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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 12

Chapter 12 The Guild and Eleanor-san


I opened the door and saw rowdy people at the bar's counter... yeah, not happening, the place looked like an oold public office. I guess it's only right, there's no way you can do your job while drinking alcohol. The clients would have withdrawn their requests too.
I saw an open counter and briskly walked to it. I peeked at the counter, umu, there was an onee-san who fits the image of a beautiful secretary smiling. A splendid business smile.

Wonder what she's like?

Name: Eleanor - Gender: Female - Race: General Human
Class: Magic Fist Fighter Lv30
Title: 【War Princess】
Fist Art Lv6 - Physical Strength Lv4 - Touki (Fighting Spirit) Lv4 - Evasion Lv4 - Danger Sense Lv4 - Life Magic
Three Size: Hold on! You're still too young to lay down your life!! ( ・᷄ะด・᷅ )

Uooh, the guild's receptionist is unbelievably strong. Fist Art Lv6 with those slender arms!?
She looks very slender and dignified, but I'd be in a world of pain if I made her mad.
I'll keep in mind to be polite with her.

"Am I correct to assume that this is the guild's reception desk?"

"Yes, this is the reception desk. Is this your first time here?"

"Yes, I just went out of my hometown. There's a lot of things I don't know, will it be alright to ask you about it in detail?"

"Then I will keep you company, I'm Eleanor. First, registering will cost 1000 mani, would that be alright with you?"

OH, my money is bottoming out fast even though I haven't done anything. Can't be helped, this is an important investment.
I took 1000 mani out of my rucksack.

"Here you go."

"Thank you. Well then, please put your hand on this status board. The data read by this device will be used to make your own guild card."

Nuu, it's gonna read things huh. Me think it'd be bad if my Unique Skill were known? I wonder if I can hide it with Disguise skill? Disguise skill-san, please hide the otherworlder title and my Unique Skill. You're only skill lv2, but do your best!

When I put my hand on the Status Board, it glowed.
FIIIN, a small strange sound scratched my ears.
After waiting for about 1 minute, the strange sound stopped and the light disappeared from the Status Board
And then the data got embossed on the board.

Name: Nobusada - Gender:Male - Age:15
Race: General Human - Guild Rank: F
Title: 【Moss Ball Killer】
Criminal Record: None

Phew, looks like it doesn't show skills and such. I'm safe for now. Rather, only the Moss Ball Killer is there. And the age is 15. Is this because of my physical age. With this I can safely answer questions about my age.

"T-this is.... You're a title carrier at your age. It's a wonderful thing for this guild to have a promising person joining us."

No no, I'm nothing compared to you. Moss Ball Killer and War Princess is like chalk and cheese.

"And this will be your guild card. If you lose it, reissuing the card will cost you 50,000 mani, so please take care of it. The reason it costs so much is because there were too many adventurers who lost their cards, the cost before couldn't cover it. Since apparently most were rowdy people, this strict regulation was needed to reform them...."
Equivalent to 500,000 yen huh. Expensive. I'll hang it on my neck so I won't lose it. The guild card seems to be dust and water proof. Relatively high tech huh.

"Then I will explain about rank. Guild rank goes from F, E, D, C, B, A, and S rank. Rank advancement will depend on the number of completed quests and such. There will be an examination to raise your rank starting from D rank. There is a required quest other than the exam when you're raising your rank to C. From C rank on, your character and the evaluation from your party members if you have a party will also be assessed since there are escort missions in the rank. Thus, there are many adventurers who purposely stay at D rank."

Since I will be entering dungeons as my main job, I guess that's fine. Is there any merit in raising my rank?

"First of all, you can take more quests with high reward as your rank increases. In addition, as an adventurer's name become well known, there are cases where they're given nominated quests, a lot of higher ranked adventures receive quests from nobles and countries. As for the disadvantages, the higher your rank the more restricted you are to urgent quests. At times of urgent quests such as monster outbreak, they are obliged to participate in them. If you refuse to, expulsion might be imposed on you at worst, so please keep that in mind."

Muu, sooner or later I'll have to decide whether to postpone or raise my rank.
To be honest, I don't want anything to do with nobles. After all, I'd probably get coaxed and used with my inability to debate.

"Does the rank matter to enter a dungeon?"

"If it's the Fonbran Dungeon at the center of this town, you could enter it regardless of rank. Other than that entering a dungeon whose danger level assigned by the guild might be restricted depending on your rank or the guild's evaluation about you."

I see. In other words, I need to raise my rank in order to make a killing.

"You're exempted of tax if you're registered to the Adventurer Guild. However, there is a tax on every completed quest, thank you for your understanding."

Fumu, it's a good thing that going to another world means not needing to fill the tax return.

"That will be the end of my brief explanation. Is there anything you'd like to ask?"

"Ah, I killed a Big Wild Boar in my journey to this town, is there any place I could sell the fur and meat at? Also, it'd really help if it also accepts purchasing of fruits and other things from the western forest."

"Big Wild Boar!? They can be more dangerous than the average monster, were you alright?"

"Yes, I worked together with some adventurers who were with me and defeated it somehow."

"Was that right. The counter for purchasing is over there, if you kindly please liquidate there. As for the fruits, it will depend on the type. The person in charge should be able to tell which ones can be cashed in."

"Thank you very much. And also, do you know an inn that's just right for a beginner? I'm not familiar with the town yet, it'd be great if you could tell me."

"Ah for that we have a joint beginner inn from the guild. It costs 300 mani a day with morning and evening meals included. A rank F adventurer can utilize the inn as long as there are rooms available, however, you will need to undertake F rank quests for two weeks as a term."

Apparently, many F rank quests involve odd jobs which people tend to neglect. Looks like they're imposing the term to efficiently process those quests. Well, I think it's a good system to familiarize a beginner in. It seems most odd jobs can be done in a day or half a day, it's easy to digest the number.

"Could you help me with the procedure to use the inn? Oh right, I'd like to ask for the refund of the temp registration card, would that be alright?"

"Yes, then I will process your request. Please line up at this counter once you're back."

"Thank you, Eleanor-san. I'll come back once I'm done with the purchasing procedure."

"Yes, I will be waiting."

I thank the smiling Eleanor-san and head to Kyle's place.
Or not, I gotta bring the wild boar's material to the purchasing counter first.
The purchasing counter was served by a rough old man, so I'm omitting it, omit! The fur and the meat were in good states, so they could purchase it at relatively good price. As for the fruits, they only took ones that could be used as ingredients for medicines and the Ramputan fruits. Looks like I need to take other fruits directly to shops.
And since they're busy today, it seems the assessment will have to be done tomorrow. Can't be helped, after promising to go back tomorrow, I head to the guard station at the west gate.


"Eleanor-senpai, time for shift change. You can take a break now."

"Oh my, it's already that time. Then I'll take you up on that."


I turn over my seat to my junior. I went into the break room inside the guild and recalled the beginner-san just now.
Black hair, black eyes, they're rare in this principality. He's apparently 15, but he looked young from all angles.

『Yaan, yan yan. He's so cuuuuuute, I'd like to take him home if I could.』

Eleanor somersaulted once. There isn't even an atom of the usual cool receptionist, her junior would doubt if it was really her if she sees this.

『I wonder if I was able to deal with him like the usual me, I was seized with an impulse to instinctively hug him! You rarely see black hair and black eyes around here, so he was really striking. His big round eyes, and the baby face even for a 15 year old net a huge point too.』

Her face loosened, with hanging drool.

『I'm surrounded by old men so he's my oasis. I have to secretly give him advices and prevent him from getting hurt!』

Eleanor gripped her fist and vowed such in her mind.


"Uuh, I felt chilly for a moment there...."

At the same time, Nobu-san who was heading to the west gate muttered that.

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