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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Re~d Old Man and Green Old Man♪


Alright! Eleanor-san! I'll go see Eleanor-san to get healed!
And accept a quest! Forget about unpleasant things!

"Eleanor-saan. I'm finished with the baptiism."

Eleanor-san is bewildered.

"No-Nobusada-san, did something happen during the baptism? You seem quite lively...."

"Let's forget about the baptism. Yes let's. I'd like to accept a quest, where do I need to confirm it?"

Eleanor-san looked puzzled to see me changing the topic forcefully, but then she sensed the mood and explains like usual. Hm, looks like she guessed it somehow.
Eleanor-san really is a beauty. Looking at her again, her beauty is prominent. Un, my heart is getting healed.
She's put her hair into a ponytail, her nape looks sexy. Add that with the tender smile under the glasses, and it's not hard to get crazy about her like Kyle.
Her body is also quite.... The breast part is a bit disappointing.... I felt a slight bloodlust, I gotta stop thinking deeper about this.

Alright, my broken glass heart has been glued back by Eleanor-san. Now's the time to work.

"Regarding quests, a quest will commence once you submit the Quest Paper pasted on the board over there along with rank to us. If the quest pertains goods delivery, please deliver it to us, but if it's a type that requires you to directly report to the client, the quest will be complete when you bring the Completion Tag you get to us."


"You can only accept quests that are one rank higher. In case you accept a quest higher than one rank from your rank, you will need the approval of the guild."


"And please be careful about quest cancellation and failure. In that case, you will need to pay the cancellation fee that has been set beforehand. Make sure to check such details in the Quest Papers. The guild will help to check for it, but there are rare cases where such situations lead to troubles."

"I see, I got it loud and clear. I'm going to see the quests then."

I stand before the board with Eleanor-san's advices in my mind. Huh? Not a lot of people here. Hmm, is it because of the time. It's already afternoon after all.
Well there might be some leftover fortunes, let's see what we got here.

And thus, this is the only remaining quest.

《 Ore Transportation 》
Requesting to transport ore from Blacksmith Guild to a blacksmith store at the edge of the town.
Please try to transport the ore as carefully and fast as possible.
Reward: 300 Mani
Client: Blacksmith Guild
Destination: Blacksmith 『Hammer of Flame』

"Eleanor-san, I'd like to accept this quest."

"Yes, thank you. The Blacksmith Guild is located at center of the southern industrial ward. It's the biggest building in the industrial ward, you should know it when you see it."

"I got it. I'll be going then."

I don't need a map since there's plenty of signboards and town's guide maps in this town. They look relatively new, I gotta thank the person who had the idea.
I'm not getting lost, but I'm still on foot. I took quite a bit of time due to the town size. The bell informing 3 o'clock rang when I arrived at the Blacksmith Guild.

"Excuse me, I've accepted your quest at the adventurer guild, where should I get the details?"

The receptionist girl... girl? someone whom I deemed to be a kid is working as a receptionist here?

"Yes yes, let me check the Quest Paper first. Ah, this one huh. It's quite heavy, will you be alright? I asked the guild to get a robust skillful man for this though."

"Eh, was the quest for specific person...."

"It's heavy and all but more importantly it needs a bit of knack to transport. The ore becomes tough when it's made into alloy, but it's quite fragile at its base form. Yet it's relatively heavy, quite troublesome huh. We usually have contracted deliverymen to handle it, but everyone's out at this season so we put a request at the Adventurer Guild."

"How much is total weight?"

"Think it's about 30KG?"

"Then it can enter this rucksack, there's no problem with the transportation."

"Howe, s'that a magic rucksack? You've got some convenient thing there."

"Once I get this delivered, could I ask for the quest completion from er, receptionist-san?"

"...Ah, I didn't tell you did I. I'm this guild's guildmaster, Pitia."

....The Blacksmith Guild's guildmaster was a legal loli. Why're ya at the receptionist desk!

"I'm Nobusada, I'm a fledgling adventurer. Please treat me well, guildmaster."

"Oh quit it with the formal talk. Just call me Pitia. I'm going to prepare the ore now, wait a bit okay."

After saying that, she ordered the people in the surroundings. She's sure a lady with good ethos, she's a loli though. Her brown skin exudes healthy charm, she's a loli though. I peek at her even while feeling sorry about it.

Name: Pitia Pritis - Gender: Female - Age: 28 - Race: Dwarf Kin
Class: Blacksmith Lv 32
Title: 【Blacksmith Guild's Idol】
Hammer Art: Lv5 - Blacksmith: Lv5 - Engraving Lv4 - Charisma - Life Magic

As one would expect of a dwarf. She doesn't look 28 at all. 【Blacksmith Guild's Idol】? In her 28? ididntseeanything.

"Alright, here you go. Your destination is the 『Hammer of Flame』. The store is farther than the Adventurer Guild so just ask the storekeeper there for the quest completion proof. You can take it straight to Adventurer Guild then."

"Okay, I've got the ore with me. Then I'll be off."

"Hoi, hoi, get it together kay."

Now then, it's Nobusada's first quest.

A bit late for this, but y'know, this town is vast. It's divided into four wards in four directions, each ward has its own characteristic. The western ward has the Gramada branch of the Adventurer Guild and prosperous pleasure quarters adjoining it. The southern ward is a commercial ward with the Blacksmith Guild, the Trade Guild and such others in it, the eastern ward has a lot of temples and agriculture related stuff like Agricultural Guild, the northern ward is home to the administration headquarter, and noble houses of the senior officials of the lord here. By the way, you'll see a vast cultivation field if you pass through the eastern gate. And the center houses the greatest characteristic of this town, the entrance to a dungeon.

I saw my destination while I was lost in thought. It's probably the building with a red roof over there. And right when I approached it while thinking how the blacksmith in this world would look like.

BAAAAAAM roll roll roll roll

A green object got blown off in front of me.

"W-what's happening!?"

"Gilui! Say that agaiiin."

An old man with a fine beard in red overalls suddenly came out of the blacksmith(?). Which means, the green object just now was!? I turned around and saw a thin old man in green overalls falling on his backsides.

"I'll keep saying it till you're satisfied. I'm retiring as a blacksmith. I'm tired of swinging hammer every single day!"

"You're going to abandon the family business that's been going on for generations just because of that!?"

"Anija (older brother) has it good. You're blessed with a healthy body from our parents. But me.... I can't do it anymore. You understand right, Anija."


"You can throw away all of my belongings in the store. I'm going to leave the house. I've got all my luggage already."

"What are.... you going to do from now on?"

"I'll work as a bartender in a bar using my connection. Please come have some drink once you've calmed down, Anija. It's not like I'm retiring because I don't like Anija."

"Is that so.... If you've thought this through that far, I won't say anything anymore. Be in good health."

"You too Anija...."

A scene of carnage is happening right before my eyes. I hardened like a rock on the roadside though. Why did a family drama unfold when I just came here for a delivery. Ah, the beard old man went back into the store.
Eh? Where did the green old man disappear to??
I'm feeling quite gloomy after getting left alone.

By the sense of duty that compels me to finish the quest, I open the blacksmith's door.

"I'm here to deliver the ore as requested by the Blacksmith Guild. Is the storekeeper here?"

The bearded old man who isn't hiding his bad mood. This person must be the storekeeper.

Name: Maurio - Gender: Male - Age: 32 - Race: Dwarf
Class: Blacksmith Lv 44
Title: None
Two-handed Axe Lv5 - Hammer Art Lv6 - Blacksmith Lv6 - Woodwork Lv6 - Sturdiness Lv6 - Stoutness Lv5 - Life Magic

He's strong! The ratio of strong old men in this town is weird.

"Ou, I'm Maurio the storekeeper here. Sorry bout that, letting you see that terrible scene."

"Please don't mind it. These are the ore from Pitia-san."

"Let me check. ....They're Nitromyte ore for sure. Is that a magic rucksack. That thing's nice for carrying stuff."

So it was called Nitromyte. It sure sounds dangerous. Thank you magic rucksack. Thank you Gune. This stuff is nice.

"Umu, no problem with the condition and the amount too. Let me see the Quest Paper, I'll stamp it."

I got the quest paper stamped. It finished easier than I thought. What should I do, it's a bit awkward now, I'm wondering if I can ask about the matter I talked about back then.


"What's wrong, lad?"

"You see, I've just registered as an adventurer yesterday, and I've been caring for my weapons with my own self-taught way. I was thinking that, if possible, I'd like to learn the proper way to do it.... I'm sorry for the impudent request, but would you teach me about it?"

"Fumu, it really is an impudent request."

And then Maurio-san squints his eyes and looks at me.

"Your attitude of wanting to learn how to properly care your weapons leaves a good impression on me. Lots of young 'uns these days half-assing their trophy maintenance, even though they entrust their life on it."

He laughed after saying that. Oh, I thought he'd be hard to please, but he's surprisingly caring.


"Very well, I don't feel like swinging my hammer today 'fter all."

"Thank you very much! Then please call me Nobusada, not lad."

"Lad is fine since you're still half a man. I'll call you with your name once you're an adult."


"And so, where's your trophy lad?"

"I have been using this iron sword."

"Fumu, well, your work isn't half bad. With some corrections, you should reach a practical level soon."

Oh! I think I just got praised. Getting one from a professional makes me happy.

"But you'd get in trouble if you only have this sword. Most adventurers have spare weapons with them."

"I just got out of the countryside myself, I was thinking of getting more from now on. Would you show me some weapons once you've taught me?"

"Yea, pick one that suits your battle style."

Afterward, I was taught various ways to maintain my weapons by Maurio-san.
As expected of a pro. He taught me many minute details.

"I've taught you the general maintenance. Now, for your spare weapons lad. What kinda thing you want?"

"Hmm, right then."

One-handed sword should be fine as the Fighter's main style. But, a spear for mid-range might be a good idea. As for the other Class I have, it's Fist Fighter. From the potential development of other classes, bows might be possible too. Would be nice if there are shuriken or dart shuriken.
My current fund is 32,444 Mani. But I'd like to have a reserve fund for unexpected things. Which means, 2444.
Basing on that and consulting to Maurio-san, below are the candidates from the weapons displayed in the store.

Iron Spear
Quality: Good - Enclosed Mana: 1/5
Price: 5600 Mani
Common iron spear. The quality is better than the common thing due to Maurio's ability.

Knuckle Guard
Quality: Good - Enclosed Mana: 0/3
Price: 3400 Mani.
The parts covering the fist and forearm can be removed. An economical weapon that can be used as a normal gauntlet if done so.

Short Bow
Quality: Average - Enclosed Mana: 0/1
Price: 980 Mani
The best bow for bow beginners. The quality isn't high since Maurio's Woodwork is worse than his Blacksmith. The arrow is 20 Mani and sold in a bundle of 10.

Throwing Knife
Quality: Good - Enclosed Mana: 0/1
Price: 300 Mani
A small knife for throwing. It might be better used against people than monsters.

I bought two bundles of arrows and five Throwing Knife.
In total, 11,880 Mani.

"I'm going to explore these spare weapons to see which one is best for me, so I'd like to buy these. And also, do you sell armor here?"

"O-ou, you're quite magnanimous. Armor.... I have Full Plates and such, but it's a bit too big for you lad. Fumu, oh, right, hold on a bit."

After he said that, Maurio-san rummaged something in the back of the store.

"Oh found it. I was prototyping this thing in the past, but eventually left it undone. I'm giving it to you lad. It should be more than good enough for a beginner adventurer."

He took out an iron breastplate-like thing(?).

"Judging from your appearance, your battle style ain't the chattering full armor type, light armor should be fine then. I'm gonna adjust the size and add other parts to it, come again here tomorrow."

"By the way, how much would it be?"

"Since it's a trial product, you don't hafta pay. In exchange, report back the usability to me. We lost one craftsman due to various reasons, so I'm thinking of changing the way we do things here."

It's about the green old man earlier huh.... I'd better not bring up this topic.

"I understand, allow me to take you up on that offer."

"And about the spare weapons. It's a matter of life and death, make sure to practice with them until you can use them well you hear me?"

"Yes, I don't wanna die yet myself. I'll be coming here regularly from now on."

"Gahaha, getting more reguler customers is always welcome in my book. Lad, don't easily die out there."

I thanked Maurio-san and left the 『Hammer of Flame』. It was a really meaningful time. I might have spent quite long, it's already getting dark. Gotta hurry and report.

When I went to report, Eleanor-san was not there anymore--(゜ロ゜
I guess it's obvious, it's already dark outside after all. The one in charge at night was an old man. The name? I don't remember.
Oh right, I confirmed that the Adventurer Guild is open 24 hours. That's good.

Now then, that chef should be ready with some good food made of that wild boar tonight! Looking forward to it.

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