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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 54

Chapter 54 Gotta be Thorough with the Clean Up - First Part


I rushed to the 『Shut-in Lamia』.

And got totally taken aback when I arrived there.

Over there is... nothing but an empty plot of land!? Eh? What happened here!!??

It's only been 2 days you know? I didn't get anywhere near here yesterday since I was in a hurry and it was already dark, but isn't this just too much change?

Could anyone explain to me what happened here please...

Someone called out to me from a big mansion behind the store while I was at a loss.

"Nobu-cha~n, over here, over here~"

It was Sefi-san.

She called me from inside that big house, is that alright? I run to Sefi-san with that question in mind.
The mansion in the back is a house bigger and grander than even Master's, it wouldn't be strange if it was a nobleman's. Sefi-san is inside that house like it's normal for her, wonder if she's acquainted with the owner as a neighbor?
I entered the mansion and couldn't find traces of other residents inside. There's only Sefi-san in the parlor.

"Geez, it's cause Nobu-chan ran off without listening to me. Many things happened after that you know~. Even yesterday the guards visited by and asked me lots of questions~."


"I think they came to ask about that person? Jamito's mansion was apparently blown away in an explosion, so they came here to ask us about the situation because we were the last people involved with him, you see~. I told them Nobu-chan went to pick some herbs, and there was a testimony of you passing through the north gate so they didn't press that hard~. But Master-san left a message asking you to come by you know~?"

Hargh, Master called for me huh. I'm a bit... no quite terrified. Hope he hasn't found out.
Oh right I haven't asked her about the important stuff.

"Sefi-san, what happened to the store, why is it an empty land? And this mansion is?"

"Although that store was full of memories. It was originally a renovated old store, so things were falling apart anyway~. So I thought, might as well use this chance to build a new one ♪"

No, err, 'might as well'. That easily...

"This mansion is my residence you see~. A retired noble, drinking friend of mine you see. Transferred this mansion to me in his will. We often drank together until morning you know~."

Partner in drinks huh. I had thought it was that kind of relationship, gotta keep that a secret.
According to Sefi-san, a certain retired nobleman purchased this mansion to quietly spend his last after his wife had passed away. But since Sefi-san was his neighbor, and of the same level of heavy drinker as himself, forgot about quietly, he passed away with smiles full of satisfaction. Holding a wine bottle till the end.

Nuh uh nope, drunkards are scary. It's unbelievable how he gave her a mansion just like that for being a drinking companion. As a prerequisite, she's been tasked to manage the winery, or rather a storehouse that keeps his liquor collection. Manage here means to nicely drink everything until it's been exhausted up, said Sefi-san. Well, from that retired nobleman's point of view, I guess that must have been better than having it rot away or sold.

As for the store, tools and consumable that still looked usable were carried into this mansion, afterward workers dispatched by Construction Guild used their magic to turn it into an empty plot. Magic for that kind of use case too huh. I'm also interested in that magic. I'll be sure to watch during the construction.
Most of the products in the store were burned down so we suffered a huge loss, but the mixing equipment and ingredients were safe so they've been stored here in this mansion.

"Since Nobu-chan has also provided the funds, we're now business partners for real okay~. And I have something to ask you... Nobu-chan, if you don't mind, I'd be happy if you could live in this mansion."


"I mean, look, so many things happened during this incident didn't it? So I thought, it could be dangerous for a woman to live alone here, right. And we have some orders that need to be delivered soon too."

The last part is your real intention huh, I understand. But I did cause her trouble this time, I've got to make up for it to her. Even though Jamito is gone now after taking a tough measure, there's no guarantee there won't be a retaliation after all. I would give them hell they wished they were never born if they did try though.

Thus, I decided to take up this offer. I'm also thinking of making Tama-chan's goods after all. I could use Sefi-san's evaluation whether it could be sold in the market.

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For now, I have to tell the inn about me leaving so I left the mansion. First of all, let's go to Master's house. He's probably still there since it's still early in the morning. Phew, my steps feel heavy.
I arrived there. After passing through the entrance, I went straight to the garden, they should be doing morning training right about now.
The closer I get the louder the 'hyun hyun buon' sounds that most people probably wouldn't have guessed to be the sounds of human swinging their fists.
After waiting for the right time, I call out to them.

"Good morning. I have come as requested."

"Ooh, you're here. I made you come here because there's something I ought to apologize to you for, Nobusada. I did go to look for you myself without avail."

"Pardon me for that."

"There was an interruption in the matter you asked me to handle. I couldn't mobilize the guards as I liked. Forgive me."

"Please don't mind it, Sefi-san is safe after all, and everything came together nicely in the end before I knew it, all's well that ends well."

"Right it did. Even if the ringleader was blown to smithereens in an accident, the guards cannot be mobilized thus there's nothing to investigate either. Dear me, accidents are scary stuff."

Master grinned there. Aah, this is, looks like everyone knows. The fact that he doesn't make any move there is either because of my sake or to one-up the interruption. Either way, Master is quite bad himself huh.

"You've got the strength alright but your softness was a cause of worry. However, thanks to this matter, it looks like that's gotten quite a bit better. I shan't ask you what you did, I'm just glad you're safe."

"Yes, I've been made quite aware how much of a softie I was."

"I couldn't believe my ears when Nobusada-san asked for my assistances, but I never thought it would turn out like this... like how Sefirot-san's store was burned down. Is she alright?"

"Yes, she only got a little scald. And it's healed already. The store will be rebuilt too. And since it's a dangerous time, I plan to stay at her place for a while."


"Eh? No well, I mean, otherwise it's gonna be inconvenient if anything happens, most of the potions are unusable too, and I've got to help her deal with the guards and stuff."

"I-is that so."

Eleanor-san, your expressions are all over the place since awhile ago.
And you Master, stop grinning!

"Oh right, I was ambushed by quite a lot of adventurers in the dungeon, would the Adventurer Guild deal with them if I lodged a complaint?"

"...I'm truly sorry to say this, but since the quest about capturing a criminal that those adventurers had accepted was issued by the guild, we cannot hand out a punishment on them. Of course, that Nobusada-san being a criminal is completely false, so you have nothing to worry about. And since the quest client, Jamito, turned out like that, this matter is most likely going to be unresolved."

Left in the dungeon? Guess there's no helping it since the mastermind was erased from existence, and it was me who did it. Ah well, guess I've got no choice. Since I've memorized all their names, I'll consult with Sefi-san and prohibit our goods to be sold to them.

"Still, the guildmaster deemed this matter to be a huge problem, and has issued penalties and lowered the valuations of all the perpetrators and everyone involved. Please keep this info a secret."

"Bluntly speaking, I egged on the guildmaster. After all, my pupil almost got done in. Even if he's my friend, there is no distinction in this regard."

Ooh, the guildmaster here is Master's friend huh.
Hmm, I think it's a good idea to go through master when I'm delivering evidence about the guild's inner corruption to the guildmaster. I'm gonna keep it with me for now. I'll put it to good use when the time is right.

Afterward, I gave my heartful thanks to the two and told them I would be coming here regularly again from tomorrow morning on.

Next is Solomon's Pavilion huh. If I'm not mistaken, tomorrow is just about time for me to pay the rent again, so it's just right.

At the Solomon's Pavilion, everyone is currently cleaning up after the breakfast period. Feels like it's been a long time since I'm here.
I leave Tama-chan in the care of the little girls, and tell Donur-san I'm leaving the inn.
Donur-san loathed to part with me, 'I see it's gonna be quiet here'. The little girls entreated, 'don't go', mostly to Tama-chan... The hierarchy hasn't changed at all! Or rather, the springy version-up Tama-chan is getting even more popular. I-I'm not sad or anything ok.

I tidied the room while licking my mental wounds and left the room. Most of my luggage is already with me though.
As a farewell gift, I was treated to breakfast from the leftover. Yup, it's good. I leave the inn after making a promise to eat here again, it's in the town anyway.
Thanks for taking good care of me these past two months.

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