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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Strongest Sage, Recognizing the Value of the First Crest


Exam huh....
Moreover, I have to not only pass it, but get the scholarship.


This is bothersome. I'm bad with history especially. I can't make use of my past life knowledge at all for it.
I should be able to somehow pass the test about magic and such. I wasn't that good at magic circle mathematics, but there shouldn't be anything difficult in a test for 10 year old. National language is safe too. I can't read the writing right now but I should be able to in two years.
....Thinking again, the only problem is history.

"Do we have a book to learn about history?"

"History....? We have some, but what do you need it for?"

"I mean, the exam will have history--"

"There's nothing like that in the Second Royal School exam y'know."

Oh! That's most welcome!

"Then what kind of subjects they have?"

"There's classroom lectures for sure.... But it's not really important. The important one is the practical skill."

"Practical skill?"

Wonder if it's with magic or something.

"Yea. Practical skill. Mathi can just concentrates on your sword skill. Can't teach ya magic and school lectures, but you should be fine so long you've got your sword."

That isn't much of an exam is it.
I don't think I could pass without getting a high mark on at least one subject in the curriculum.

"Can I really pass with that?"

"Yea. It's kind like a trick, but I proved it myself. Want me to teach you?"


"The sword exam will be a practical battle with an examiner. Just beat up the guy who came out. That's the first stage."


It has taken a suspicious turn somehow. Won't it be a problem if I beat up the examiner?
Rather, what's up with my father Castor's behaviors as a noble. I feel that many of them are weird.

"Now now, just wait. I haven't finished yet y'know. Here comes the important one. Once you beat the examiner, someone's stronger than them will come out."

I see. You need to directly negotiate with that strong person and have them acknowledge your strength--.

"Beat that guy up."

I was wrong.
It was a direct negotiation (physically).

"That's all the strategy you need. The total score of the exam was 50, sword skill exam should worth 10 but I got 30 for mine. My score got to 35 with other subjects and I passed just fine."

『That's all the strategy』 must be a mistake.
Or rather, you only got 5 in other subjects huh.
....Well I can use magic.
I'm sure I can get some mark in the classroom lecture subjects, added with that, getting scholarship should be possible it?
I don't know if father's tactics are viable or not nowadays, but I guess there's a merit in trying if it looks like I'm failing in other subjects. This is gonna be fun.

"Father. Don't you think that getting scholarship is too harsh for a term?"

My older brother Reich said that after hearing father.

"Really? I think Mathi would easily get it once he's 12."

"I agree on that part, but there's no need for him to get the scholarship is there...."

"Ah. That's not because of Mathi, it's the problem with our house."

"Our house problem?"

"We got no cash."

I've noticed it somewhat.
At the very least, there's no mistake that we're not rich.

"But wasn't father quite a big earner in the past...."

"Being a knight is unexpectedly unprofitable ya know. Unlike adventurers. I had got some saving myself, but it was all gone to manage the territory."


Putting aside our house financial state, I see that adventurer system still exists in today's world.
For the time being, I've decided on my future career.

"Well, in short you're saying that I should get the scholarship, if that's not possible I should earn my keep myself right?"

"That's the gist of it. As expected of Mathi, you're really perceptive.... Huh? Was Mathi always this perceptive?"

"He's always been smart for his age. I didn't know that it was this far though...."

Alright. I'll start to earn my school expense from now on in preparation for the future.
....The problem is how.

I don't see any monster around this area, so I can't save up magic stones.
It's not like I can't sell animal fur and meat, but shops that deal with that mostly don't exist in this territory town (it's more correct to call it a village than town.)
Even if I wanted to go to some big town to sell them, the current me can't use teleport magic.

It's not like I can't use Storage magic, but that magic decreases my maximum mana point depending on the capacity used. It's fine if I just use it to store lightweight things like magic stones, but it's not suited for long term storing of fur and meat .
....I should make a storage container and put them there.
As long as I use the wood well, I should be able to control it to some degree even without magic tools. I'm gonna amass anything I can find, and sell them when I'm taking the exam.

"That being the case."

After talking with Reich, father opened his mouth once again.

"Time for the training to beat up the examiner no matter which strong guy comes out."

Thus, our training restarted.
This training continued every single day in the morning until the day I left the territory.

Afternoon of that day.
Just as I've decided in the morning, before going hunting, I cut down a tree to make a storeroom to put things I've gathered.
From what I heard during lunch, it seems there's no problem in cutting down trees around this area.

"Well then. The quality of the wood is....Un. It's complicated."

Since it's not managed, it's a natural forest for better or worse.
It's not particularly good, or particularly bad.
Well, guess it's good enough.

I burnt off the tree with converged flame magic and made several planks from it.
Then I combined them using magic, creating a largish box.
I made one, but.

"....This is terrible."

I realized the value of the First Crest I had in my past life for the first time here.
First Crest is the crest suited for production type magic.
Using magic while knowing that, the results is terrible.

The bonding planes are uneven, and the amount of mana loaded in it is very little.
This box has no problem if it's only used for storing, but I'm likely going to need the help of First Crest if I want to seriously make equipment.
While thinking about that, I hunted some animals today and brought furs and preserved meat to the house.
During that time--

"I got some birds that accidentally hit some trees today too."

"Did they get neatly skinned too in the process?"

"I'm sure that's cause they hit the trees just right."

"Don't you think that excuse is too much yourself?"

"....I do."

"I know that you're strong. I'm not gonna complain you're hunting animals, bring them here all you want. If there's excess meat, sell it to the villagers, earn your school expense."

With such conversations, I was authorized by my family to hunt.

Thus, my training and strengthening proceeded smoothly.
It was several years after my past memories resurfaced that a slight turning point came up.
A monster appeared in the village's forest.

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