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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 9-5

9-5. At the Town of Magic Hunters (4)


Satou's here. There are a lot of stories with revenge as their themes, but few of them end in happy endings due to the themes of the stories. I'll pay you back 10 times! The characters shout out their exasperation like so, but I wish they don't brood over it so gravely.

"I said wait! That person is also a noble! He's not someone who would do bad things."
"Move out, Kon."
"That's right, we'll  be given one silver coin by just joining the encirclement on the inn."
"Right, right, how many goblins do you think that is."
"Even a good-for-nothing like you can get some money you know? Only fools would miss this chance."

I'm hearing this conversation from the magic hunters who are gathering in the bar.
That arsonist noble is still trying to do something huh.

I check on the map, there are around 20 magic hunters gathered on the vacant lot near the governor's mansion. There are also as many young people beside the magic hunters, they seem to be a gathering of outlaws when I look closer. Considering there aren't any of the guards among them, looks like baronet Poton isn't involved this time.
There are about 42 people, but there aren't anyone who has magic skills, they're only warrior or thief types. Since their levels are only ranging from 2-7, even excluding me, they aren't matches against my companions.

The foreign noble is staying in the baronet's mansion without moving. I can guess why since the alchemists in this city are low leveled, as he's only at 30% of his max health, and his bone fractures are terrible, he won't be able to move even if he wants to.

At the bar in front of me, there are the one-armed magic hunter boy, Kon, the four magic hunter women who were with him before, and also eight magic hunter beastkins. This beastkin called Ord, and his friends are strong even among magic hunters as their levels are around 7-9. The other hunters here are level 2-7, not much differences than the magic hunters on the vacant lot.

"Ord and the others, please stop drinking and make nee-san and her friends stop."
"Isn't it alright, let them go."
"Wa, Ord!"

Apparently, the beastkins are neutral, and won't help the Kon boy.

"If you don't move away soon, I'll hit you with my fist."
"Please, nee-san."
"Kena, not gonna stop you though."
"What's this Ord, it's not like you to give advice to other magic hunters."
"This isn't an advice, but a warning. We're on the side of the noble at the inn. He's the benefactor of sis boss, and we've been requested to protect the inn noble by the assembly of the beastmen."

Hoo? Is it a thank for curing their burns? I don't know who is this sis boss, but she's probably one of the people who have been cured from the burn.
If I didn't hear this conversation, they might become victims of my remote magic along with the magic hunters employed by the foreign noble.

Now then, I can't keep listening to them secretly forever can I.

"You serious? Ord, I know you guys are strong, but the opponents aren't just the twenties something magic hunters. There are also more than 50 guards right?"
"Don't worry about that. The guards won't come out."
"Who told you that? Your mother? Stay out of this!"

I cut into the conversation between the big rabbitkin man with one eye (Ord), and the leader of the women (Kena). Kena sharply spoke as if spitting out without turning around to me. Did she mistake me for some magic hunter?

"I've stopped baronet Poton with the connection from the duchy capital. He won't let out the soldiers unless he's an unparalleled idiot who's all about ruins."

When I was talking, Kena and her companions turned around after noticing Ord's eye signal. The woman companions of Kena stands up and put their hands on the grips of their swords when they see me who's armed with a sword.
I introduce myself while waving to Kon boy who's being trampled by Kena's foot.

"Heya, nice to meet you. I am Chevalier Satou Pendragon."

I calmly look around the bar while introducing myself, and confirm the consistency of the information from the map.

"I didn't intend to eavesdrop, but I've heard your talk. You're--miss Kena right? Hopefully, you guys can accompany me in a drinking bout in this bar today."
"Drinking bout? Are you trying to coax us to become your friends?"
"I'm not. I've come here to gather the latest information about the mountain range beyond the farthest village."
"Hah, if you've heard our talk, then you should know the situation you're in right? Isn't it better for you to quickly move out of the inn to escape? If you ask Ord over there, he'll open the gate at least."

Oh, this is unexpected. I didn't think that she would give me advices. She was only tempted by the silver coins reward, she doesn't seem like a bad person. Then maybe I should ask them to help smash the path of retreat of that arsonist noble.

"I have something to discuss, is it alright?"

The attack on the inn starts way past midnight.
I ask Pochi and Tama who have quickly noticed it to wake everyone up, and I stop doing handicraft that I've done to kill time.

Since everyone have taken naps with armors worn, the battle preparation is quickly completed. Since we're pretending to be sleeping, there is no light. I peep through the window on the third floor, there are three separate suspicious groups coming from the street. Kena and the others have successfully slipped in behind one of the group.

I asked the women to arrest the retainers of the foreign noble, or stop them from escaping.
They're caught red-handed attacking a noble of Shiga kingdom at night. It's unfortunate that the person himself isn't present, but he probably won't be able to escape getting deported outside the kingdom if I just pull some connections.

"Bows, three people~?" "There's also one on the shadow of the roof there, so it's four nanodesu."

Pochi and Tama who were watching outside found the archers. I shoot through the shoulders of the two, who have murders on their punishment (status), with a single shot from the crossbow. In addition, I use [Remote Stun] to make the other four fall unconscious. Since there wasn't anyone beside the archers, they probably don't know that they're being ambushed.
I also use [Remote Stun] to neutralize the other people who seem to be thieves approaching nimbly from the roof. It was troublesome to match the timing as to not make them suffer serious injury from the falls.

"Then, shall we go."

Leaving Mia, and Arisa, the magicians, and Lulu who's holding the magic gun on the top floor, I bring the vanguards downstairs.
When we've arrived on the first floor, the guards of the inn who have finally noticed the unusual situation are furiously knocking the door to tell the state of emergency.
They looked surprised when they see us coming out fully armed, but I forcibly made them to go to the main building of the inn to protect it.

When the masses have encircled the inn, one of the retainers of the foreign noble step forward and begins his speech, or rather, proclaiming death sentences. Looks like these retainers are lower nobles.
However, doing speech here like this. What was the point of approaching here without light then.

"Upstart who has foolishly taken the side of the cursed white tigers!"

Is this guy a genuine idiot?

"Your sin is supporting the filthy beastkins!"

You shouldn't discriminate people by race.

"Your sin is injuring our great master, Dasles-sama!"

It's like speaking in unison during demonstration.
I thought that they shouldn't have said his name, but they may be thinking that they're not doing anything bad.

"Your sin is--"

I wonder if it's bad if I don't hear it until the end.
From what I can infer from the retainers' talk, it seems that even though marquis Dasles had taken the white tiger princess party, who were running from the weaselkin chase, under his care, they suddenly massacred the family of the marquis, stole his money and treasures, burned the houses of the citizens, and massacred the people. In addition, the late king who was visiting the mansion at that time was also killed too.

I'd like to say that then it can't be helped that he harbors grudges, but it's too unnatural. Killing your protectors bears nothing but disadvantages, and there's even more no reason for them for burning and killing the people.
Instead, it's easier to understand if you presume that the weaselkin who would be in trouble if the late king helped humans and tigerkin to join hands, so they laid the blame to the white tigerkin princess and her cohorts.

Well, regardless of the situation, they still have to be dealt, so the details don't matter.
I open the gate on the courtyard from the inside, and come out before them.

"Aren't you satisfied yet? Your speech is too long, the outlaws around you would grow tired y'know?"
"You're making a fool of yourself. I'll make you regret for deliberately appearing from the other side of the wall. Do it! Slaughter this guy!"

The man who was having a speech comfortably gives the order while his face is reddening in anger. The outlaws around reply that by taking out their weapons. They sure are excited~
Kena and her friends slip beside the two retainers of the foreign noble who are behind the mass. Those two have higher rank than the one who was giving speech.

"You DTs, declaring that I will be your opponent."
<TLN: DT=Doutei=virgin guy.>

Nana provocated the outlaws who were attacking, and then jumped out.
There's no sense in that right? Yet, several people are facing Nana, so it might be effective.

Pochi and Tama activate [Shell] on their magic swords, and mow the outlaws down like we're in a gag manga.
Nana who puts on physical reinforcement pushes several people with her large shield, and repulses the magic hunter who has a great axe with her [Shell]-activated magic sword, she's quite reliable.

And, Liza pierces the shoulder of the retainer who was giving speech earlier with her spear while leaving red afterglow.

Red afterglow?

Wait, Liza?
When I look at Liza's condition while feeling uneasy, she's just put too much fighting spirit into it. She didn't really activate magic edge, so the retainer didn't die.

Thanks to that injury, the other outlaws have also begin to run away as if it's an effect of the punishment.

"O, oy, isn't that a magic spear."
"Those three are also magic sword users."
"Oy, oy, I didn't sign up for this. Like I'd fight those guys even though I'm not a knight."

A lot of the outlaws turn their back and flee.
I'm fine with leaving anyone but ones with serious crimes, but they've been neutralized after Mia shot [Mustard Bomb], and Tama threw stones toward them who had stopped while coughing violently.

I knock out the two retainers whom Kena has caught with the fairy sword while in its scabbard and have them arrested. Kon who's sprawling on his feet doesn't seem have any serious injury too.

By the way, the outlaws on the opposite side of the inn have been arrested by Ord and the others with cover fires from Arisa and Lulu.

"S, sir Pendragon! What is this uproar so late at night."

I've come to the mansion of baronet Poton while bringing along the outlaws who have been tied together with the retainers of the foreign noble. The first speech of the baronet when he saw us was that. Apparently, the uproar this time doesn't have anything to do with the baronet. However, let's follow Arisa's advice, and act as if the baronet involvement has been decided to make him run toward his own self-protection.

"You said that as if you weren't involved yourself. The retainers of that Dasles had brought these many outlaws to attack the inn where was staying."

Ah, I really can't get used to this noble-like speech.

"Wa, it doesn't have anything to do with me. I'm unrelated."

Alright, I only have to make him arrest the foreign noble and take him to the duchy capital, and it'll be a mission complete.
However, the situation advances outside my expectation.

"So you've even harmed our retainers, you pawns of tigerkins! It can't be helped like this, I'll take care of you with my own hands!."

Dasles comes out while shaking and supporting himself with a cane. Since his coat is only hanging on his shoulders, I can see many bandages covering the upper half of his body. The fool started to chant fire magic, so I threw the nut that I had prepared beforehand on his head.
When Dasles kneels on the ground, the guards who finally react, pin the guy to the ground.

"Baronet Poton. Just now, Dasles had tried to shoot fire bolt toward me with clear intention to kill. Moreover, you were beside him. As a governor, you have to give your judgment."
"S, someone with low rank like me cannot give death penalty. First, we have to transport him to the duchy capital, drag him to the royal capital from there, and entrust the judgment to the king."

Oh, he can't be punished at the duchy capital huh.
Since he could meet the white tigerkins if he goes to the royal capital, I'd like for him to be prisoned at the duchy capital. Well, whatever.

"You've heard him. Guards! Arrest that criminal quickly. The ring on his right hand is a tool for invocation. Don't forget to take it off."

You can actually invoke magic without invocation tool, but the power of the magic and accuracy considerably fall.
Moreover, there's a tool for rogue magician in the baronet mansion, Dasles is tied with something called [Chain of Magic Seal]. If he tries to chant spell, the mana will flows to the chain of magic seal and get dispersed, although it cannot always prevent it.

They put Dasles who's struggling while being tied with the chain of magic seal to the underground dungeon.

It's case closed with this huh.
I can just leave the treatment of baronet Poton to marquis Lloyd at the duchy capital.

Now then, I guess I'll go back to the inn and take a nap.

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