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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-37

16-37. [Judicial Nation] Sheriffald 


※Previous Chapter has been slightly altered. For those who don't get what Yukel-kun is talking about here, please have a look.
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Satou here. Trials take time and money, but I think willpower and stamina are what needed most in it. To say nothing of the day you're selected to be a juror...

"Pochi-chan, Tama-chan, come and visit us again okay."
"Aye aye sir~"
"Yes nanodesu."

The children are exchanging farewells in front of the Gate Inn.

"Next time, Pochi will come with Lyuryu nodesuyo. Let's all go on a stroll with Yuni together nodesu."
"Un! I can't wait!"

Pretty sure Yuni-chan hasn't realized that Lyuryu is the white dragon that came by during the divine punishment.
And by stroll, Pochi must mean flying in the sky.

"You too lizard, be well."
"Bear, call me Liza."
"Should I call you Liza-sama, considering you're a noble now?"
"No, Rat. Just call me Liza."
"We cannot possibly call noble-sama without honorifics."

Liza is talking with her old acquaintances, the beastkin slaves.
In half a month, these girls will migrate to a town where the population is mostly of beastkin at Muno Marquisdom. It's a town governed under Liza.

"I'm going with Nana-shama!"
"Me too!"
"...Young organisms."

Nana looks reluctant to part ways with some unfamiliar looking children.

These children seem to be orphans who live in the same orphanage as Yuni-chan's.
Just when did she get along with them.

"Brother-in-law--no, your excellency Pendragon. Please forgive me for my discourtesy last night."

Yukel-kun lowered his head.

"Please raise your head, you have already apologized so much."

I went to visit Zena-san's house this morning, and Yukel-kun kept apologizing for his, "discourtesy at the banquet."
Since I can't even remember what he did, I really am not sure how to deal with his excessive apology.

Apparently, he thought that I was a, "casanova who was just playing around with his elder sister" from what he gathered from the people around him, he was going to ask that when he came to pick me at the Handymen yesterday.
Due to that misunderstanding, and also for the sake of his elder sister, he agreed to Zena-san getting engaged to Earl Seryuu's oldest son, Badowald-dono.

Well, in a nutshell, Yukel-kun is a siscon.

"Boy, take care of Zena-cchi, you hear me."

Miss Lilio, Zena-san's co-worker, talked to me unreservedly.

"Lilio, call his excellency, Earl Pendragon or your excellency."
"That's rite'. Though I guess inept Lilio just can't help it."
"Ruu... That's too much."

The three ladies from Zena Squad is encircling her.
Personally, I'm convinced that these girls are the source of information that gave birth to Yukel-kun's misunderstanding.

"But I'm really worried~ Zena-cchi~"
"Please don't worry about me, Lilio. I'll make sure to come back once in a while too."

Lilio clings to Zena-san, reluctant to part.

"Master, we're ready to depart anytime."
"Thank you Lulu."

We got on board the wagon.

"Zena-tan's parents and other nobles aren't coming to see us off, are they."
"Ah, I already visited them earlier."

I had talked a bit with Zena-san's mother when I visited their house this morning.
She was a calm madam and looked like her daughter.

Zena-san's father had already left this world, however I was able to see his portrait, drawn while he was alive. He was a strict-looking military man that didn't look like Yukel-kun and Zena-san, he gave off this serious air about him.

"Satou-san, this is something from mom!"
"Thank you, Martha-chan. Give my thanks to the landlady too."
"Un! Come again okay."
"Yeah, I'll make sure to."

I handed the lunchbox from Martha-chan to the girls on the wagon, and made a promise to Martha-chan after her farewell hug.

I instructed Lulu to depart the wagon while we waved our hands at the people who were seeing us off.

"Where were we going again now?"

Arisa asked a question right after we passed through Seryuu City's gate.

"The Judicial Nation Sheriffald where God Urion's main temple is located."
"Religious country?"
"Nope, it seems to be a peculiar judicial based country."
"Is the social system similar to ancient Greece, where the government is directly ruled by the people?"
"Apparently, only people who passed the bar examination have the right to cast votes."

I stated the information I had investigated beforehand.

Considering God Urion gives [Eyes of Judgement] gift to their believers, I have a feeling that the trial will be like, "capture all evildoers in the country", or "rehabilitate all criminals."

Would be nice if it's something that can be finished quickly.

"Whoa, everything's white in this country."

The moment we arrived at Judicial Nation Sheriffald, Arisa muttered so while looking around at the surroundings.

This country is located right between Saga Empire and the western countries.
The building color here being predominantly white is probably because of the building materials taken from a nearby mountain.

"This place reminds me of Weasel Empire Parish."

Sera who had come with us muttered.
This time I'm only accompanied by Arisa, Sera and Zena-san.

Princess Sistina declined to go there, saying, "I don't like the people of Judicial Nation Sheriffald."
In addition, since demi-humans are discriminated against here, Liza, Mia and Lulu aren't coming either.
Nana, Pochi, and Tama need to go to school, so they're not here.

"The atmosphere does feel similar. Like with the bland whitish attires the people wear."

Arisa pointed at the people of Judicial Nation Sheriffald who were walking on the street.
They consist of plain-looking white shirts and slacks, but maybe because the practice of ironing clothes is well known here, there's not even a wrinkle on their clothes.
And despite the fairly cold climate, few people wear thick clothing.

Not a lot of these people cracked a smile, they somehow look like Japanese in the commuter rush somehow.

"Something smells nice."
"I wonder what, bakery?"

Arisa reacted to the scent of freshly made bread from beyond the street.
Arisa's eyes wandered toward the scent and stopped at one of the alleys.


There's a big man who's monitoring a building that seems to be a bakery.
According to AR readings, looks like he's an officer of this country. His post seems to be a commanding officer of a 100-man platoon.

I saw a feeble looking beautiful girl working at the counter as people went in and out of the bakery.
Both the girl and the 100-man platoon commander are single, maybe it's like a boyfriend who's watching over his lover working from the shadow?

"Apparently, he's an officer of this country."
"But, still, he must be a stalker right? I mean, he's breathing roughly, and I can't think of any reason why a military officer would be interested in a bakery."

While I was having that conversation with Arisa, men who seemed to be his subordinates came and drag him along with them.

Well, leaving that aside--.

"Zena-san, what's the matter?"
"N-no! I-It's nothing!"

When I called Zena-san who had been silent since awhile ago, she straightened her back in fluster.
Her eyes feel like they're turning round and round.

"T-that! What is that I wonder!"

Zena-san pointed at a nearby park after she looked around at the surroundings.
People are gathering at a wisteria trellis in the center of the park.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"I wonder if it's some kind of event?"

I try to listen carefully.

『The defendant concealed the fact that he was a beastkin, and lazed around during his works all the while deceiving his employer about that fact. This is an unjustified act of stealing wages.』

It seems to be some kind of trial.
I asked Zena-san to use 『Whisper Wind』 magic to let everyone observe the situation.

『T-that's wrong! I was told by my employer to hide my face!』
『Any objection to what the defendant said?』
『Naw, I never did that. This guy had been hiding his face rite' from the start, ya know?』
『Is there anyone who can attest to that?』
『My store's employees and the store regulars can.』

I've got the impressions that the beastkin has been set up by his employer somehow.

『False testimony in a Trial before God is a crime. As a judge who watches over the scale, I declare the defendant crime be raised by one class.』

He was the judge, I thought he was a prosecutor.
Looks like the format of trials in this world differs from my former world.

『P-please wait! I'm not lying!』
『Then do you know anyone who can attest to your testimony?』

The male judge put a stone onto one side of a huge balance scale beside him.

『Well then, as a penalty for the crime of sloth and perjury, you have to return 80% of your wages back to your employer. And for the Trial before God's--』
『P-please wait!』
『What is it? Interrupting the judge's decree, have you no shame?』
『I've been working harder than anyone! Crime of sloth can't be right!』
『Do you know anyone who can attest to that?』
『Other folks who worked with me should know it.』
『Can anyone attest to his labor?』

The judge looked back at the employer and men who seemed to be other employees, but no one did anything drastic besides some who awkwardly averted their gazes.

Well, looking at their behaviors, it all but proves the beastkin's innocence.

『It doesn't seem like anyone can attest for you.』

The judge then put another stone, and the scale tilted toward the employer.

『N-no way! I worked the hardest! Those guys lazed around while they made me do their job! I worked for real!』
『It appears that the defendant has a habit of lying.』
『I-I'm not lying!』

Really, what a sickening one-sided trial.

"This is all nothing but a kangaroo court. Master, aren't there magic to go back in time and show the past or something?"
"Magic that can manipulate time doesn't exist, you know."

It'd be easy to prove for him if there were.

"I wonder why they couldn't interrogate him with a Truth Discerner?"

Sera muttered so.

Oh right. I forgot because this looked like a trial, but this world had Truth Discerners who could see through lies in an interrogation.

Looking around at the Map, there's no Truth Discerner at this place.
They seem to be serving under the country, a great majority of them is inside a building called Judicial Bureau, while the several remaining ones are in the Main Temple.
Lots of them seem overworked and with Stamina gauge nearing zero, I'm guessing that they can't afford to send them to trivial trials.

『I shall pass your judgment! The defendant shall reimburse his employer with 200 emir, and pay the same amount to the court for the crime of perjury. In case you cannot pay right here and now, you will be detained as a debt slave.』
『M-my wage wasn't that much! My entire pay is 3 emir!』

The currency of this country, emir is silver coin, thus even converted to Shiga Kingdom's, that's still 40 gold coins.
If you just think about it, that's an abnormal amount for a common worker's wages.

"Could you do something about it?"
"Leave it to me."

I nod to Zena-san and Sera-san, I step forward before these guys.

"Foreigner, you'd do well not to trespass upon a Trial before God."
"Please excuse me. I am Earl Pendragon of Shiga Kingdom."

I silenced the unfair judge with the brand power of a large kingdom and my peerage.

"Allow me to pay the penalty for that beastkin."
"You will?"
"Are you acquainted with this beastkin?"
"What good is in telling you that?"

I try to behave as haughtily as I could.
These types of people tend to be weak with social ranks after all.

『Master, you're not gonna kick them hard in the guts?』

Arisa talked to me through space magic [Telephone].

『Don't worry, I'm still laying the groundwork, hold on a bit okay.』

I wait for the judge's reply after responding to Arisa.

"V-very well."

Since I got his agreement, I paid for the beastkin's penalty.

Of course, the beastkin looks really anxious.
Please endure it for a bit, I'll explain to you later.

I talk to the employer who's counting silver coins while chuckling to himself.
Might as well use this chance to use two mind magic to loosen his wariness.

"The employer over there. Was this beastkin good at his works?"
"Naw, he was useless, always skipped out on works."

He was so engrossed he forgot to use polite speech against a noble.

"Has he been working under you long?"
"Since half a year ago--you have a problem?"
"Nah, it just piqued my interest a bit."

Now that I've got the employer's words, I talk to an employee who seems like a senior.
These employees seem to have been promised shares by the employer, they're focusing on the silver coins he's counting.

"I presume you've been working at his store for a long time."
"Yeah, been there for 10 years."
"Hee, you must be very skilled. Your wages must be quite high too."
"There's no way that stingy manager woulda pay much."
"Was it 20 emir a month?"
"The heck, yer' one digit off. At most I got 6 emir a month--"

The senior employee who got ahead of himself noticed his verbal slip.

"No, wai--"

I called the judge before the senior employee could correct himself.

For some reason, Arisa shouted while striking a pose from a famous trial and tribulation game.
She must have been waiting for this timing, no doubt about it.

"What is it, Earl-sama."
"This guy just confessed to his crime. He's caught red-handed in a fraud."
"--Fraud? Don't be foolish."
"Who do you think you are making fools of earl-sama!"

Arisa shouted at the stunned judge.

I contested to the shrinking judge, that if a diligent long serving worker only got paid 6 emir a month, there is no way that a lazy beastkin who had only worked for half a year got more than six times that amount at 40 emir.

As it was right after a careless remark by him, the judge readily accepted my point.

"Since he tried to fraud Earl-sama, he'd be punished into becoming a crime slave, wouldn't he?"
"P-please wait, judge!"

Toward the still vainly struggling employer, I whispered, "if you still have a problem, would you like to bring this case to the Truth Discerner at the capital?"
Additionally, it appears that the other employees have to pay for penalty for the crime of perjury, but since they're only reaping what they sow, I'm not going to defend them.

"N-noble-sama, thank you very much."
"Don't mind it, it was just a whim of mine."

I hand over the money, that the judge gave me, to the beastkin.

This is different from the money I paid out earlier.
I'm told that 20% of the lawsuit sum had to be deposited before the trial, and I got 40 emir out of that deposit as a consolation.

I handed over all of it to him.
It's higher than what he originally would have got, but I think the amount is just right to compensate for the trouble.

We parted ways with the ape beastkin who was bowing repeatedly, and got back to our city tour.

"This was a local specialty wasn't it."
"But it does taste better than Gabo fruit."

We entered the first diner we saw because we were starving, but the cuisine left a lot to be desired.
Zena-san was the only one who continued to eat even while smiling wryly, Arisa and Sera quickly threw in the towel.

"Even forgetting the dry texture, the sour aftertaste was just too much."
"This seems to be called Sheriffa Potato."

I conveyed the info from AR reading to the wincing Arisa.
According to the Map, there's lots of gallete-like cuisines made from Sheriffa Potato and flour made from it.

"Hello, I'm here for your delivery."

A familiar looking beautiful girl entered the door.

"Oh my? This aroma is--"

I remember this aroma.
It's the bakery girl whom Arisa claimed to have a stalker.

"Oh you're late, I was waiting for you."
"I'm sorry, landlady-san."
"Is anything wrong? You're not looking well, you know."
"It's nothing. I just couldn't sleep well lately..."

The feeble-looking girl nodded at the worried landlady and went toward her next stop.
I ended up imagining things thanks to Arisa and her stalker stuff.

"Customers, we've got some freshly baked bread here, want some?"
"We do, we do!"

Arisa swiftly jumped on the landlady's offer.
It might not be as good as Lulu-made bread, but it was so good, Sheriffa Potato dish had nothing against it.
I took this chance to ask for the landlady's permission and got some jam and butter out for the bread.

"Still, this country sure loves its trials."

Arisa grumbled while relishing on the bread.
Most of the parks we happened to see on our way here had ongoing trials under the blue sky.

"But I'm glad that they were all ordinary trials, besides that one time."

Zena-san muttered so while drinking the palate cleanser tea.

"What's this, are you guys here to attend the Trial of Scale at the capital's Judicial Bureau too?"

The landlady who seemed like she had nothing to do call out to us.

"-Trial of Scale?"

Come to think of it, the tour guidebook did mention that [Judicial Nation] Sheriffald had a peculiar trial.

"Yeap. It's a trial that makes use of God Urion's sacred treasure 『Golden Scale』 Ulrirab."

I see, the golden series this time is a scale huh.

"Libra, which means it's the old man... But the younger version and the genderbent version might be available too right now."

Arisa's inner voice leaked out in low voice.
I know the reference, but control yourself a bit.

"How does it work?"
"It can see through sins that a Truth Discener's 『Fathom』 and the gift 『Eye of Judgment』 can't recognize."

The landlady folded her arms like she was done with the explanation.

"That sounds amazing."

I made some random agreeable response.

I don't really get it but it must be some kind of complicated trial when [Fathom] can't be used to tell lies, and [Eye of Judgment] can't distinguish wrongdoings.
I should ask the details when we visit Urion Main Temple.

"Yea, it really is! But that's also exactly why the waiting time is so long..."

According to the landlady, even nobles have to wait for three months, while commoners three years.

"So if you want to have a trial quickly, you should go to the capital Judicial Bureau and ask Saga Empire hero-sama to be the judge. Apparently, that Hero Seigi-sama also has the power to distinguish evils, you see."

The successor of Hero Meiko who almost became a cripple at the Weasel Empire huh....

"Aren't you, like, getting a bad feeling about this?"

Arisa, stop setting up that kind of flags please.

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