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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 9-4

9-4. At the Town of Magic Hunters (3)


Satou's here. False accusation is never missing in any society, but in a world that has social positions, they can unreasonably accuse you of crimes. In Japan, you can entrust it to the court and your lawyer, but in another world, being passive seems to be fatal.

Two guards dismount their horses and come toward us.

"Oy, come with us to the station."
"That person is still a noble even though he's like that. Come obediently. I'll let you try to appeal for your life at least."

Oy oy, you're going to treat someone who threw a fruit to another one, who was trying to do something that was like firing a gun, or rather an explosion inside the town, like a death row criminal. It looks like I'll have some bad time if I follow them obediently.

I take out the silver ID from my chest, and show it to the guards.

"T, this is, so you were a noble-sama! Just, how long have you been here."
"About several hours ago. Rather than that, I've never seen that noble even in the duchy capital, where is he from? I don't think even any honorary noble of Shiga kingdom will try to use magic attack in the middle of a town."

What a thing to say even if I do say so myself. For now, I'll warn them while speaking bossily. Putting honorary thing aside, he's pretty bad of a person for trying to use magic to burn citizens in a town.

I drive it further toward the guards who are hesitating to say anything.

"Is baronet Poton aware of this behavior? Depending on the situation, I may need to inform duke-sama and marquis Lloyd of this."

The guards are averting their gazes from me.
This must mean that the baronet is an accomplice, or rather he's authorized the acts.

I have a reason for cornering the guards here.
The baronet in question is coming here followed by several bodyguards. If I had let myself caught, I would need to physically suppress them and made the talk complicated.

"Oy, guards! That's the criminal who raised his hands against marquis Dasles. Arrest him quick."

The baronet who's just arrived orders the guards arrogantly, he's a plump 40s years old man who looks like an underling. He becomes disturbed and avoids my eyes when he just looks at me who's folding my arms calmly.

"Marquis Dasles? There shouldn't be a noble like that in our kingdom. A person who should have been protecting the town couldn't possibly not only overlook the atrocities of a foreign noble, but even aid him could he?"

I calmly approach the baronet who's closing and opening his mouth. Since I'm empty handed, the guards aren't doing anything.

I take out a letter from my bag and give it to the baronet. It's something that marquis Lloyd has written when I told him that I was going to Puta town.

Baronet Poton drops his line of view towards the letter while looking doubtful, but when he sees the sealing wax that's pressed with marquis Lloyd's house crest, his face becomes cramped. He opens the letter timidly, and reads it, then his face turns blue and he's fainted just like that.

There shouldn't be anything significant written in this letter, at most there's probably an instruction to accommodate me while I'm in this town. However, the fact that I'm an acquaintance of marquis Lloyd, and a close one at that, is probably conveyed with this letter. If I report his deeds here to marquis Lloyd, at best he's going to be stripped off his duty, although he probably won't be executed, but his peerage might be passed down to his child and be forced to retire.

Truly a fox that borrows the authority of a tiger!
<TLN: Japanese idiom, means "a small man who's acting arrogantly through borrowed authority.>
I didn't think that I would get to use my connection like this.

"I'll stop by at the baronet Poton's mansion tomorrow. I expect you to give the proper judgment to this Dasles person before then."

I tell it to the guards around in place of the fainted baronet. These people should be the kinds who will try to save their own necks, so they will probably deal with the troublesome stupid noble. A fire magician he is, it'd be a different story if he was healthy, but now that he's half-dead, they should be able to easily restrain him.

For some reason, applauses break out from the surrounding, it's very embarrassing.

Do your best today too Poker Face skill.

>Title [The Official who Protects the People] Acquired
>Title [Condemner] Acquired

After the uproar, I decide to go to the firm to collect some information.

Unfortunately, the firm doesn't have any important info. At most it's only information about the road that goes to the mountain range where Bornean is. The road seem to have been used until 200 years ago when the wyverns and beast monsters have began to inhabit the mountain range.
Even for now, the farthest village 10 kilometers from here have been engulfed by the forest, or rather the grasses.

Even if that's true, I can just cut grass with wind magic and fix the soil with earth magic I guess.

When Pochi, Tama and I have arrived at the inn, the smell of something good is drifting.

"Ha ra ha ra♪" "Ha ra he ri~♪"

The two are singing the songs for when they're hungry while buzzing their arm that are connected with mine. They spontaneously create these hunger songs according to their feeling at the time, so even I don't know how many are the types.
<TLN: "Hara hetta" is a Japanese slank for "I'm hungry.">

"We're back."
"Welcome back~ Ah, good. The innkeeper's told that the meal will be ready soon~"
"Master, they say that they can bring the food here, but they recommend us to eat at the dining room since the guests are sparse today."
"Did you ask whether it was fine for non-humans?"
"But of course. It's okay he said."

A, arisa. Wasn't that phrase old even for Showa.
I pull myself together, and give the melons to Mia as her souvenirs.

"Then, let's might as well go to the dining room."

Looks like the ordered tomatoes have arrived from the harbor earlier, they've been put in the basket on the table. The five seedlings that I've requested, complete with the soils, are lined on the table. With this, I can secure tomatoes even after we've arrived at the labyrinth city. This will be pointless if they sell tomatoes normally there, but if that happens, I can just cultivate it in Muno city then.

The cooking are a simple whole roast.
Looks like you eat it by scraping the meat, dip them in the white sauce put on the bowl, and eat it after you roll them with red-leaf lettuce-like vegetable. There are also other plates with steamed vegetables and pilaf lavished with plenty of vegetables for Mia.

Looks like the white sauce is mayonnaise. I didn't spread the mayonnaise since it'd have increased people who would become fat at the duchy capital, but it exists normally huh. Since I didn't see it at the duchy capital, I wonder if it's a local specialty of this town.

However, this is--

"Roasted deer meat with vegetables yummy."
"Mayo mayo~"
"Mayo nanodesu!"
"Mayonnaise is delicious indeed, but I think it's good if you eat it without adding anything first."
"Ara? It's delicious but, this mayonnaise is."

Lulu who's about to eat the roasted deer meat rolled in vegetable dipped in the mayonnaise looks around as if confirming something. Yes, the mayonnaise here is very heavy. I don't know if it's because the type of the fat is different, or if the it's due to the composition, but it feels like I'll get a heartburn if we eat too much of it.

While poking the cheek of Mia that's pouting as she's eating her pilaf in silence, I warn everyone not to eat too much mayonnaise.

"Noble-sama, does this white sauce not match your taste?"
"No, it's very delicious. Did the innkeeper make this white sauce?"

The innkeeper who had seen the situation called me out.
However, an intruder came before he could reply. The single-armed boy from earlier enters the inn while swinging his left arm.

"Kuuh, what a nice smell. Noble-sama, thanks for before. These are the two copper coins I've borrowed. It was really helpful."

I receive the two copper coins he's presenting. There probably was some quarrel when he was getting his rewards. The edge of his mouth is cut, and there's a bruise on his right cheek.

"Occhan, get me the same thing as that noble-sama's, I'll pay the bill."
"That's impossible, there's no ingredients left."
"No way~"
"You wouldn't be able to pay it even if there was any. I'll make some grilled fish with white sauce set, our specialty."
"Okay, that's alright."

The grilled fish with white sauce here is two copper coins. Is it fine, spending so recklessly like this.

"If you spend so much, won't you become unable to enter the town again?"
"That's a talk for that time. I don't know when I will die, so I'm gonna eat delicious things when I can."

Is it philosophical, or is he just not thinking the consequence.
I'm a bit worried with the three beastkin girls who are nodding to it.

"Oh right, you were talking about the white sauce. A magic hunter man with one arm who came here three months ago taught me about it. He was shrewd, unlike this Kon kid here even though they're both one-armed. Even though the price for this white sauce was quite exorbitant, I've had my money worth."
"Hey, don't liken me to that man with bad look on his face"
"Did you hear the name of that man?"
"Yeah, he said he was John Smith."

John Smith you say.
I asked about his characteristic, but the innkeeper only remembered that his face was chiseled, and he had black hair, and no left arm. I somehow assume that he's the third summoned person from Menea's kingdom.

"He disappeared from the town before anyone knew it."
"Maybe he was killed by monsters since he was a magic hunter."
"That man didn't seem like he would die so easily though."

The boy eat the fish set meal with his left arm skillfully.
He occasionally secretly looks at the whole roast of the deer meat enviously, then devours the fish set meal, so I put some deer meat on a small plate, and give it to him. It should be fine with this much.

Nana who has finished her meal earlier examines the entrance, and suddenly stands up.

Nana reinforces her physical strength while concealing her body, then moves so fast, your eyes can't caught her, to the entrance. Nana comes back with a big smile on her face while holding two ratkin children on both her arms. The children are struggling desperately to escape, but they're no match for the physically reinforced Nana.

"Master, I have safeguarded young organisms. Requesting permission to feed them."

What, feed them you say.
The three beastkin girls look like they've finished eating, and there are still a lot of the deer meat remaining anyway, so it should be alright. When I give the permission, Nana feeds the deer meat to the ratkin children while looking really happy. At first, the ratkin children were surprised themselves, but when they understood that they could eat, they began to eat like gulping down. After that, various things happened like Pochi who stuffed her throat after sensing the impending crisis, or Liza who preached the ratkin children as if she was going to eat them, but the dinner ended with a lively and fun atmosphere.

There are three people who will be guarding the separate building. They're quite unreliable since they don't have see-through skills on top of being level 5. Since the presences of these guards act as impediment for the thieves, it might be fine just like this.

Even though we're in an inn, I decide to have three rotations of night watches just like it's always been during the night camp.
I think I'm being too vigilant, but there's no one who restrains the subordinates of that stupid noble, so they might come attacking after all.

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