? That, sounds really bad...』

『But aren't demons a creature that doesn't group together? Yet there's 30 of them here?』

『Yeah. Ordinary demons do not flock together. The demons here are a special type of subspecies that does. Their other peculiarities are they're hard to detect, and good at cooperating together... in exchange, each is weaker than an average demon though.』

In my past life, these types of demon are called 『Demon Subspecies』.
Since detection technology had progressed at the time, there were only a few cases of Demon Subspecies mingling with humans.

Even if they're weaker than an average demon, they still far surpass the humans of this era.
If this type of demons was the one that infiltrated Beisis Kingdom, it would have been tougher to deal with.

『Weaker than an average demon... How strong are they?』

『It depends on each individual, but Ruli and Alma should be able to defeat one if it's alone... However, the more of them, the tougher the fight will be. Try your best to avoid fighting more than five of them together.』

Demons fundamentally prefer to fight alone, they're bad at coordinating together with each other in a fight.
But Demon Subspecies is different.

Demon Subspecies fights by coordinating with their unique mana wavelength along with complex and specific interception and jamming comm magic, allowing them to perform a variety of coordinated attacks.

Their coordination is far above what humans could achieve with comm magic.
They could share their visions and hearing among each others, and even sometimes do linked magic casting.

The only saving grace is the fact that the mana used for their coordination has a short range, 50 meters at most.
If not, fighting even one of these Demon Subspecies would have meant fighting the subspecies in the entire world.

I walk toward the town while talking about that.
Alma hurriedly tried to stop me.

『Hang on, where are you going!?』
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『To the town gate. Though not the front gate, but the secret path used by the fake bandits.』

I point at a nearby ground while talking through comm magic.
There's a part where the ground is new over there.

I held up the forged pass over the ground, then it moved out, exposing the entrance into the secret path.

『...Bingo. Tis' the secret path used by the fake bandits when they get out of town.』

『How'd you even find this path...?』

『With Mana Perception. This kind of secret paths uses a magic tool that detects passes to open the door.』

I point at a magic tool buried in the path.
This magic tool won't open the door unless it detects the pass.

It's a relatively orthodox way to seal a secret path.
I expected a type that scanned each person and prepared four forged passes for all of us, but that seems to be unnecessary.

『Mana Perception... Could such a tiny mana reaction like this be found?』

『Finding this simply by looking at the surrounding mana is impossible, yeah. But if you do it while assuming there would be this type of magic tool around, you should notice... Knowledge about magic tools isn't only useful for making one but also for planning countermeasures.』

I check the passage's wall for mana reaction.
This kind of passage is usually installed with traps that calls for guards or blocks intruders who have take possession of the pass... But neither seems to be present around the entrance.
It's not possible to look far ahead since the passage is curving, but judging from the atmosphere, we should be able to manage somehow.

『Looks clear. Girls, get down here... but be sure to take cautions while progressing ahead.』



『Got it!』

The girls also go down the passage.
Well then, shall we go infiltrate Folkia.
Our objective is of course; annihilate all demons.

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