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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Strongest Sage, Fight His Father


"I'm gonna leave the territory?"

I asked my father before I realized.
Just what was my effort to deceive them earlier for.

"....This might be too soon to talk to you about Mathi, but you're the third son after all. You can plow fields in the territory if you want, but if you can use magic--no, I mean, if you can use a sword, you can choose to go outside. I'm sure it's more fun that way."

Ooh. Looks like I can automatically leave the territory if I can use a sword.
Isn't that the greatest ever! Hurray for third son!

It looked like he was going to say magic... is magic no good?
Now's my chance. Let's ask.

"Why not, magic?"

"O...of course magic is fine too. But I think the way of sword is better myself!"

Hmm. Evasive. Is there something with magic and me?
Could it be that this territory really regards the Fourth Crest as a failure--.
Can't be. It's impossible if you think about it. Since the Fourth Crest is difficult to handle, that situation might happen if the average age of the territory is 10, but of course there are more adults in Hildesheimr Territory.

It's impossible for any crest but the first crest to be treated as a failure.
Even that First Crest has its strength in something other than combat. I don't think there's any reason for it to be treated as a failure though... well, it is a failure in my particular case.

Next day.
When I got up in the morning, my father Castor and big brother Reich were already swinging swords outside.
Even though father is not using Physical Reinforcement or such his swordsmanship is very clean. His sword swiftness isn't bad either.

This territory is underdeveloped in term of magic, but it seems that's not the case with swords.

"Good morning, father, Reich-niisan."

"Hi Mathi. Good morning."

I went outside and greeted my father and brother who were doing a practice-swinging.
He told me that we'd begin training from today on, but he didn't specify the time. I might be late.

"Is that you Mathi. You're an early bird eh. Were you looking forward to training with swords?"

It appears I wasn't late.

"I wanna leave the territory and become an adventurer."

"I see I see. Normally you'd want to become a knight, but adventurer isn't a bad choice either! Alright, it's a bit early but let's start!"

After saying that, Castor handed me a wooden sword.
It's heavy despite being made of wood, makes me think there's a weight inside.
Castor also takes the same wooden sword in his hand. He was using a real sword during the practice swinging, but we're not going to use them in a practice it seems. Well, it's dangerous without healing magic after all.

"Now, come at me! You win if you can hit me with the sword!"

Castor pointed his sword at me while saying that.
....Eh? Combat practice so sudden?
You're really going to do that with a 6 year old?

"What's wrong! You can use any trick. Try swinging once!"

In my confusion, Castor called me out.
It sounds like he's going to lunge instead if I remain silent.
It's said that Hildesheimr House's swordsmanship training is hardcore, but it seems that's still being modest.

This house's sword education will keep on living in the future.
--I'll do the best I can now.

"Here I go!"


After declaring that, I purposely moved close slowly at a walking distance to him, without using the physical reinforcement.
An unshapely movement unbefitting of being called martial art.
And then I very slowly rush in and swing my sword from below.

A movement that goes against gravity on top of not using physical reinforcement. The speed of the sword is so slow that you won't feel any pain even if it hits.
It's not like I underestimate him. Looking at the practice-swinging, I understood that Castor was not someone I could underestimate.
In fact, you can even say that he's not someone the current me can win against. The difference of our fundamental body strength is too wide.

I had started muscle and magic reinforcement (similar to muscle strength, your magic quantity will rise every time you use it) yesterday, but that's still not enough to win against a well-trained adult.
That's why, I employed this tactic.

My father Castor tried to block my sword. Looks like he's going real easy on me. His movement is slow compared to what he showed before I got here.
When I see that, I--activate the Physical Reinforcement that I have saved until now, and raise the output to maximum at once.
It's show time from here on.

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