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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 41

Chapter 41 An Adventure with Kagura-san - Return Arc


Apparently we came out to the other side of the cave.

Afterward, we immediately headed to Gramada.
On the way back, Kagura-san was more proactive in talking about her past and her plan in the future. I'm fine with it since I do want to get closer to Kagura-san, but she sometimes changed the subject halfway through.
It's whenever we're talking about how I feel about Kagura-san. I'm not sure whether this girl is bold, or delicate...

Oh right, as for the sword I got at the end, Lunar Cat, it was handed over to me per the quest description of giving all 『Materials and Soul Stones gotten from monsters』 to me. Since my iron sword is broken now, I gratefully accept it. I still can't draw it out yet though!

Since my status probably went up thanks to the arrivederci at the end, let's have a look at it.

Name: Nobusada Izumi - Age: 15 - Gender: Male - Race: General Human?
Class: Soldier Lv14 - Otherworlder Lv14
State: Healthy
Title: 【True Moss Ball Killer】
HP: 418/418 - MP: 32,958/32,958

Otherworlder Lv14 (up!) - Fighter Lv14 (up!) - Fist Fighter Lv10 - Monk Lv10 - Magician Lv10 - Conjurer Lv10 - Illusionist Lv12 (up!) - Alchemist Lv12 (up!) - Thief Lv 10 - Hunter Lv10 - Beast Tamer Lv10 - Merchant Lv10 - Slave Trader Lv1 - Farmer Lv10 - Househusband Lv10 - Carpenter Lv1 - Mason Lv1

Ethania Common Language - Differing Soul Telepathy Lv2 - Magic Modification Lv2 - Composite Magic Lv2 - Housework Lv5 - Farming Lv3 - Swordsmanship Lv3 - Grappling Lv3 - Two-handed Spear Lv2 - Throwing Lv2 - Body Reinforcement Lv2 - Mana Clad Lv2 - Evasion Lv3 - Parry Lv2 - Intuition Lv1 (new!) - Sacred Magic Lv3 - Dark Magic Lv1 - Gravity Magic Lv1 (new!) - Elemental Magic Aptitude Lv4 - Life Magic - Disguise Lv2 - Alchemy Lv2 - Processing Techniques (Wood - Stone)

【Class Skill】
Provocation - Treasure Hunter - Chakra - Treatment - Hawk Eye

【Unique Skill】
Discerning Magic Eyes Lv4 - Levellit's Blessing (Small)

【Tamed Monster】

Our journey back went smoothly, so I asked Kagura-san to have a spear match with me while we were camping. She taught me the strategy to fight against non-monsters with a spear as it was my first. Since Kagura-san had been active as a mercenary for a long time, she had abundant of experience fighting people. I have a feeling that I was completely being toyed with in our match.

The sun was still high when we arrived at Gramada, lots of people came and went by on the street.
We immediately headed to the Flame Dog inn.
Why not Solomon's Pavilion you ask? I promised to throw a party there ya know. Gotta arrange the room, the party and most importantly, invite the guests of honor.

"Storm-san, we're back. The quest went well, so I'd like to throw a party just like promised, would it be possible?"

"Oh, you're back. Glad to hear that. But we only have one room large enough to hold a party. It should be free tomorrow."

While I was making the arrangement, two girls were rushing toward the Flame Dog. Yup, this scene looks familiar. What's the matter, Mitama, Futsuno-san. They're losing breath too, must have been running all the way here.
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"Ka-Kagura, here you are. Forgive us Kagura. I completely forgot about it. It's already that time rite'? It hit us right in the middle of our quest, we quickly took care of it and rushed here."

"...Huh? Nobu?"

"Heya, you two. What's the hurry?"

"Aah, I'm sorry about it you two. The thing about that is okay now thanks to Nobusa... Milord."

"Ah, milord!? Nobu-kun, just what happened here? Kagura-san is our friend y'know. Depending on the sit', even if it's Nobu-kun..."

"Hey now, Kagura-san. Please stop joking around."

"Fufufu, hold it right there, Futsuno. It is fine as I volunteered to call him that myself. My life was saved so many times by milord in the matter this time. Don't you think it's only natural to fall for such a dependable young man?"


"Muu, I kinda can't agree to it, but cannae' be helped if yer' both in consent."

"...Kagura, unfair."

Mitama looks like she's in bad mood somehow. Geez, Kagura-san played around too much.

"Ah, well you know. You two, do you have plans tomorrow?"

"Hm? Since we just came back and all, we ain't doing anything tomorrow."

"Actually, I haven't sampled the food here even once you see. In addition to celebrate this occasion, I'm thinking of renting the hall here to throw a party, would you two like to come?"

The two's eyes glittered when they heard the word 'party'. The clatter earlier felt like a lie as they pressed on me.

"You sure you want to invite us?"

"...Tasty food. Slurp."

"Yeap, I mean I haven't thanked you two properly yet. I'm gonna bring some dishes myself, so let's go at it with a bang."

I asked Storm-san if it's fine to bring in food, and he gave the OK. However, I'd have to clean after it myself.

"Haa, been awhile since our last party. Think maybe it's a good time to splurge and buy some nice booze."

"C-could I attend too?"

"Of course, Kagura-san had always been included in the members. I also plan to invite several others who have been taking care of me."

Afterward, I prepared some miscellaneous stuff and gave the cash to buy booze to Kagura-san and Futsuno-san.
As for me, I'm heading to Boss-san's place to get the Queen mats processed and turn other materials into money.
I plan to invite Boss-san, Master, Eleanor-san, Sefi-san, and Bell. Let's do it them while cashing in the mats.

First, to Boss-san's smithy.

"Excuse me. Boss-san, you inside?"

"Ou, what's wrong? Any problem with that gauntlet of yers?"

"Nope, I tried using them in the quest I took this time, and they felt nice. I just got my hands on some slightly peculiar material here, so I thought maybe you could make some new things out of it."


"It's this Iron Queen Ant's."

We went inside and I took out Iront Ant Queen in front of Boss-san. First, I took out the Soul Stone and left the rest when Boss-san gave his ok. The Soul Stone was of moderate size and of pretty yellow color.

"This is... It's more flexible than common Iron Ant and yet hard. Should be possible to make even better equipment than what you're using now. But, this is the first time I'm gonna processing this stuff. I've got to do some trials and errors, I'm gonna need more materials and time."

"I'll leave how it's done to Boss-san. Oh and Boss-san can use the leftover materials for yourself. I've been asking so much from Boss-san after all."

"That so, then ya don't need to pay for the processing fee. I should get more than enough from the leftovers. I'm gonna test out various stuff on it, so don't expect it too be ready soon."

"Got it. Oh, on a different note, are you free tomorrow night?"

"Hnr, sorry. I'm itchin' to test this stuff out ya see. Sure gonna take a little while I reckon."

When Boss-san is like that, he just won't budge. I should have invited him first thing first. Well, next time I'm gonna treat him to some booze to show my appreciation.

"I see. Then I'll be counting on your skill Boss-san."

"Ou, look forward to it."

Yup, I'm really looking forward to it. My armor has started to get dents and nicks in the one month I've been using it. Should be the right time to rank up.

Next I went to the temple and invited Bell. 'Delicious food!?', he readily accepted with glittering pupils. He was also drolling like a waterfall though!

And then I returned to the Adventurer Guild. I lined up on a counter with the Receipt Stamp from Kagura-san in hand. Of course, at Eleanor-san's counter!

"Eleanor-san, I'm here to report my return. Here's the Receipt Stamp as a proof of quest completion."

"Yes, a job well done Nobusada-san. Welcome back."

"Eleanor-san, are you free tomorrow night?"

"E-eeeeh!? Y-yes."

"I'd also like to extend my invitation to Master, I plan to invite everyone who has been kind to me in a party I'm hosting."

"I-is that right. As I'll be free then, I'll be sure to come. Let me check with father when I get back."

She gave her consent even though she looked slightly disappointed.

"The party will be at the Flame Dog, please come directly to it. Also, please allow me to take a day off tomorrow, I'm planning to get some foodstuff in the dungeon."

"Understood. I look forward to Nobusada-san's cooking."

"Yes, I'll be sure to meet your expectations."

I parted ways with Eleanor-san, and quickly cashed in the mats.
Here are the stuff I obtained in the journey this time. Complete with their sales result.

Small Yellow Soul Stone (Metal Moss Ball) → 4,500 mani.
Largish Yellow Soul Stone (Iron Ant Queen) → 5,600 mani.
Black Soul Stones x 18 → 1,800 mani.
Goblin mats x8 → 400 mani.
Smallish Medal → No way I'm selling it.
Lunar Cat → Priceless.

Revenue and expenditure over the course of the journey this time
Capital 412, 490 - 640 (for buying foodstuff before departure) + 1,500 (reward from Kagura-san) - 2,000 (alcohol expenses) + 12,300 (cash in result) = 423, 650 mani.

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