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Yuusha no Furi mo Raku Janai--Riyuu? Ore ga Kami Dakara-- Chapter 32

Chapter 32 Negotiation and Saucy Kiss


Unfamiliar starry sky spreads out.
A big city with dazzling lights, Doruas, is situated at the mouth of the river near the sea.
The bank has been made into a wharf, many river ships are anchored on it.

A trip that should have taken three days was finished in one day.
It was thanks to Ieturia.

Greedriver's meat and materials are being carried out of the moored ship.
While taking a sidelong glance at that, I talk to Ieturia who's resting with her hands on the edge of the ship.
"We didn't have to dry out the fish thanks to you. You've been a big help."
"That's fine and all.... But I'm tired."
"Is that right. I'll heal you."
I made my hand shined blue with magic power.

And then Ieturia bends forward with water dripping from her long silver hair. She catches my hand and push it against her smallish chest.
Softness that's just the right size in my hand. The white skin is cold like water.
Her red eyes narrowed as she's letting out 'Aah....' voice like melting.
"This feels nice."
I pat her shoulder and waist with my free hand.
It's cold but her skin is smooth. A delicate body you just want to hug.
"Your upper body is truly that of a beautiful woman."
"That's the first time someone said that to me. --Fufu, very well. Do you want to try my upper body?"
Ieturia smiled bewitchingly and licked her mouth with her red tongue. Her tail popped out of the water with a splash.

"I'm not into that. More importantly, are you alone?"
"What do you mean?"
"Don't you have friends or family."
"Is it about the marriage date? You and I should decide it ourselves."
"What are you talking about. It'll be easier to create a place you belong to if you have more friends."
"Fumu. Then I will call my brethren in the vicinity. There should be three of them here."
"Really, that's convenient."

When I separated my hand, Ieturia leaked out a wistful voice, "Ah...more."
"What. Haven't you got enough yet?"
I tightly grip her bowl-shaped breast. Firm elasticity is transmitted on my hand shining blue.
She frowned with her shapely eyebrows.
"Kuh, what are you doing. --W-were you repulsed by me after all!?"
"Hmm, I guess I'm not really fond of a woman who exposes her nude body in public."

She frowned, "guh".
"Is that so.... I'm not detailed in human custom. But it's hard to swim with clothes...."
"I gues you're right. I'll do something about it later."
Ieturia dived into the water.

I talk to a fat merchant who's watching over the cargo, Driad.
"Hey, Driad. When this ship goes back, it's going upstream right?"
"That is correct. It would take a week to go against the current."
"I've got some profitable idea in mind, wanna hear it?"
Driad's eyes shined when he heard that.
"What would that be?"
"Won't you hire Ieturia?"
"Eh, that monster!?"
"Ieturia is not a monster. She might look like that but she's actually a messenger of god."
"I-is that the case..."
"Besides, you've experienced it yourself right. It's possible to go back and forth between the royal capital and the port town in just one day."
"I-I see. That means--"
"You could bring in fresh fish to the royal capital where it's usually dried ones. You can monopolize the high speed transportation."
"That would net a considerable profit indeed.... However, the other merchants and shipowners might go after me then."
That possibility is high indeed.
'He has a dealing with monsters, he must be a demon king's underling!', if such a rumor spread, it might harm my image too.

"Then you should just take the handling charge and deal in luggage. If you tell people that Driad Firm will take the sole responsibility of the contract with Naga, the merchants who are afraid of dealing with monsters directly would have no choice but to abide."
"However, since she's alone the amount of the transported goods would not be high."
"No, she'll bring in her friends with her. If there's at least 3-4 of them, it should be doable with rotations."

Driad strokes his chin while groaning.
"Then how much would Hero-sama's share be?"
"I don't mind getting nothing until the high speed transportation business gets on track. In exchange, let it be known that Naga are not monsters but messengers of god. Advertise that the monster has turned a new leaf by the great power of Hero Keika and become divine beast."
"In other words, I should expend everything announcing that. I will allot your shares on the string-pulling expenses."
"That's right. Other merchants who don't think well of this might try to sabotage you after all. Will you do it?"

Driad furrowed his brows, looking troubled.
I know that changing your usual custom is hard. Furthermore, it's got to do with money.
It's no wonder that he's afraid of risky business since he's worked his way up to be a big merchant who owns several ships.

That's why, to be doubly sure, I tell him this.
"I don't mind if you decline. That means I'll just talk about this with other merchant."
"P-please wait, I'm still thinking about it."
I press on him.
"You're a capable merchant who grew Driad Firm alone aren't you. That's the reason I proposed this idea to you. I thought you were better than some generations old establishment that's risk averse. But it seems that I was mistaken."

When I took a step away, he caught my arm like he was going to jump.
"I understand, I'll do it! --It's a one-in-a-lifetime big job! This Driad will do his all to handle it!"
--Alright. With this Ieturia will get her place and I can sell my name.
"Really, you'll do it huh. I'm counting on you--And also, Ieturia. You heard that right?"

When I peek at the water surface, she showed up her beautiful face. Her silver hair is spreading on the wave.
Looks like she's following what I said, not exposing herself in public.
However, the red eyes that are looking up at me look reproachful.
"....I couldn't help to. Because someone went ahead on his own."
"Your forte, swimming, will be put to good use. It's like your calling. You'd get your place if you work hard. Besides, there's no rival, so you'd earn plenty of money."
"I don't particularly need money. No interest."
"Don't say that. People do business with money. You have nothing to lose saving them. You'd be able to get clothes and food anytime you want."
"Muu. I got it."
Ieturia consented while pouting with her red lips.

I turn around at Driad.
"Also, it'll be bad if a monster like the one today comes attacking again, you should prepare a weapon for Ieturia."
"That's easy, but what would you like to have?"

Ieturia's eyes suddenly brightened.
"I'd love a harpoon. Make the tip divided into two or three if possible!"
"Trident is it. I'll prepare one made of either magic silver or holy white silver."
"My gratitude."
Her red lips smiled in delight. The white snake body under water wriggled.

Curious of the sudden change in attitudes, I ask her.
"What's wrong? Did you want it that much?"
"I lost mine when I was attacked by a monster. I've been looking for a replacement ever since. I was stumped since I couldn't find a good one."
"Well it's not something you can get without money."
"I see... I should have saved money...."
"That's right. Work hard to earn them from tomorrow on."
"I got it. I'll do my best for the sake of my place and money--Keika."
"Thank you."

After saying that Ieturia came out of the water.
When her line of sight was as high as mine, she curled her slender arms on my neck and embraced me.
The beautiful face was filled with smiles, the red lips open invitingly.
She closes her eyes and draws closer. The eyelashes on her closed eyes were very long.

I was kissed without even a chance to be surprised.
Gently pushed, petal-like softness.
Her lips were beautiful and cold like water.
She immediately parts her face. Smiling triumphantly.
"Fufu. Looks like you're not so well-versed in this."

I got a bit annoyed since her red eyes laughed as if looking down.
Getting caught off guard is also mortifying.

That's why I quickly put my arm around her waist as she was going back to the water.
I lift her while hugging her waist and back. Her limbs creak in my arms. The silver hair shakes violently.
Ieturia's eyes rounded up in surprises.
"W-what are you doing!? --Nu!"
I push my lips on hers.
Forcibly putting the tongue in. Forcing open her neatly ordered teeth.
I catch the small shaking tongue and entwine it with mine.
Hot saliva intertwined, making obscene sounds.

Ieturia's beautiful face warped painfully, she looks away with a rough breath.
"My bad.... I was wrong! --Au."
I held her head and sucked her lips more.
I enjoy the soft sensation of the back of her tongue to my heart's content.
Her throat painfully made a sound.
The snake body is undulating violently under the water.

When I relaxed the strength of my arms, her white nude body dived into the water like she was falling.
Making a grand splash.

And then Ieturia showed up from the water while hugging her body with her arms.
Her white cheeks are dyed red, the red eyes looking up at me are moist with tears.
"Uu.... To hold and covet my lips like so.... What unbelievable strength."
"Let this be your lesson, don't make fun of me again."
"I'm really sorry. I realized the difference in status. I believe in Keika."
"Ah, speaking of status--"
I looked at the surroundings while saying that. Driad was nearby. He's hardened in surprises.
--I wanted to ask her about gods, but now's not a good time.

Ieturia tilted her head in puzzlement while holding her body.
"What is it?"
"I want to ask you some things next time."
"Got it. Call me anytime. --Then, see you again."
Ieturia turned away with reluctant eyes.
The white body disappeared into the water while getting coiled by the snake tail.

Driad approaches.
"To make a monster--I mean, divine messenger yield in such a way, as expected of Hero-sama."
Should I be happy getting praised about this.

I speak while scratching my head.
"I'm going to the inn. Where was it again."
"We have rooms reserved in an inn with relations to merchants at the main street. Everyone who was with Hero-sama has gone there ahead."
"Sorry about this."
"No no. I'd be making more from now on, and the cover charge for the auction was already quite a sum."
Driad glanced at the Greedriver's material that's being carried off.

Since it was his ship, he took control of the auction halfway through.
He made sure to take the commission fee.
Added with that, the price jumped up.

Materials of two Greedriver, the ovary and the meat were successfully bid at 261 big gold coins.
Minya's first-rate dismantling skill also contributed to it.
I've gotta thank her later.

Afterward, Driad's subordinate guided me to the inn.

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