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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 11

Chapter 11 Finally Arrived at Gramada


When I came to, there were two hills right in front of my eyes!
Yes, it's Nobusada. Apparently, Mitama is letting my head rest on her lap.
What bliss. I want to bask in this lingering memories, but I wonder what happens after that?
I'm sure I finished off the big boar.

"Oh, Nobu-kun, you're awake?"

Futsuno-san peeked here.

"Yea, somehow. Futsuno-san, how long did I lose consciousness?"

"About 10 minutes. Just when I thought Nobu-kun who should've fainted got up and killed the big boar, you fell again, even Mitama was panicking ya know? Don't go and act rashly k'. Nobu-kun."

"Aye, I'm sorry. Are you two alright?"

Looks like the two don't have any serious injury. They're probably anxious since I got blown away in that fashion.

"Still, how did you finish off that big boar? Hey hey, tell Onee-san 'bout it. Hey hey."

"....Nee-san, Nobu just woke up, don't push him like that."

"Uh, yer' right. My bad."

"No, I'm fine already, my head feels clear. I'm reluctant to part way with this lap pillow, but I'll go and get up."

I really am reluctant! But we have to do something about the killed big boar. The bruises on my body still hurt, but that's about it. I had readied myself for some broken bones from the kick, but apparently, Heal was able to heal it. Magic is amazing.
Now, let's process the big boar and the fresh meat.

"Let's dismantle this big boar for now. Would you two help me?"


We can think up other things that need to be done while we're working on this.
Helped by the two, I dismantle the big boar. It doesn't have Soul Stone since it's not a monster.
More importantly, meat! Fresh meat!
I diligently process the fresh meat before me while enduring the pain on my body.

After peeling off its fur, I drained its blood and cut the meat by body parts. Looks like they fetch a good price if I bring them to the right place in the town. I wash the intestines with all the water in the water sack and preserve them. I divided the meat into three parts using the cloth I bought. It still weight too much, my rucksack can't hold them all.
Oh yeah, the two were surprised when I told them about the magic rucksack. Since it seemed to be quite expensive, in desperation, I told them that it was a keepsake from the grandfather who raised me.
Thus, we decided that I would carry the expensive parts.

Yet, even after doing all this, there's still too much left. As expected of a big boar. Ah, I've put away the bear trap behind a rock. It was bulky and dented all over, I deemed it unusable.

Can't be helped, let's barbecue the meat that we can't hold! Yes, we're having a barbecue party right now.

"Fuhaa, so good. The boar meat I ate back then smelled gamey, but this one's not too bad at all. Why's Nobu-kun cooking this good?"

I wonder why? The benefit of Housework skill? I feel that the meat here tastes better than the one I made in earth back then. Or maybe it's cause this big boar is tasty?
Well, whatever. Right now I'd rather enjoy this meat than thinking that deeply. It's simply salted with sauce made from fruits. I also made a few tempuras from the boar meat. With this I used up all the oil I bought. I couldn't bother with the vegetables so I just chopped them up and made them into meat roll.

"Ah, meat IS nice. Compared to fruits and black bread, eating this feels like power is swelling up in me somehow."

*Nod nod*, Mitama nodded at me in agreement while stuffing her mouth with the meat. Umu, eat to your heart's content. We have a lot more.

How terrifying.... It was a good meat, but the amount was something I'd never have thought could be eaten by three people. Futsuno-san and Mitama seem very satisfied. Usually Mitama looked like she wasn't satisfied.

We began to walk again after having the meal took up large portion of time. We wasted a lot of time due to the unnecessary battle, but since we departed faster as the result, it seemed to be ultimately a zero sum. Looks like we should be able to get to Gramada before nightfall at this pace.

I look at my status I missed to see after defeating the big boar.

Name: Nobusada Izumi - Gender: Male - Race:General Human?
Class: Fighter Lv7
Title: 【Moss Ball Killer】
HP: 39/70 MP: 30/82
Etania Native Language - Differing Soul Communication Lv1 - Magic Development Lv1 - Houseworks Lv5 - Agriculture Lv3 - Swordsmanship Lv2 - Throwing Lv1 - Magic Clad Lv2 - Holy Magic Lv 1 - Evasion Lv1 (New!) - Elemental Magic Aptitude Lv2 (up!) - Disguise Lv2

【Inherent Skill】
Discerning Magic Eyes Lv2 (up!)

Ooh, my level increased by two in one go. My skills leveled up too! Looking at this, it seems I can regard that Class and Skill are leveled up differently. The Elemental Magic Aptitude leveled up even with Fighter class whose MP doesn't increase after all.
Oh, looking at the race.... I wonder what the '?' after General Human is.
I thought something would happen with the increased level of the Discerning Magic Eyes, but it's more like the liberation of an entry of information?
It probably leveled up when I saw the big boar with it.

The trip advanced smoothly without any trouble afterward. The highway also gradually became wider and better looking. As I was sensing such small changes, I saw some kind of rampart in the distance.

"Nobu-kun, that's Gramada y'see. The whole town is covered by a huge wall. Only the Avaoak Fort at the westernmost can equal the sturdiness of that. It was made to be sturdy cause it's very close to the demon lord's territory."
"Hohou, considering they made such a secure wall, does that mean this town is that important?"
"Yeap, the territory around here is under direct control of Duke Azbel, it's also a center of distribution of goods. Order of knight is permanently stationed here and it also has security guards, the public order is quiet nice."

Duke Azbel. It seems to be the duke who rules the area around here. His political skill is apparently quite formidable, Gramada has been under good government ever since he came in charge of the town. Futsuno-san doesn't know the inner details, but it seems the ease of living in Gramada has no particular fault. I can expect many things.

We made it to the line for the inspection to enter the city. We're also quickly lining up at the end of the queue.

"You'd need to pay 200 Mani to enter the town. If you don't have an ID, then they'd issue a provisional registration card 'ere. You'd need to deposit 2000 Mani. After you've registered at whichever guild and got yourself a guild card, you could get the money back."
"By 'whichever guild', are there more than one of them?"
"Yeap, the big ones are the Adventurer Guild and the Commercial Guild. There's also some intermediate guilds for each jobs. Nobu-kun's gonna register at the Adventurer Guild rite'?"
"Let me see, I don't have a connection after all, so that one seems to be the safest bet."

Our turn came as we were talking.

"Oh, the 『Tail of Wind』 pair. You two are safe."

The sentry lightly talked to the two. He seems to be in the middle of his twenties. Comparatively good looking.

"Kyle-han, good work. We managed somehow."

"Everyone's gonna be sad if anything happens to the prominent beauty sisters of the guild. In fact, I'm one of those peeps. How 'bout it, wanna have some drink with me after work?"


Mitama, so prompt.

"Not possible, we gotta report to the client and guide this guy. Now, get back to work."

"Mumumu, a man! Where is this guy."

"Me, me. Nice to meet you, Kyle-san."

"Wait, you're just a kid. Ya surprised me."

I'm technically 15 though.... It's probably partially because of my oriental face looking young, but this height is the root of all problem!

"I'm not a kid. I left my hometown to become an Adventurer you see."
"Haha, saying that means you're still wet behind the ears. Well fine, got an ID?"
"I don't have anything like that since I was raised in the forest. Futsuno-san told me that the Adventurer Guild could issue the Guild Card, so I'm going to make one there."
"Right right, it's the provisional registration card then. Wait a bit."

After saying that, Kyle went to the guard station and came back carrying a small crystal ball.

"Put your hand on this. This thing is called 『Crystal of Conviction』. It'd show us if you have any criminal record in the past through the joint information from the guild. Well, you should have no problem if you lived honestly."

I put my hand on the crystal ball as urged. There's no change on the crystal ball.

"Alright, looks like you have no criminal record."

After saying that, he filled out a ticket like thing. By the way, I was told later that if you had a criminal record, the crystal ball would float.

"Okay then, the toll will be 200 mani, and the provisional registration ID will be 2000 mani. We'd reimburse that one if you came back here after you got your ID issued. Once you've your Guild Card, you'll be exempted of future tolls."

"Okay, here you go."

I took out 2200 mani from my rucksack and handed it to him.

"Got it. This is the provisional registration card, don't lose it you hear me?"


"Welcome to Gramada, high adventurer-to be. Well, just take care not to get yourself hurt."

He seems flippant, but he's quite good at taking care others. He doesn't seem to be a bad guy. Lemme look at the stats.

Name Kyle - Gender: Male - Race: General Human
Class: Fighter Lv 12 - State: Healthy
Title: None
Swordsmanship Lv3 - Spearmanship Lv2 - Life Magic

I wonder if these much is the standard for guards? He should be able to deal with something like that big boar somehow?
Nevertheless, Kyle? You're a guard, but your eyes have been chasing after Futsuno-san's and Mitama's asses for a while now..... Do your job, guard (laugh).
We set foot in the town with Kyle's leer. Hey Kyle, you're seeing us off while looking reluctant and all, but is that really alright? The people accumulating at the line are looking distressed you know.

"Then let's go until the guild together. Unfortunately, from there we gotta report the quest completion to the client. Truthfully, I wanted to go with you until the end."

"No no, I wouldn't have been able to get here this fast alone, you two are really a big help."

"Really? Come talk to us if you have problem later 'kay. Our regular lodging is the 『Dog of Flame』 inn. You can contact us by sending messages to the innkeeper."

"....The food there is good."

As expected of Mitama, she's unflinching!

"Ah, also, you can sell the big boar's meat and fur at the guild okay? Nobu-kun can have all the one you're carrying."

"No wait, we should divide it into three equal parts...."

"S'fine, you'd need all the money since you're starting up as an adventurer. It's a farewell gift from onee-sans 'k."

"....I have no problem, I like the meat part myself."

Gunuu, this is a huge shock. So that was why they put the expensive parts like the fur in my baggage. I'll definitely return this debt! In good meaning!!

"Well then, c'ya."

"You two, thank you."

I part way with the two in front of the Adventurer Guild. Now that I'm by myself, it feels lonely somehow.
Alright! Gear up, here I go!

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