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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 28

Chapter 28 Settling Scores of a God is Somewhat Different! (To that Village)


We arrived at a village located in a plain in the evening.
--The village that had put sleeping medicine in our food, and tried to catch Celica and kill me.
I haven't forgotten the disgrace of being pursued by them.

I perk up my shoulder with my hands on my tachi as I walk.
Celica and Lapisia are walking behind, joining their hands.

A middle aged man said like he was threatening me.
I push the 【Emblem of Hero】 on my neck at the man.
"Any complaints?"
The man's face became pale in an instant, he fell on his backside with trembling legs.
--You shouldn't have attacked us in the first place then.

I went to the village elder's house while glaring at the surroundings.
Celica followed after me while looking worried, Lapisia also did the same while looking around curiously.

The village elder's house is a big two-story mansion.
"Celica and Lapisia, go to the courtyard. Take anything that looks useful in the shed."
"Yes, I understand.... Let's go over there Lapisia-chan."
After seeing off the two going to the courtyard, I went into the mansion without knocking the door.
Walking down the corridor.

A female servant went out to the corridor along the way, her eyes rounded up when she saw me.
"Shut up. See this?"
She screamed 'hiii' when she saw the 【Emblem of Hero】 and pushed her back on the corridor's wall.
I passed right by her.

I entered the nearest room.
I strain my eyes--<<Senrigan>>.
Eyes that see through everything.
My eyes caught various junk.
--I've always wanted to try this house-hunting thing.

I found 【Material - Spider Thread】 and 【Material - Worm's Fang】 inside a drawer in the first room, so I took them.

I found several silver coins in the second room during my search, so I took them.
The other one was a miss.

I went up the stairs to the second floor.
The first room seems to be either a study or a work room. There's a bookshelf with many books and documents.

There's an old man with white hair and white beard. It's the village elder.
He was writing on the desk before turning his face up.

"Yo. Been a while eh."
I greeted and showed him the 【Emblem of Hero】.
The village elder opened his eyes wide in surprises.
"Remember what you tried to do to me? You tried to kill and chased after someone who becomes the hero. I'm checking this place up in case you're an underling of the demon king."
"No, that's.... No way!"
His white beard moved up and down, but he couldn't make a single word.

I ignored the village elder and searched the study.
There wasn't anything useful, but I found a pouch hanging behind a painting.
"Oh. Found gold coins. You sure hoarded a lot. I'll be taking this secret stash cause it's necessary to defeat the demon king."
The village elder trembled like he had gone senile.
Well, on top of attacking the hero, he would be cut down as a demon king's underling if he resisted here.

I put several big gold coins into my pocket and speak to the village elder.
"Oy, village elder. If you value your life, gather all the villagers who attacked me in the courtyard."
"Eh... No...."
"Can't you hear me, make it quick!"
The village elder almost stumbled as he went out of the study.

Afterward, I searched the mansion and found a 【Power Fruit】. It's a small red fruit that looks like a cherry. Of course I'm taking it.
Eating 【Power Fruit】 adds 1-5 strength.
It's better for Celica to eat this than me. Since it'll increase my stats by 100 fold.
I'll give it to her later.

Hmm, still.
The hero's 【Permission to locally procure necessary supplies】 is really a demonic authority.
In exchange of only getting 50 gold coins from the king, I got this authority.

Of course it only lets you snatch things needed to defeat the demon king, you can't snatch things that are essential to someone's livelihood like a blacksmith's hammer or a fisherman's ship.
Even so, all money that exist belongs to me. Secret stash and herbs found during a search belong to me. It's still awful enough.

Under the evening sky.
Villagers have already gathered in the courtyard when I went out. Around 50 men at the center of the courtyard. All of them are pale faced and trembling.
Women and children are peeking with worried looks on their faces from behind the wall and the mansion.
There's around 100 people in total.

I hold up the 【Emblem of Hero】 in front of the villagers.
"Remember my face? You were trying to kill the hero. You guys are suspected to be demon king's underlings."
"N-no, that's", "It's a mistake...."
The men objected hesitantly.

I scowl and shout.
"Shut up! As a hero, I say so! Or are you saying that it's fine for you to attack me as I was not yet a hero at that time!? Celica might be a Sinner. But I hadn't done anything wrong. The fact that you guys attacked an innocent traveler doesn't change! It's a devilish deed!"
All the men looked like they were about to cry.
There were some who put their hands together asking for mercy.

"I can throw you all into jails or execute you right now--"
"Hii", "Help meee", "I'll do anything!"
The men apologized unanimously. Half of them cried.

And then Celica approached me with swaying blond hair.
She pulled my sleeve while looking sad.
"Keika-sama.... I've heard what happened. I think there are some parts that cannot be helped. Please shower your mercy to these people."
Even though she was the one who got attacked.... I'm impressed by Celica's kindness.
Besides, I'm not doing this to kill the villagers.

I think threatening them this much should be enough.
"First, every one of you kneel on the ground and apologize."
All 50 men kneeled at once, hitting their heads on the ground, raising cloud of dust.
"We deeply apologize Hero-sama!" "Please forgive us Hero-sama!"
All of them repeatedly apologized desperately. Trying to show their sincerity while putting their heads on the ground.
The women and children who were watching also kneeled on the ground while apologizing.
"Please forgive my husband, Hero-sama!" "I'm sorry", "Forgive my dad!"
Making children cry, even me would feel hurt.

I put my hand up to stop them.
"Don't make a mistake and attack innocent travelers ever again okay?"
"Of course!", "Absolutely won't happen!", "I'll carve it in my heart!"
"It's easy to just speak out whatever you want."
The villagers hold their breath.
As I thought. There are some guys who thought they'd be let go just by apologizing here.
Apology is free after all.

However, Celica pulled my sleeve and shook her head. The evening light reflected on her blond hair looks seemingly sad.
I nodded to tell her that I understood.

And then I speak loudly.
"People forget things easily. You should impart it to the future generations not to repeat the same mistake! Don't you think so? Of course you're not allowed to argue back."
"Yes", "That's exactly right", "We will obey hero-sama."

The village elder stands up and asks me with disarranged white hair.
"But then what should we do?"
"Umu. About that. Is there a festival in your village?"
"Festival is it? At spring and fall, we hold festivals to pray for good harvest and gratitude for the harvest to the earth god."
Fumu. Festivals for the mother earth goddess Rupelsia huh. I guess they can't do without a harvest festival.

I grin and declare.
"Then change the spring harvest festival to 『Hero Keika Festival』! Grandly celebrate me to show your gratitude for my benevolence! And thus, you guys will be reminded of your mistake every year even if you don't like it, and control yourself right?"
"But.... The traditional festival that has been continued on for many years is--"

I glare at the village elder with god's coercion.
"....It appears you haven't realized your situation huh? I can end this village right here and now if I want!"
"W-wa, hiii!"
The village elder could not stand up and fell down.
The men who were kneeling down screamed something while looking down. Some wet their pants.

However, all the villagers ultimately agreed to my suggestion.
"Can't be helped", "It's still a harvest festival anyway", "We were wrong after all."
--Now my name will be left behind!
It's important to spread your name in order to become god.
I endured myself not to grin and laughed out loud.

The village elder speaks.
"We understand Keika-sama. We will hold a festival to appreciate your benevolence."
"Umu. In exchange, I will protect you as long as you continue to honor me."
"Eh, hero-sama will give us his protection!?"
The village elder was surprised.
I gotta have to give them this much grace at least.
I'll make us of the carrot and stick principle well.
"Of course. I'll widen the monster barrier and increase your fields. And I'll have my mansion built here."

Celica was surprised the most by this.
"Ke-Keika-sama!? How about the journey to defeat the demon king!?"
"Of course I'm doing that. But, I'd like to have a base. While we're journeying, I want to have a place for other people who are troubled in other places to send their requests and wishes in."
"Then wouldn't the royal capital be better for that?"
"There's too many people over there. This place takes half a day to reach. Trivial requests like searching for a lost cat won't reach here, only people who really need my help will come."
"I-I see.... As expected of Keika-sama. You think thoroughly of everything."
"And so, elder, go build a mansion with shrine-like atmosphere, I don't mind if it's small. It can be a one-story building. Notify Kimmerick Inn at the royal capital once it's done."
"I understand."
The village elder respectfully nodded.

I grinned inwardly.
I've been thinking of securing a base for a while now.
As a place for the believers to gather.

I decided it to be here since all the villagers had a debt for me.
Even if I'm a hero, forcing my way through an established community is not easy.
Yet, being high-handed will only stain my fame. I can't be unreasonable.
However, since I hold the life of this village in my hand, they have no choice but to obey my order like slaves.
It's just right to propagate my name through their festival.

I survey the men.
"Is Bailey here?"
"Ah, yes. It's me."
A man with beard stood up.
He approaches while protecting his wrist.
--Ah, I did threatened him by binding a string. I forgot.

"Back then you chased me with a Bu Horse, are you good with it?"
"I work by plowing field with a Bu Horse and as a delivery to the neighboring village. I also care for them."
"Really. Then spread a rumor saying that Hero Keika is staying in this village."
"He... I don't mind. --Err, Keika-sama, this."
He held out his wrist, I tore off the string.

Bailey breathed out in relief.
"I felt more dead than alive."
"You could have just tear it. I didn't put any magic on it."
"Eh... Why."
"Cause it'll be troublesome if you're hurt."
"--I really can't win against you."
Bailey said with admiration. His voice was filled with trust.

A middle-aged woman drew near and said.
"Um, Hero-sama. We've prepared your meal."
"Ah, right, I'll have them. You guys can dissolve now."
"Thank you very much", "We apologize", "I'll do my best in the festival."
Etc, they gratefully smiled at me with tears on their cheeks.

I went to the mansion with Celica.
Celica looks up at me with a light of tremendous respect dwelling in her blue eyes.
"Keika-sama is amazing. Thinking such a method to prevent the villagers from making the same mistake. It was a good idea unthinkable by me."

I couldn't help but smile awkwardly since I can't tell her my true objective.
"I-Is that so.... Ah, right. Have this fruit."
I took out the 【Power Fruit】 from my breast pocket and gave it to her.
"What is this? Oh my, isn't it a Power Fruit, how unusual. Shouldn't Keika-sama eat it?"
"Celica eating it will be for my sake too."
"Really.... Then I will gratefully accept."
Celica opened her small red mouth and ate the power fruit.
His Strength increased by 3. My Strength automatically increased by 300.
Good. My strength surpassed 90,000 now.

And then Lapisia jumped out with rattling sounds.
She ran to us with fluttering white dress when she saw me. She's holding a vertically long box that looks big enough for her to enter on her hand. There are covers on both its sides. I guess it's a vertical trash box.
Looking at it with <<Senrigan>>, it was just a normal wooden box.
"Lapisia wants this!"
"What's that?"
The middle-aged woman who's guiding us speaks.
"Ah, that's the box to shove sticks and brooms in. We're not using it anymore, it should be fine."
After smiling delightfully, Lapisia got inside the box from her head in.
There's a gap on the location of her eyes, and then her slender ankles and calf came out of the box.
She looks like a box man or Medjed.

"Do you like that box Lapisia?"
"Un! Like!"
Her golden eyes are peeking from the gap. Squinting gleefully.
I thought of stopping her, but it'd be annoying if she got into a bad mood.
"It's dangerous so walk carefully okay."
She walks briskly with small steps like a penguin.
It brought about an indescribable sense of weird cuteness to it.

"I wonder why do children like to get inside a box."
"Maybe they feel calm inside a cramped place."
"Perhaps it feels like being wrapped by your mother huh."
Well, she's probably going to lose interest in it soon enough, I'll let her play for a while.

And then I did a bit of work after dinner.
I extended the range of Monster Barrier installed at the fields.
The villagers thanked me while looking like they couldn't believe it.

Looks like you usually have to pay a large amount of money to a barrier specialist to do this.
My believers increased just by doing such a simple work.
It was 16 people before I came to this village, it's 33 now.

Alright, I'll keep spreading my name like this and increase my believers!

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