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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Strongest Sage, Bring Food to the House


"Today's dinner is a feast! What's the occasion?"

During meal.
Castor was in wonder before the sumptuous amount of meat on the dining table.
Only two birds are used in the dinner, but that's still quite an amount for our household of five.

Looking back, after reincarnating, I think the only time we had this amount of meat was during Reich's 15 year old birthday (this country deems adulthood at 15.)

"I think it's Mathi's birthday today.... But I don't think these are made to celebrate it right?"

Reich said that.
I was reincarnated when I just turned 6, so technically speaking, the first day is my birthday.
However, like I mentioned earlier, the only time we had a luxurious meal in a birthday was only during Reich's.
I don't think we've had any celebration at other birthdays.

"That's right! This guy doesn't need no birthday celebration! Rather, it should be a sad day to curse his fate!"

Biffgel made fun of me by making use of Reich's statement.

"Biffgel. Be quiet."

And then he was made to shut up.
The one who did that was our father, Castor Hildesheimr. I don't know his concrete age, but he looks around 45.

Even Biffgel can't go against the head of the family, he shuts his mouth.
His face is red from anger.... And I think his voltage is higher than in the noon, maybe he's dissatisfied. I wonder if this self-proclaimed chosen one of the magic god (14 year old) is that frustrated from losing to a trash (6 year old) who can't use magic well.

"Mathi brought this meat. If anyone has any complaint, they don't have to eat it."

Our mother, Camilla revealed the answer at the right timing.
Father who heard that asks me.

"Mathi brought this? What on earth happened?"

Well now. How should I reply to this.、
Many things could become troublesome if I answer honestly.
Even excluding this territory with its underdeveloped magic, my magic is superior for a 6 year old.
The worst possible outcome would be if I were bound in this territory.

I intend to leave Hildesheimr house sooner or later, to walk the path of a magic combatant.
Even if my name is different int his life, the things I want to do hasn't changed.
If I get known as a convenient magic user, it could be hard to realize that.

"The birds hit some trees by chance and fell down."

After thinking more, I decided to hide my magic.
It's a bit unnatural for that to happen with five birds, but I gotta follow up somehow--.

"Did they fall with their necks cleanly cut, and even drained of blood already?"

It was no use. Mother swiftly attacked.
However, I'll cut through by feigning ignorance here!

"I found some sharp stones and drained the blood myself."

"To five birds?"

"Un. To five birds."

"....Certainly, I didn't see any wound that looks to be a result of battle. It's unusual, but it might be not unlikely to happen."

Alright. Dodged the bullet there.
Next time, I should bring back fewer spoils after thinking through an excuse.
I'm not going to stop supplying the meat. Nourishment is important.

"Abnormal behaviors of birds huh. I hope it's not an omen of something strange happening. ...Come to think of it, Mathi you're 6 now aren't you."

"Yup. Mathi is 6 today."

Reich replied Castor.

"Then, I'll start teaching Mathi swordsmanship from tomorrow on. Mathi is going to leave the territory and all, so swords gonna be essential for you."

That reminds me, Reich and Biffgel have been training swordsmanship with Father.
That training started at 6 huh. That's quite hardcore.
--However, there was more important part on my father's statement.
The part about me leaving the territory.

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