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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-34

16-34. Garleon Union (10)


Satou here. It's quite hard to produce results that can make the client 100% satisfied. That is because, oftentimes, what the client said is not everything there is to it to their demand; their true demand lies implied beyond their words.

"Admiral Pendragon, look at that!"

The navigator called for my attention with a desperate look on his face.
Right when the tide had almost completely turned to our favor at the coastal waters of Garleok City, a gigantic ghost ship charged forward alone toward our ship, the fleet's flagship.

"It has the Skeleton Archduke flag on it!"

This seems to be a ploy by the Skeleton Archduke.

"I am Heaven Dweller, I know no defeat!"

The gigantic ghost ship opened its bow like a shark and then several ships flew out of it.
Those ships look familiar.

"--Pirate ships?"
"Admiral, those are the pirate ships we fought with!"
"There are some Union's escort's ships too!"

It's just as the first mate and officers said, the ships that came out of the gigantic ghost ship's mouth belonged to the pirate fleet and the escort fleet.
The fake Skeleton Archduke young man is on board of the leading pirate ship.

"What sinister looks..."

And those ships have all been turned into ghost ships.
The fake Skeleton Archduke seems to be muttering grudges with hollow eyes.

"This is the power of Skeleton Archduke...."

Voices filled with fear leak out of the flagship crew.
This could get a bit bad if it kept up.


Lady Karina who has accomplished her duty on the front lines unleashed a flashy diving kick from the sky toward the pirate ghost ships.
Then it pierced through not one, not two but three ships all at once.
Really, this scene looks similar to one from a classic masterpiece anime.

Eventually, Lady Karina sunk into the ocean while leaving a huge water column behind.

Looks like she did the kick without thinking what to do at the end.
That really is like Lady Karina.

"Oh no nanodesu! Karina is drowning nodesuyo!"

The two who were done with their propaganda work showed their face from my shadow as they gazed at the water column Lady Karina created.

"Sorry, but could you help collect Karina-sama for me?"
"Pochi will go to nodesu!"

As my [Magic Hand] can't reach that far, I ask Tama and Pochi to deal with the rescue.

"Kicking Princess went and did it!"

Lady Karina's reckless abandon quickly raised the flagship crew morale.

『Yea, please do.』

I gave my approval to Mia's suggestion.
Now that the morale is high, let's cull out the majority of the pirate ghost ships with Garuda's finishing move.

It may not conform with God Garleon's order, but faith and prayers to God Garleon should have increased enough after this much, and most importantly, we'd be heading straight to a battle with underwater undeads if this continued on.


The golden feathers of Garuda fly around as they cut up the pirate ghost fleet everywhere.
That's what I call a big haul.

"--Hostile on starboard!"

The navigator suddenly shouted.

Looks like the gigantic Ghost Ship is trying to forcefully push its way through Tempest and ram us.

『I won't let you!』

A golem ship controlled by Princess Sistina got in the way of the gigantic Ghost Ship, but due to the huge difference in mass, the golem ship got hit on the side by the gigantic ramming horn and sunk.
Though, thanks to that, our ship narrowly avoided the ramming horn and managed to avoid getting sunk despite the intense sparks produced from the colliding ship's flank.

"You lots, attack!"

Ghost sailors with scimitars in their hands are surging onto the flagship (ours).

"Filthy undeads! Extolled at Garleon Temple, I--"

The Temple Knight Commander gleefully intercepted them while naming himself.
Since this seems to be the final clash, I also draw my Fairy Blade and intercept the undead next to the Temple Knight Commander.

"You must be the 『Golden Wheel』 master!"

Skeleton Archduke carrying a bluish black adamantite rapier let out a thrust toward the Temple Knight Commander.
Looks like he mistook the Commander for me.

"You must be the ringleader!"

Temple Knight Commander's mithril sword clad in Magic Edge blocked a black string-like thing.

That black string comes from the Skeleton Archduke's shadow.
Since the Archduke doesn't seem to be a reincarnated person, he must have used a Shadow Veil lurking in his shadow.

I observe their fight while kicking and slashing the incoming Bone Knights with my Fairy Sword.


Skeleton Archduke's rapier went for the kinks in commander's armor faster than the commander could back step.
However, that rapier was blocked by a protective film created by holy magic that Knight Commander used.

"Hmph, holy magic huh!"

The Skeleton Archduke groaned, and then a crowd of beast-like Ghoul appeared behind him, and came rushing down the Temple Knight Commander.

"You damn coward!"
"Ridiculous! I'm merely punishing a lowborn, knightly etiquette have no place here!"

Skeleton Archduke laughed off the commander's protest.

Well then, that means it's fine for me to intervene too.

"Let me help."

I flashed the Fairy Sword and turned the Ghouls back into corpses one after another.

"Gununu, are you a knight serving the 『Golden Wheel』 master!"
"No, I'm that master in the flesh."

I take out the [Golden Wheel] from my bosom and let the Skeleton Archduke take a peek on it.


Skeleton Archduke is lunging at me along with a suspicious looking black aura.

I exchanged swords with Skeleton Archduke while jumping around left and right decks of the gigantic ghost ship and the flagship, scattering red and black sparks all the while.
After a few hundreds clashes, Skeleton Archduke stopped and opened his mouth while striking a weird pose.

"You measly aboriginal mongrel, how dare you fight on par with this strongest swordsman of Lalakie with a sword!"
"Don't think my birthplace has anything to do with my skills with swords though."
"Silence! Die by my sword, lowborn!"

Skeleton Archduke is enraged while moving suspiciously.

"--Phantom Rampage!"

He unleashed a buckshot like multi-stab attack clad in dark red aura.
Looks like his queer pose earlier was the initial move of his finisher.

With the fairy sword in hand, I duteously parry all the stabs of what seems to be the Skeleton Archduke's finisher.
Man, the sparks are dazzling.

This should be a good time to lower the veil of this battle.

"This cannot be! A savage's bastard sword parrying my blade, me a Heaven Dweller?!"

Well, I think even Liza and Tama could do it.


--It's a checkmate.

I sheathe my sword back after one final slash.

"Why are you sheathing your sword? Have you realized that you're no match for me?"

Skeleton Archduke dubiously posed a question as the red light inside his eyes flickered.

"Have you not noticed yet?"

Skeleton Archduke's body begins to crumble into black ash, starting from his fingertips and body surface.
And below his feet, splinters of a broken red magic core--.

"T-this is... I, Heaven Dweller promised with eternal life... dying..."

Skeleton Archduke who was looking down on his body lifted his head as red and black light gushed out of his eyes.


The shouting Skeleton Archduke charged toward me as a jet black aura wrapped his body.
However, his fingers disappeared into black ash before they could touch me.

"I told you, it's a checkmate."

After muttering something that no one would hear, I look around at the surroundings.
Slightly after the demise of Skeleton Archduke, the gigantic ghost ship crumbled and sunk into the ocean.

Several of the surviving pirate ships attempted to flee, but they were sunk one after another by Magic Edge Cannons of unknown affiliations.
I've put a [Golden Wheel]-like magic circle in front of the place where Pochi and Tama are, it should be alright.

--That's right, all in the hope people believe that everything is [God's Miracle].

"All enemies have been destroyed! This is our victory!"

The fleet crew cheered loudly when I declared our victory.
While I'm at it, I blow away a few dark clouds that hung over the battlefield, and let sunlight peek through them to make it look mystical.

Just to be doubly sure, I projected an illusion of the [Golden Wheel] in the sky once again.
I land the ship at Garleok City's port with that illusion as the backdrop, and return the Golem Ships back to the base using the landing water spray as a diversion.

I'll also teleport people whom I've sheltered on a hill visible from Garleon Temple.
Since it's bothersome, guess I'll also make them go with the pirates I captured?

"Glory to God Garleon!"

When we entered the wharf, people who had gathered at the port cheered for God Garleon while I was heading to Garleon Temple with the temple knights as the guard.

Since there were lots of houses that grew flowers in their garden and balcony, we were showered with flower petals until we reached the temple.
Makes me kinda feel like being a hero bridegroom or something.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"Welcome back--God's Trial accomplisher."

When I arrived at Garleon Main Temple, the male miko--Shaman Sauani boy welcomed me.

"Now then, let us report to God."

I don't mind him casually trying to take me to the ceremony room, but I kindly flicked away his hand as he tried to coil it around my waist.
Sauani boy muttered, "you're so cold", but I pretend not to hear it.

Just like with the trial-taking ceremony, I report to God Garleon through Sauani boy.

『--Splendid. I bestow you my mark.』

His line was exactly the same as God Heraruon, but voices mixed with irritation and satisfaction, saying, "Overproduction", "Prayers enough", "Scheme lacking", "Faith enough", "Lack tactical reversal" also reached me at the same time, but since my goal is to clear the [God's Trial] and gather the Marks, there's no particular problem here.

> Title [Garleon's Mark] Acquired.
> Title [One Approved by Garleon] Acquired.
> Title [Garleon Saint] Acquired.
> Title [Garleon Apostle] Acquired.
> Title [Charade] Acquired.
> Title [Overproduction] Acquired.
> Title [Stage Director] Acquired.
> Title [Poor Schemer] Acquired.

Okay, I know that you can't get behind it, but please don't override the Title system just to show your dissatisfaction.

After a short dialogue with God, I return to my consciousness at the temple.
Lights coming down from heavens gather into one and transformed into a gaudy scepter.

I catch it as it slowly falls down.

According to AR readings, it's [Golden Scepter Garleauph], a kind of [Divine Treasures].
Just like [Golden Dagger Heraruseph] I got from God Heraruon that was adorned with a small Sun Stone on the grip, this scepter has a blue gem--Sea God Stone on its tip.

It seems to be a support tool for holy magic.

This would be a good match for Sera, but it's probably a bad idea to let someone who believes in another God to use a Divine Treasure of another God.

"Hee, this is the first time I've seen someone bestowed with a Divine Treasure."

Sauani boy who has come to stares at the scepter in amazement.

"Mind if I touch it?"
"Feel free to."

I offer the scepter to Sauani boy.
He curiously looks at the scepter from all angles.

The other priests and miko(s) around us are prostrating, what a difference.

"Thank you, it's really amazing."

Sauani boy gave back the scepter without a shred of reluctance.
The other priests and miko(s) looking so disappointed makes for an interesting contrast.

"If Garleon Temple wishes to enshrine it, I would love to hand it--"
"Naw, you don't have to. I mean, that's something bestowed to you by God Garleon, and most importantly, we now know that the Main Temple has the blessing of the great god Garleon and the invincible 『Golden Wheel』 divine treasure from this matter."

--I'm sorry, most of it was my own doing.

I feel a slight guilt to see Sauani boy's refreshing face.

The priests and miko(s) look like they really want it, but since none dares to tell me to push back Sauani boy, I put the Scepter into my bosom and straight into my Storage.


An image of him clicking his tongue flashed in my mind for an instant, must be my imagination.

I left Garleon Main Temple, enjoyed a banquet held by Garleok City, and departed Garleon Union.

<TLN: *update*>
"Sa-Satou! There's something between the clouds!"

Some times after we departed Garleok City's airport, Lady Karina found a black flying object in the horizon.
According to the Map info--.

"That seems to be a Saga Empire airship."

Moreover, it's a large warship type.
Think it's the same shape as the airship that Hero Meiko rode to the Weasel Empire.

Furthermore, a different summoned hero is on board of it. <TLN: not clear if there's only one hero or plural.>

"Did they perhaps come to save Garleon Union from crisis?"
"They might be."

I agree with the princess.

Since demons were involved, it won't be weird if heroes are mobilized.
There's probably no way Saga Empire would go on an aggression with the heroes leading.

After observing the situation for a bit, I change the airship course toward our destination.

"Here's your souvenirs."
"Uwaa! That's some fresh looking sea bream and octopus!"
"We have oyster and mussel too here."

Garleok City's octopus and shellfish are superb, I'd love to treat the girls and Echigoya Firm peeps with it.

"Did you buy them from the market?"
"Nah, the sea bream was from the mermaids I saved in the iceberg incident."

They went and brought fresh sea bream on the back of dolphins to Garleok City and all.

"How are you going to cook 'em?"
"Sashimi for the sea bream--but it'd get too repetitive if we keep eating that only, so I think I'll make half into carpaccio. As for the oyster--"
"I want it raw!"

Arisa who fears no stomachache raised her hand and insisted.
Well, even if she gets one, we can just cure her with panacea or elixir, so it's all fine.

"Got it. I'll put some ice on the platter to go along with it. Oh and sorry, we're out of lemon, could you get them for me."

Arisa teleported to the lemon orchard.

"Think we should stay on the safe side and go with paella for the mussel?"
"Yes, I'll give it my all!"

I hand over a basket full of shellfish to Lulu and think up the side menu while muttering, "Wonder what I should make next."

"Pochi is happy with either fish or shellfish like she is with meat nodesu."

Since the meat lovers Tama and Pochi proposed an amendment, I think about meat dish that goes well with paella.
Meal really is the funnest with your friends.

An urgent message came up in such peaceful times.

"Satou-sama! We've got a contact from Zena-san at Seryuu city--"

Looks like something happened to Zena who was visiting her home.

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