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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku Chapter 8 SS 3

SS: Pochi and Scary Thing


"Pochi, would you like to hear a nice story?"
"That face is a bad face nanodesu. Arisa is going to trick Pochi nodesu."
"No~way, I won't do such thing you know?"

Arisa talked about some great thing nodesu.
I can say goodbye to the fish life with this nodesu.

"Master! It's terrible nanodesu."
"What's wrong?"
"Um, um, yes, Pochi is scared of meat nodesu."
"Hee, that's terrible."
"What if you're shown grilled meat?"
"I'd be so scared, I'd collapse nano desu."

I cover my face with my hands, and do my utmost best to do 'I'm scared' appeal, just like Arisa's told me nodesu.

"Then, what if you're shown steak?"
"I will scream and faint nodesu."

This time I put my arms on my head and squat down.

"I see~, it's terrible for Pochi huh."
"Yes nanodesu, it's terrible nanodesu."

Master is laughing just like Arisa's said.
There are going to be a lot of meat tonight nanodesu!

I mean, I can whiff the nice burning smell of the meat nodesu~♪
I'm excited with the anticipation of the dinner nano desu!

"It's tasty, master."

Huh? Huh? Wait a minute nano desu.
It's strange desuyo?

Even though there are steak on everyone's plate when I look around, on Pochi's plate it's.

"Why is it a grilled fish nanodesu?"
"Pochi's said that meat are scary, so I make it a fish for you. You should have said it sooner."

Master is smiling while laughing. I feel slightly happy, but that's not it. When I was being flustered while holding the plate, Arisa called out with a bad smile on her face nodesu.

"What's wrong Pochi? Fish are also delicious you know?"

A, Arisa, you've tricked me after all nodesu.

"Alright, since Pochi might be scared of tea too, here's the water."

Master passes a cup of water while giggling. Earlier, I've already said the punchline that Arisa taught me nodesu.

I have neither dream or ingenuity nodesu.

When I was staring at fish-san while slumping, Lulu traded the plate with the one with steak.

"Mou, master, and also Arisa are playing around too much with Pochi-chan since she's cute."
"Sorry, Lulu, it just happened."

Meat, meat nanodesu!
When I look around while surprised, everyone nods nodesu.

"Master, is it alright to eat them?"
"It's alright, eat a lot."

This time, I tell master normally that, "I want to eat meat nodesu."
And also, Lulu, thank you nanodesu.

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