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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 14

Chapter 14  Good Food Really is the Best


Evening of the day. I ran to the guild.
Come to think of it I didn't ask the guild's open hour. I was panicking in the middle of the way, thinking what I would do if it was closed.
I head to Eleanor-san's counter in a hurry. Adventurers inside the guild at this time of the day were sparse, so it didn't take long until it was my turn.

"I'm back Eleanor-san, I'd like to complete the procedure please."

"Yes, Nobusada-san. Please wait a minute."

Even though I knew that it's just a business talk, being told to wait by a beauty would still skip your heart wouldn't it?

"There's an inn behind this building called 『Solomon Pavilion』 of which the guild is cooperating with. You could apply for the beginner fee if you show this note to the receptionist."

"Thank you very much. And excuse me, could I ask you something?"

"Yes, please ask me anything."

"Truth to be told, I haven't been baptized yet, what should I do to take one?"

"Baptism is it? Excuse me for asking, what would be the circumstances that make it happens?"

Just like what I told Futsuno-san, I told her that, 『I got abandoned as a baby in the western forest, an old man who was living in the forest picked up and raised me. My grandfather passed away recently so I thought of going to the town. Since I've been living in the forest all my life, I haven't taken the baptism and my general knowledge is a bit unreliable』.

"Was the the case, you've had it hard don't you...."

No, um, it's just a setting I randomly thought up, I'm truly sorry.

"Were you informed of the baptism?"

"Yes, I heard about it from someone I got acquainted with on the way to this town."

"Is that right, but you'd have to take it at another day since it's already late today. If you have time I could prepare your baptism ready for tomorrow, what would you like to do?"

"Yes, I'm fine tomorrow."

"Then would you tell me the god of whom you'd like to be baptized under?"

"『Goddess Levelitt-sama of Growth and Talent』 please."

I chose it without hesitation. Eleanor-san made an "Eh!?" face for an instant, but she calmed down immediately.

"Levelitt-sama is it. Many adventurers went with 『God of War and Battle  Aren』-sama, are you sure about that?"

Goddess Leve, why are you this lowly regarded? Did you do something bad?

"Yes, it's Levelitt-sama please."

"I understand. Then I'll prepare the procedure for the baptism. Please come again by the daytime tomorrow."

"Thank you very much Eleanor-san. Then I'll be resting at the inn for today. Thank you in advance for tomorrow."

"Yes, have a good dream."

I went out the guild and immediately headed to the 『Solomon Pavilion』 behind it.

After walking for a few minutes, I saw a big building with a big sign written with, 『Solomon Pavilion』. Even an inexperienced adventurer wouldn't get lost with that. Yes, that's me!
When I went inside a door that looked like it had quite a history, I was immediately greeted by a dining room. Looks like the lodging rooms are above. I immediately search for the receptionist desk and then a girl who seems to be around 10 greets me.

"Welcome~ to 『Solomon Pavilion』~"

Un, it's a small girl with bob cut that could be called a beauty.

Name: Minerva - Gender: Female - Race: General Human
Class: Merchant Lv5
Title: 【Poster Girl】
Arithmetic Lv2 - Reception Lv3 - Housework Lv3 - Life Magic

Poster Girl is a title!? Considering her age, she's quite a capable girl.

"I've got an introduction from the guild, is there any room left? I've just been registered as an adventurer today."

"Ye~s, if you please show the note given by the guild."

"Ah, here it is."

I handed over the note that Eleanor-san gave me to the girl.

"Yes, I got it. F rank Nobusada-san right~ How long do you plan to stay in~?"

"For now one week please."

"One week it is~. Ah, in case your rank rises, you'll still be charged with the beginner fee for that one week, but it'll be regular fee after that, please take note~"

Regular fee seems to be 600 mani with included breakfast a day, but it's half of that at 300 mani for F rank beginners. How very fair.

"Nobusada-san's room is room 210 at the corner of the second floor. For dinner, the recommended special of the day will be provided for free. Other menu besides that including liquor will incur extra charge, please take note~"

I see, they can make the recommended menu cheaper by making a lot of it huh. They properly charge the side menu and the liquor.....  I guess this is the kind of world where the entertainment is limited to women and alcohol.

"Just call me Nobu. Looks like I'll trouble you for a long time after all."

"Yes, Nobu-san, and you can call me Minerva too~"

"No no. I'd feel bad if I had to do without honorifics when we just met, it's Minerva-chan okay."

"Ye~s, then Nobu-san, what would you like to do for dinner tonight?"

"I'd love to eat right after I put my baggage in the room. Also, is there a bath here?"

"There's no bath in this place~ Only royalty and nobles that mostly have it~ We can prepare a bucket of hot water for free, I'll bring it to your room later~"

"Then would you please do after dinner."

"Ye~s, then I'll go get it ready for you~"

I paid the fee for one week, got the key from Minerva-chan and went to the second floor. When I went inside the room, yup, it's that. The interior design is like a student dormitory's. If that's hard to understand, then let's say it's like a cramped studio flat? But well, I don't hate such closed space like this. Though small, it feels like my castle.

"Phew, I can finally settle down."

I put down my baggage (just the rucksack) and sighed. I'm finally here.
The past several days were like surging waves. The real show only starts now though.
For the time being, tomorrow I need to procure the wild boar money and get baptized, full of things I gotta do. I should check if there's any quest I can take too. Personally speaking, I'd like a quest about alchemy or blacksmithing.

Awright, let's have dinner. Wonder what kind of menu will it be.

I went to the dining room on the first floor, lots of people were in there. Most of the guests look young, like they're inexperienced adventurers. I wonder if there would be an encounter that culminates in me creating a party with the other person here.... But well I'm going solo for a while. I have few acquaintances anyhow.

I look around for a vacant seat restlessly while thinking such things.

Oh, there's one on the counter. Let's go with that, I can see the cooking in this world too from there.

"Ah, Nobu-san, you're here for dinner right~"

Minerva-chan unexpectedly showed up on the counter.

"Yup, one special set of the day please. I think I'd go for a fruit juice as well."

"Ye~s, one set of today special, plea~se."


I heard a deep voice from the back. The chef seemed to be quite a big man though I could only see his back. His body is big but he cooked with impressive nimbleness. Amazing, this works as a reference. There's no waste movement.

Name: Donul Zavinia - Gender: Male - Race: General Human
Class: Chef Lv48
Title: None
Martial Art Lv4 - Joint Lock Lv5 - Physical Strength Lv4 - Cooking Lv7 - Life Magic.

The heck, are the old men in this world the strongest or something. Weird, why are they all this fit. His cooking level is amazing too. How would the royal court chefs be like I wonder....
That reminds me, this is the first time I saw someone with a family name in this world. Since Minerva-chan doesn't have one, looks like there's some kind of deep circumstances surrounding it, like maybe a fallen noble.

"Thank you for waiting, here's one set of today special~ Today's special set is chicken saute, salad, bread and potato soup~ And here's your peach fruit juice~"

"Oh, they look good."

Uwaah, I can't get enough of this. The chicken saute's seasoning is especially nice. The garlic and some kind of spice stimulate the appetite. The salad dressing is a new taste for me, but it's quite refreshing and the optimum palate cleansing for the saute. Lastly I drank the fruit drink, it wasn't cold but the peach juice was refreshing and easy to swallow.
I got too absorbed and finished them all in no time. Oh no, I wanted to savor the taste a bit more.

"Muhaa, I'm completely satiated."

"Oh my, Nobu-san finished already. You're really quick~"

"It was amazingly good. The saute was especially superb."

"Really~. Dad would be happy to hear that."

"Eh, that chef in the back was your father?"

"Yes, this inn is run by our family after all~ Dad is in the kitchen, I deal with the customers and cleaning, and mom deals with the accounting~"

"I didn't know."

It hit me then.

"Could you take this to your father to be used later?"

That's right, it's the leftover wrapped meat of the wild boar. I'm curious
to what kind of dish would the old man make with this. I'm also handing over the assorted fruits I picked in the forest. These are for the payment for the request.

"T-this is boar meat isn't it~ There's so many fruits too. Are you sure?"

"Yup, I'm interested in the dish the old man would make with this. The fruits are a kind of payment for this request of mine."

"I understand, I'll give them to him. I think we can ready it at tomorrow's dinner~"

"Yeah, looking forward to it. Then I'm returning to my room, I'll be waiting for the hot water later."

"Ye~s, thank you very much~"

I handed over 20 mani for the fruit juice and went back to my room.
I lie down in the bed in the room. Phew, fluffy bed and good food, this inn is a hit. No wonder the guild recommended it. It's cordial towards newbies.

Afterward, I cleaned my body with the hot water Minerva-chan brought.
Feels like I'd have a good dream tonight,

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