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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Strongest, Winning Against His Father


Right before my father Castor is going to block my sword, I concentrate the Physical Reinforcement on my legs and stepped in diagonally in low posture.
Castor's sword passed over my head.
I'm short because I'm 6 right now. Opponent that's too short are unexpectedly hard to hit.

And then I stab my sword toward his knee while making use of the momentum.
Compared to slashing, thrusting is hard to block and deal with sheer strength. All the better if the opponent let their guard down.


My father Castor blocked my stab.
I thought this could possibly end the the match, but apparently, my father Castor didn't let his guard down that much.

However, that's also within my expectation.
I activate 【Ground Shrinkage】 without stopping my momentum. I sneaked right behind my father.

"Mu... He's gone!?"

My father lost sight of me.
【Ground Shrinkage】 is actually not a magic that lets you move behind your opponent in an instant.

It creates a blind spot on the opponent's awareness which you use to slip past them, it's essentially a magic that lets you slip through the opponent's awareness for only an instant. That's the 【Ground Shrinkage】。
This would have used 10 times the amount of magic power if it was with the First Crest, as expected of the Fourth Crest. The magic was invoked perfectly.

It seems being a crest that specializes in close quarter combats isn't just for show.
Even though I knew about it already, actually using one in person made me realize its strength all the more.
I think this had already surpassed the past me before my first 100 years back then. I'm already convinced that reincarnating was the right thing to do with only this much.

However, I don't have time to bask in emotion. 【Ground Shrinkage】 could only buy me an instant.
I stab again with my sword again as fast as I can.

The perfect timing. And a trajectory that's hard to block by human anatomy.
Even in my past life there's not many who could block an attack from their perfect blind spot like this without magic.

However, my father Castor blocked it.
I wonder if the practice swinging he did before I came here was just a warm-up.

But even my father couldn't take this attack from the impossible posture he was on.
As I'm confronting him with the power produced by the Physical Reinforcement riding on my full body weight, I can tell that much from the sword.

I could finally compete with him in power even with all the differences.
Both swords have stopped moving. Neither moving forward nor backward.
That probably only lasted around 0.2 seconds. However, that felt like a long time for me. It must be the same for my father Castor too.

Afterward, my father began to move. His power trasmitted on my sword is increasing as he's twisting his body.
If this keeps up, my sword will probably get pushed away in half a second, resulting in my lost.
With the difference in our physiques, I would have no chance of winning if he retakes his posture, rather you can say that I've fought well.

However, I have no intention of just accepting this fight heading toward such an ending.
My style is to aim for victory by using all of my power even in a mock battle. I'd rather make a bet than quietly accepting my lost.

I construct the next magic in the little time I have.
【Magic Strike】. A magic that loads the sword with magic power to increase its strength.
It's far more powerful than the Physical Reinforcement magic, but of course, its degree of difficulty also jumps up several magnitudes.

I used 【Ground Shrinkage】 to ensure my victory, but even Fourth Crest has its limit. It all depends on luck now.
And I--won the bet.

The invoked 【Magic Strike】 granted power to my sword, overcoming my father's sword.
And then right after my sword hit my father, the 【Magic Strike】 lost its effect, and I fell down as I lost my balance.
My older brother Reich and my father Castor mutter in amazement.

"He won against father....?"

"I had a feeling he might be talented in sword, to think he was a monster...."

Looks like they got surprised.
I feel that my father was going at it lightly.
He probably never thought that he would lose when I hadn't even done any training.
However, this match had a big problem regarding its rule.

"I only took father by surprises, and even the attack just now merely hit you right?"

The rule of the mock battle earlier was [Win if I make a hit]. Therefore, my victory is only in form.
However, if this was a real combat, my attack would only slightly injure father. Even that might not be possible if he wore an armor.
Moreover, my father was holding back at the first strike which greatly influenced the result of this battle. I only made use of that.
I pointed that out in that sense.

"No well. That's true and all, but what was that attack just now? On top of making me lose sight of you, you clearly showed an unbelievable power and speed didn't you?"

"Un? I was just using Physical Reinforcement, 【Ground Shrinkage】 and 【Magic Strike】 normally...."

""That's not normal!""

Why did I get retorted. They got greatly in sync.
Ah. 【Magic Strike】 might have been too early indeed.

"I'm sorry. It wasn't normal. I just got the 【Magic Strike】 right by chance."

"That's not the problem here though...."

This time he puts on an astonished look. Just what did I do anyway.

"First, are those Physical Reinforcement, 【Ground Shrinkage】 and 【Magic Strike】 magic?"


"How were Mathi able to use them?"

"....I practiced?"

"No, that reasoning is weird."

How can anyone use magic without practicing.
Or perhaps you need permissions to use magic in this world?

"Anyone can do this much so long they practice..."

"Okay! I understand that you have a strange idea!"

"What on earth my nine years of sword training for...."

My father replied with an astounded look at my reply.
My brother Reich muttered something while holding his heads, but I couldn't make out what he said.

"I'll teach you this thing called common sense."

"Common sense?"

I wonder if it's a common sense in this country to regulate magic.
Come to think of it, Physical Reinforcement was used everywhere in my past life, but I haven't seen it being used even once after reincarnating.

"Yeah. Common sense about swordsmanship that is.... I'm not gonna be the one teaching you though."


My father looked at the entrance of our house while saying that.
Looks like Biffgel just came out of the house.

"Oy Biffgel! You're late!"

"Nothing wrong with getting late a bit! I have my circumstances!"

Un. This guy's no good like always.
I don't think there's anything this guy can teach me.

"Shut up! You'd be punished if you were in military! Originally I was gonna impose a harsh training on you today.... But today's your lucky day."

Father exchanged looks at me while saying that.
His face looked like he's plotting something bad.

"2000 push up or a mock battle with Mathi. Pick one."

"A mock battle with Mathias!"

Biffgel replied father with smiles on his whole face.
Looks like he's very happy to have a mock battle with me.

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