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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Strongest Sage, Cautious of his Elder Brother


"So you chose mock battle. Alright then. As for the rule.... the winner will be decided when either of you give up or from my discretion as a referee, okay?"

My father Castor asked Biffgel, not me.
He continues on while ignoring my will.
But well, I think I can somehow win if it's just against Biffgel, as long as there's no some weird rule in place.

"Wait a minute Father."

"What is it?"

"A referee has their limit. You can't say that they never misjudge."

Biffgel said such a thing.
Aa. I know what Biffgel is thinking somehow or other.

He's probably worried if our father Castor be partial to me in his judgment. Father doesn't think too well of Biffgel after all.
It's not surprising for him to say that if he's aware of it.

"Okay then. Let's go without a referee."

Father withdrew quite easily.
Looks like we're going to have a mock battle without a referee. I don't understand what father is trying to do now.

"And also, Mathias probably won't be satisfied with just one match. How about five matches?"

"Got it. Then let's make it five matches."

"Also, I'm confirming just in case, there's no need to hold back right?"

"Yea. 『Both』 of you need not to hold back."

Father told Biffgel that.
Or rather, our father Castor's face began to look eviler every time Biffgel suggested something. He's already all grin now. At the same time, he also looks like he can't believe it.

If there's anything remarkable about what he said, it was probably how the 『Both』 part was emphasized I guess?
....Not good. I genuinely don't understand what father is thinking.
Father made a sidelong glance at the dumbfounded me, gave a training sword to Biffgel and moved to a position a bit away from me.
And then he declares the starting signal for the mock battle.

"Are you both ready? Mock battle, begin!"


Biffgel made his move with the signal.
He readied his sword on the front while saying something inappropriate for a mock battle, rushing in toward me.
No need to hold back was it. Guess I should get serious right from the start too.

Biffgel's strength isn't comparable to father anyway, his swordsmanship is also terrible. I can probably win with a frontal attack.
I hit Biffgel's down-swinging sword from the side, turning it away to the left.


Biffgel lost his balance. You can't be telling me that he didn't think how to cope if he got blocked.
....That can't be. If that's the case then that means his skill is really poor.
This must be a trap. He must be planning to counter me with magic or something when I let my guard down by the obvious chance.

Once I saw through him as such, I decided to get on it.
These kinds of plans become a folly once you read through them.
An action that deviates from the textbook is not efficient, that's why they're not in the textbook.

I swing my wooden sword toward Biffgel while paying heed of any sign of magic.

0.3 seconds remaining until it hits. There's no movement.

0.2 seconds remaining. He still hasn't made his move. He won't make it in time if he doesn't activate the magic right about now though....?

At the remaining 0.1 second, Biffgel showed a movement.
Biffgel is actually closing his eyes at my sword.
It's as if he fears the sword that's coming at him.

Really, there's no way one would take such an action even in a mere sword training.
Did I perhaps overlook something? Did I get myself caught in Biffgel's trap without realizing it!?

Even though that thought flashed in my mind, there's only one action that could be taken in this situation either way.
I throw my hesitation away and swing my sword with all my might.



Biffgel got hit by the wooden sword, he screamed and writhed.
There wasn't a trap or anything. My wooden sword made clean hit on Biffgel without a hitch.
Too weak. ...No wait.

The victory condition for this battle was 『If either give up』.
In other words, Biffgel hasn't lost yet.

Moreover, his writhing in pain. It's obviously not normal. It's not something a trained person would do.
Perhaps he's pretending to be in pain to buy some time.

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