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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 55

Chapter 55 Gotta be Thorough with the Clean Up - Latter Part


Afterward, I went around to visit everyone who helped me in this incident.

I presented sake to Boss-san and bowed my head to thank him for his help. 'Don't worry 'bout it', said Boss-san while laughing heartily. He was even delighted to see me safe instead. What a man.

I also visited Maniwa-san's store to give my thanks but unfortunately, the Muscle Brothers weren't there. I guess it's only natural, they're adventurers after all. Since neither of us knew where they were, I left Maniwa-san with a message for them while also thanking him.
I gifted them with not-for-sale Potion Sets (higher quality stuff that are more potent than the common ones), for them and Maniwa-san.

Since I ran off to Sefi-san, I didn't know what went down afterward, apparently, they let go of adventurers who only took the quest after making them swear not to lay their hands on me ever again. While the three Jamito's underlings are currently training under the Muscle Brothers. That may sound like they got off easy, but when I imagine how Yasuda School training is like, it's kinda frightening. According to Maniwa-san, the school seems to boast an especially tough training course that's also a little naughty that embodies its motto; 'a healthy mind in a muscley body'. Ooh, I cowered a bit there. Especially at the naughty part.

And since I was here already, I also bought several sheet of blankets to fix my now holey clothes. It's a bit embarrassing to use them inside buildings since they bare my body for the world to see.

Next, I went to the 『Flame Dog』 to tell Mitama and Futsuno-san about the info I got, but unfortunately they hadn't returned from their quest yet, so I just left them a message.

Thinking that was all, I went to the shopping ground to purchase ingredients. I'll be in Sefi-san's care from today on, no harm in a little feast right. I've got lots of meat with me anyway, no problem there. Let's get the stuff that's running low like eggs, flavoring and fruits. Huh? Kumahat-san's got some milk and vanilla essence here. I'm kinda interested in where he got them from, but I'm not gonna miss this chance. Bought! Right, it's been awhile since I made that, I'll go with that. I'm sure Sefi-san will be pleased.

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It's almost evening by the time I arrived at Sefi-san's mansion.
And in the mansion, Sefi-san is... sleeping, figured.
Weird, wasn't there an order she needed to rush? But I couldn't bring myself to wake her when I saw her blissful sleeping face. She might have not enough sleep lately with all the stuff happening.

I quietly went to the kitchen while making sure not to make noise. Let's make her something to eat for when she gets up.

Egg, milk, sugar, and vanilla essence. It should be obvious what I'm making with all these together. That's right, pudding. Smooth pudding that won't lose to Tama-chan's super smooth skin. There are times when even men crave for sweet, don't you think. I refrain myself from making bucket pudding tho'.

And here's today's menu.
Louiv Pork tonteki, bread, salad, mushroom stew, and for the desert, fruit punch and pudding.

Now then, it's taken quite a bit of time, I should wake Sefi-san up, and have a meal. Ah right, I should ask her about the order too. Hafta confirm how much work should I help her with.

I put the food on the dining room and shake Sefi-san up.

"Sefi-san, your meal is ready you know? Please get up."

"...Mmmm, five hours more~"

"Way too long! I'll do this to you if you won't wake up."

I tickle Sefi-san's foot. Without holding back.

"Hyaaaaa, iyaan, stop iit, ahahahafuuuun. Nmou, Nobu-chan, you meanie~."

"From what I saw the dining room, you didn't eat anything after I left this morning, did you? Sefi-san is gonna drink all day if I leave you alone, so I'm gonna be stern on you. I don't want you to get sick after all."


"Here now, please have at them before they got cold. I've prepared your meal and desert with it, enjoy yourself."

"Uwaa, this look so good~. Ufufu, let's dig in."

As expected of a carnivorous girl (in a different meaning?), she made a quick work of the meal. The way she eat is fascinating to watch. She could be a match for Mitama.

"Nnnnn. Swee~t. I love this pudding~."

"I'm glad that it's to your taste. Right, how many potions do we have to make for the rush order? It must be a lot if you need my help, no?"

"Nnfuu, actually, it's not that many? It's 30 peach flavored potion bottles by tomorrow morning~. I think the order form is on the desk there~."

Sefi-san pointed at the living room while blissfully eating the pudding.

"Ah, then I'll go fetch it."

30 bottles huh. I'm sure even Sefi-san alone could finish it easily. Well, she must have felt helpless due to the anxiety.
The desk, the desk... Ah, this huh. So what do we have here, by tomorrow morning.... 300 bottles!?
Waitaminute, isn't it off by one digit!?

"Sefi-san. This order form, it's asking for 300 potions though!?"


She stared hard at the order form I gave her then her eyes went round. And then, she slowly turned around to me with a pale face.

"O~oh~no~, I got it wrong~. W-w-w-what should we do. R-right~, since I won the drinking bout against Captain-commander back then, I should still have one request I could ask him. Make it so the order never existed..."

Sefi-san is panicking while holding the order form. Calm down a bit. Since the order is by Master's subordinate, I would feel sorry for him. I mean, his forehead is quite receded enough from accumulated stress even though he's not yet 30. If the 300 potion order was treated like it never existed, lotsa stuff would fall off the guy, in many ways.

"Please calm down. Where did you put the remaining ingredients, bottles, and equipment? I'll lend a hand, let's get it done quick. There should be enough time if we do this together and start now."

"Eh, ah, un, you're right. Those stuff were packed in the vacant rooms, we could immediately begin after unpacking them. Thank you, Nobu-chan."

It kinda feels like I just can't leave Sefi-san alone. And I think that part of her is quite cute, wonder if that means I've fallen that deep.
And thus, the curtain for our rushed life was lifted.

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