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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara--

Even Posing as a Hero is Easy--Why? Cause I'm a God--

Author: Hirou Konpai
Artist: Sameda Koban

One of the countless Gods, Keika Hiko-no-Mikoto failed at gaining believers in Japan.
He got thrown off to another world when he was going back to Heaven in disappointment.

That other world, Alexsild has been mostly seized by the demon king.
Mysteriously, Keika who should have been invisible to other people could be seen normally like a normal human.
And then, a princess knight told him that he could ascend to Godhood if he piled up achievements as a hero.

Keika decided to defeat the demon king and become a God in that world.
By the way, unlike other people, Keika can see the ability values of people.
He can also see Skill Tree.

Why? Cause he's a God.

The travel journal of God Keika as a hero begins--
This work is based on the web novel version

First Volume: Hero's Examination Arc
Chapter 1 It's Another World No Matter How You Look at It
Chapter 2 I Will Grant Your Wish!
Chapter 3 I Will Become a God in this New World!
Chapter 4 Villagers' Welcome
Chapter 5 Change of Determination!
 Chapter 6 Royal Capital and Exam and Tavern Girl 
 Chapter 7 Violence of Words and Cramming for Exam
 Chapter 8 Night Stroll and Exam Countermeasure
 Chapter 9 Cramming for Exam at the Library
 Chapter 10 Celebration for the Exam
Chapter 11 Challenge! Tower of Trial (First Floor - First Part)
 Chapter 12 Challenge! Tower of Trial (First Floor - Later Part)
 Chapter 13 Tower of Trial  Endless Encounter (Second Floor)
Chapter 14 Tower of Trial  Carrying it Once is? (Third Floor First Part) 
Chapter 15 Tower of Trial  Tasteless Enigmatic Riddle (Third Floor Later Part)
 Chapter 16 Tower of Trial Tower of Trial  There are 11 People! (Fourth Floor)
Chapter 17 Tower of Trial  Little Girl's Advent! (Fifth Floor) 
Chapter 18 End and Lapisia's Study
Chapter 19 Preparation for the Fight
Chapter 20 Overwhelming Humiliation at the Tournament
Chapter 21 The Birth of Hero and Blessings
Chapter 22 Where Will We Go? (Intelligence Gathering 1) 
Chapter 23 Slave Trader (Intelligence Gathering 2)
Chapter 24 The Mystery of the 【Emblem of Hero】
Chapter 25  Touching Princess Knight's Nude Body All Over! (Intelligence Gathering 4)
Chapter 26 Audience At Night (Intelligence Gathering 5)
Chapter 27 Angry Celica is Cute too, Likely
Chapter 28 Settling Scores of a God is Somewhat Different! (To that Village)
Chapter 29 Getting Slaves and Preparation Complete
Chapter 30 A Journey Going Downstream (Lapisia's Level Up)
Chapter 31 White Snake Woman and High Speed Rivering
Chapter 32 Negotiation and Saucy Kiss
 Chapter 33 Doruas the Port Town
Chapter 34 Planning and Clothing Purchase
Chapter 35 Plan Begins and a Beat Down!

Volume 1 Cover of the Light Novel version

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