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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku Chapter 8 SS 4

SS: Christmas


Funfunfu~ Funfunfu~ Funfunfun, fu, fu~

"Arisa is disgusting nodesu."
"Are you awright~?"

Mumumu, how rude!

"I'm just preparing for Christmas."
"Is it fun nodesu?"

Gununu. Unpleasant memories from the past comes into my mind.... Calm down Arisa. Today you're having a Christmas with your beloved person aren't you. Although it's not just the two of us, the god of fortune rarely ever gives this much service for me, so I have to enjoy it.

"It's fun you know. You eat on a feast, and everyone plays together."
"Like usual~?"
"Everyday is a Christmas nano desu!"

No, that is true, but it's different.
Kuh, the magic of bullet list is obstructing me!

"During the Christmas, a person wearing red clothes called Santa-san delivers presents."
"Something like a gift."
"Meat nanodesu?!
"Whale karaage is nice nodesu!"

Ah~, that was delicious~
Oops, I've been taken in by these two's paces.
If it stay like this, I won't make it in time to prepare the Santa cosplay.
Alright, let's kill two birds with one stone.

"However, you see, only good kids receive the presents."
"Tama is a good kid~"
"Pochi is also a good kid nanodesu!"
"Ara, is that really so? Even if you think yourself a good kid, other people might not think the same you know?"
"I, it's not like that! Arisa is mean nanodesu!"
"Bad kids, you see"

I cut my words, and attract the two's attentions.

"Black Namahage wearing bla~ck clothes will come"

I gradually lower my voice for the play.
Waiting for when the two hold their breath.

"Are there bad kidds here~!!"
"No bad kid~!"
"Pochi and Tama are good kids nanodesu~~"

I shouted loudly while raising both my hands, and the two went downstairs while screaming toward the room where master and the others are.
Yep, they're good kids who are worth to tease at.

As an apology for scaring them at the daytime, I present Pochi and Tama with socks.
When I teach them that they will get presents from Santa-san if they leave it on their bedsides, they hang the socks while looking really happy.
Mia is also hanging the over-the-kneesocks that she usually wears, but those are thin, so they'll stretch if you put presents into it you know?

The four people are lying on the bed, and sleep happily.

"Ara? It seems Arisa has also fallen asleep."
"Then, let's put the presents and go back."

So Arisa won't participate in the Christmas night performance.
Even though I've prepared a magic tools that play moody music, Hors D'oeuvre, and adult-like tablewares, unfortunately.

While healing myself by looking at the four who sleep happily, I quietly close the bedroom door.

<TLN: This whole last part are Satou's.>

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