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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 52

Chapter 52 Starting Shot of Counterattacks


"You guys really saved me. I really can't thank you enough. But why is everyone here?"

"Minea foresaw this in his fortune telling, you see. He said some disturbing stuff like dark clouds hanging over Nobusada-chan's life or something so we hurried here."

"We could not possibly forsook the young man Anija took a liking on."

Muscle Brothers nodded along with him. I'm really grateful, but I don't think I've interacted much with them. No well, I really am thankful for being saved, but is it ok for them to go to such a length just because of that.

"Also Mau-chan, and Sefirot-chan asked for my help too after all."

"Eh? What do you mean by that?"

According to Maniwa-san, Jamito visited the 『Shut-in Lamia』 again the day after I went into the dungeon. He straight up threatened Sefi-san, but she didn't budge at all. That night, a fire partially destroyed the 『Shut-in Lamia』. Moreover, the cause is unknown, and there's no investigation being carried out after the incident was over. Apparently, there might be a directive coming from someone higher up than the Captain-Commander or something. Which means, even Master can't afford to act openly either.
Maniwa-san was asked by Boss-san and was on alert at the time. The reason why the fire only partially destroyed the store was also thanks to them.
And even though Sefi-san had suffered some burn, she was asking for my safety instead. Afterward, Minea-san foretold about dark clouds over me through his fortune telling so they rushed to the dungeon.

My shoulders are trembling. Anger is welling up. To those guys and to myself.
Even though I understood how easy it is to lose your life here, I was still trying to carry logics from my former world with me. As a result, it brought harm not only upon me but even Sefi-san.

"Nobusada-chan, leave it to us to take care of things here, you go to that girl. There's no need to endure it, you hear me."

"...I'm sorry. I will definitely repay this debt. Everyone please, I ask for your cooperation here."

I deeply bowed to them and then ran at full speed toward the Port Crystal. Then I rushed to the 『Shut-in Lamia』 without taking any sidelong glances.

A tragically burnt store stood before me.
From the store's entrance to the middle section has been burned down. This is the result brought by half-assed countermeasures. Regret, never ending regret....

Looking again, there Sefi-san stood.

"Welcome back, Nobu-chan. I'm sorry, your place to return to got burnt~"

Why are you apologizing. I am the one who've caused all this... Why are you trying to soothe me while looking like you're going to cry yourself.
There was a whole lot of things I wanted to say to her but I couldn't utter anything as I collapsed on my knee. I couldn't endure it any longer as my tears flowed out, unbecoming of my age. Sefi-san gently hugged me.

"It's not Nobu-chan's fault. This much is nothing you know~, the store will be rebuilt in a jiffy. So, please laugh for me. I'm gonna get sad if I see Nobu-chan's crying, okay?"

After I was done with crying, I took a deep breath. Currently feeling half embarrassed and half sorry. And then, the embarrassment takes over.
I hold back the feeling of wanting to get away from here, and firmly speaks while wiping my tears. I absolutely won't fail her this time.

"Sefi-san, this isn't much but please use it to help rebuild the store. I'll leave the town for a bit to look for herbs so we can can be open for business right after. I have to straight this out after all."


"I'll be back soon. And of course I'll definitely help in the reconstruction. Well then, I'm off."

I forcibly pushed my entire savings to her and went toward the north gate at a quick pace.
Sefi-san was saying something behind me, but I ignored her for now.

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I got out of the north gate and ran to the northern forest.
My face must look terrible right now. I stopped in a relatively open space at the foot of this mountain where no one around.


"What's the matter? Given up running away already?"

A voice came from the direction of the bush. Two of Jamito's underlings, no, my instinct is telling me that there's probably another one on top of a tree.

"Running away? What are you talking about?"

"Why don't ya just give up? If you keep it up, that missy might get burned next time. Accidents are some scary stuff."

"An accident, that was?"

"Of course. That store just got dragged into it by chance. But we can't guarantee similar things won't happe"Graviton"!?"


I instantaneously casted gravity magic at the surroundings before he could finish talking. Trees are breaking down around me.


The adventurer that was on top of the tree also got thrown down the breaking tree that couldn't bear the load anymore.
I look down while trampling on the face of the adventurer who sarcastically said that it was an accident.

"Goaa, y-you bastard..."

"I wasn't running away. I may be soft but I'm not stupid enough to not perceive the lookouts. This was a good lesson you gave me. About how softies won't last in this world. I'll make sure to pay the tuition fee in full from here on."

His warped face is warping even more from the pain when I put more force on my leg.


The three adventurers who can't even crawl from the gravity are gasping for breath. But, there's no way it'll end with just this. My patience has been broken down into small pieces.

"Now then, I will have you guys tell me everything about Jamito."

"Y-you think I'll talk?"

"Yea, doesn't matter what you want. I'll make it so you don't have any choice but to talk and then listen to it real carefully. I ain't feeling my pangs of conscience any longer. And it's all thanks to you guys for clearing it away."


"Now, let us welcome the fun, fun question time. How far can you go? Sleep Mist."

The adventurers parted with their consciousness by the sleeping mist magic. I didn't forget to check their state: Sleep before continuing.
I had put dense mana into the sleep spell, next I used the modified version of soil digging spell <<Dig>>, <<Dag>>, I created during a quest to make a cave in the mountain.
I drag the three in and then I close the entrance with Earth Wall. I use <<Create Air>> for breathing. This is a modified magic I invented during an experiment to create vacuum. I haven't been able to create the vacuum magic, but all these experiments to seek non-lethal means seem absurd now.


I splashed water on the man to wake him up. I'm leaving the other two for later.

"Gehaa gehaa, guh, where am I?"

"Heya, awake now? That's nice. Now then, let me hear everything about Jamito."

"Hah, do I look like someone who'd easily yap my mouth to ya?"

"Fufufu, nice to see you're so lively. Try saying that again after looking at your situation. What pitiful state you are in."

His whole body sans his head is completely buried in the ground. Of course, I've completely stripped him of his belongings.
I've also confirmed their Classes, none can use magic.

"Goddammit, you'll regret this. Don't think it's over with this."

"I'm actually impressed that you could still put up a strong front. This dagger here, you see, is coated with the powder of agaric mushroom. In other words, deadly poison. I wonder how long can you endure it. Do speak whenever you're ready to talk."

I put a very thin scratch on the man with the dagger. I continue to cut him little by little while looking at his state. Of course, the agaric stuff is just a bluff. I can't let this guy die yet before he spill it out. It's powder of bindingshroom, as the name suggests, it has a paralyzing effect. The effect isn't that profound with trace amount, but he's gonna think the paralysis to be poison after my threat.
Even the man who initially didn't believe that the dagger was laced with poison began to be assaulted with fear with every wound. His body down to fingers are unable to move, added with dim surroundings and lack of sound. And eventually his face is all bloodied...

"I'll talk, I'll do it, so please stop."

Finally got him.
Then I write down all the info I heard about Jamito on a parchment.
But this isn't over yet. I put the first guy to sleep once again, then rouse the second one. I'll piece together the information I got from all three in sequence and form a consistent one.

After I was done with the third one, I woke up all three after burying them deeper with only their noses sticking out.
The three who could neither talk nor see tried to say something, but I can't hear anything at all. What, I can't hear you.
This nii-chan who was often sitting at the park's bench back then told me this. If yer' gonna do it, ya gotta be prepped to be done in yerself', he said.

"Well then, everyone. Have a safe trip there while repenting on all the evil deeds you've done until now."

With a refreshing (?) smile, I fill up the space around the three with soil. Until it's been completely buried, leaving only a tiny space. Since they can't commit suicide, they'll stay like that until their life end.

I also searched through the adventurers belongings. Two of them had magic rucksacks, but they seem to be mass produced items, as even I could take out its content. Since I dunno what was inside, I shook them while wishing to take out everything inside, then the content spilt out. I regretted this, as it cracked some potions that were inside.
Quality is average, both can hold up to 40Kg. After careful inspections, they don't have creator's names or anything on them, so I'm gonna make use of these rucksacks in my upcoming plan.

Wait for me, Jamito. I will be raiding you instead this time.

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