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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 9-18

9-18. Ishibutai Training


Satou's here. There are a lot of manga set during the Heian period, thus, there are a lot of masterpieces. I read the complete set of, "It's a wonderful HEIANKYO", that my childhood friend had recommended.
What I thought during that time was if the sleeves of kariginu the characters are wearing wouldn't get caught on tree branches if they went to hunt with it? Such was my question. I wonder if people really used that clothes for hunting~
<TLN: Kariginu is a type of traditional Japanese clothes.>

"Fooo~! Heian Romance kitaa!"

It looks like my clothes is the reason why Arisa shouts strangely.
I've been given clothes for training from Aialize-san, but I wonder if it's an influence from the hero Daisaku, or other Japanese people, the clothes is a kariginu--I guess it's easier to understand if I say that it's an onmyouji clothes.
The inside garment is a white unlined kimono, but the outer garment and the sashinuki hakama are green of different brightness each. Fortunately, there's no eboshi.
<TLN: Well, he's wearing traditional clothes, so you can google each of those terms if you're curious what they look like.>

"Master, you're wonderful."
"Master looks manly with the robe or armor, but the elf native dress also suits you well."
"They're good clothes with high magic defense."

Lulu seems to like it too. Let's make some junihitoe later.
Looks like Nana has specially used [Sense Magic] to check these clothes. Just like Nana's said, these clothes are made from Yuriha fiber that's also used to create Arisa's and Mia's robes. It seems that you can compose a defensive film magic circuit on the surface of the fabric by weaving the fiber with some special method. The function can deploy a defensive film that resembles the body surface of the black dragon. Monsters above certain levels are naturally equipped with the film, but with these clothes, looks like you can also use it by putting a little magic into the clothes.

"Pochi is also going to train nodesu!"
"Tama too~?"

I was thinking what was the rustling about, turned out the two had changed to the Shinsegumi costumes from the duchy capital back then. I was going to refuse the two since it seemed that the training this time wouldn't go well if there were a lot of people around, but apparently, the training of the two is slightly different.

"Shagnig's invited us nodesu."
"Treasure hunt~"
"Shagnig is this playful Leprechaun old man, he's invited them to the playground where the elves children play."
"It looks to be a facility arranged with safe mock traps, and living dolls that are made to look like monsters."
"Reporting myself to participate in the exercise."

Arisa complemented Pochi's and Tama's words while slurping her drool. Since Liza and Nana are also going to participate, I allow it. The playground for the children of those indulgent elves shouldn't be dangerous.
The one who designed that playground is an elf who was the teacher of the teacher of Shagnig, but the one who actually built it was his teacher, a Spriggan called Rileks.  At the present time, seems he's gone to observe the Saga empire labyrinth in order to gain new ideas. The one who designed the playground has gone away for more than 100 years from the elves hometown, so I likely won't see him.

Together with Lua-san who's come to pick me while wearing miko outfits, I arrive at a rocky area that overlooks some waterfall, around 30 kilometers away from the world tree. We moved by using the Dryad's [Teleport(Relocate). It's convenient enough even though it can only be done within Boruenan forest.

At the inner part of the rocky area, there's an ishibutai with a huge rock.
<TLN: >

Aialize-san is on the center of that ishibutai.
No well, it's fine that you're there.

What are those clothes.

White shirt and tight skirt, and there are glasses with triangular lenses as well. She's tied her hair into a bun on her back, and left only two bangs at the right and left on the front. That short wand probably acts as the instructor stick.

It's the so called stereotypical female teacher clothing.

Hero Daisaku.... Please be moderate with the culture hazard.
Well, I guess it's fine since it's a feast for my eyes.

"Satou-san, you're late."

You shouldn't do cosplay if you're going to blush anyway.
I'd like to keep staring at her, but then the story won't progress, so I work the [Poker Face] skill hard.

"I'm sorry for being late."
"Aze-sama, please don't play around and change into the priest outfits."
"Isn't it fine, Daisaku's even said that these clothes give +1 effect to the teaching skill."
"That is a joke of his."

Aialize-san is shocked towards what Lua-san's said about the [Teaching Skill +1] being a lie rather than her scolding. I wonder why, maybe she really did believe it.

I gaze at the superb view of the waterfall on top of the ishibutai until after Aialize-san has pulled herself together. It's quite a spectacle for multiple waterfalls to fall onto one pool despite not to the degree of Niagara. Water are also flowing down from the rocks that are floating along the steep cliff. I wonder if it works like the (Water Bottle) I have? It's quite a strange sight (fantasy).

Since I can hear a cough of someone clearing her throat, I turn around.
Aialize-san who has changed to miko clothes is there. It was hard to restrain myself from turning as the rustling sound were inviting.

"Then please drink this before we begin the training."

Aialize-san presents a folded paper with some red power inside.
I wonder what is this, it's more transparent even compared to the magic core powder.

I feel like I've seen it somewhere.

Right, it's similar to the ruby powder in the jewels workshop at duchy capital. The powder occasionally emit some light, it's probably some kind of magic medicine. The AR indicates that it's [<<Powder of Philosopher's Stone>>]

Philosopher's stone?!

"This is?"
"It's the powder of miracle stone. Although it can help pregnant women who drink it during the delivery, its main use is to augment magic effect."

Lua-san answered my question.
Seems that it's stimulated some strange rivalry from Aialize-san as she begins to talk smoothly.

"It's a valuable item as only one pebble can be harvested from the world tree in a year! That's why, you can't spill it."

I see, it's harvested from the world tree huh.
I wonder why do I feel that it's like a calculus.
<TLN: >

I take the red powder into my mouth, and flush it down the throat with the water that Lua-san's has passed to me.
There's no taste. The Magic Perception skill tells me the movements of the powder. Although little, mana gush out from the powder.

"Then, let's start with the warm-up. Mimic me as I move okay."

I mimic Aialize-san's movements while confirming it with space grasp. The exercise is quite full of body motion. Seems that these movements are for spreading the powder to my whole body. I understand that the powder is absorbed when it's reached my stomach, and carried to my whole body via the blood flow.

"Next, put your mana throughout your body."

I fill my body with mana as instructed. It's similar like when the self-healing kicks in. I'm careful as to not let the mana flow to the kariginu with yuriha fiber.

The powder in my blood absorb the mana as I fill my body with it.

"You're good."
"That's true, normally the mana would have leaked to the yuriha fiber clothes, and one wouldn't be able to circulate the mana well, but he did it smoothly."

I'm happy to be praised, but is it fine to continue as it is?
The adjustment is relatively hard, so I don't have any margin to speak.

After the powder in the bloodstream have absorbed certain amount of mana, it's releasing the mana this time. This feeling, I guess it's about the same with the holy light that the holy sword emit.

"Listen well, you have to seize the overflowing mana in your body, and hold it down. Then, spread it on the surface of your body as if you're making a thin film."

I see, it's the typical genius' way of teaching. However, I somehow understand.
By using the time when I seize Zen's shadow whips as a reference, I grasp it. Then, I spread that mana thin. Since I have some experience of making thin film version of the flexible armor, it's relatively easy.

>[Spirit Light Control Skill Acquired]
>[Mana Control Skill Acquired]

"Alright, it's a success."
"Eh?! Ah, it's true. I nearly cannot see the spirit light."

Lua-san confirmed as she turned her eyes silver to the spirit seer version. Unfortunately, since I can't see the leaked spirit light in the first place, I'll believe in Lua-san's words.
Moreover, I've also understood that the mana that have always been leaking from my body for a bit have mostly stopped leaking. Since the leak in this case can be stopped with the spy skill, the mana control skill might be unnecessary. Let's check the difference with mana operation skill when it's time for me to activate it.

"You're quite good, normally it would have taken several years."
"I think it's already not at such level. Heroes are really abnormal aren't they."

Lua-san is shocked, but I feel it's not quite right for me to console that, so I ignore her. I thanked the two for the assistances, fix my appearance, and turned around, but it seemed to be premature.

"Then, let's start the second round of the training."
"That's right, we've used the valuable miracle stone after all, so let's finish the next lesson while it's still effective."
"This time you have to thin out the mana film only on the eyes part, and then slightly open holes on it."

Don't say that so easily.
It's hard to operate by parts, um. Yup, that went well.

"Look at both my hands okay. ■■■■■■■■ ■■ <<Summon Water Element>>"

Water overflow from both Aialize-san's hands that she's thrust above. After a while, the water formed into a ball that floats lightly slightly above her hands.

I stare hard at it as instructed.


I can't see anything beside water--no, there's a small blue light with indefinite form. It can't be seen when I stare hard, but on the contrary, I can see it when I'm not focusing.

>[Spirit Seer Skill Acquired]

It was unexpectedly easy to get. I wonder if it's due to the philosopher's stone.

"I see it."

Eh? Why are they so surprised.

"Are you sure?"
"Yes, it's a bluish light with indefinite form right."
"That, that's right."
"That's amazing, there's only 1 among 100 elves who can obtain it."

One to a hundred doesn't seem to be that rare.

"Alright, then let's start the third round! Let's employ the spirits!"

Aialize-san whom in high tension declares so while raising her arms overhead.
It'd be a gentleman of me to use [Dry] to dry her clothes now, but just for a bit more, only a teeny bit more, I want to enjoy this scene.

Miko clothes wet from water is nice, isn't it.

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