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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Strongest Sage, Noticing the Decline of Swordsmanship


I knew what he's doing. Biffgel is buying some time by pretending to be in pain.
Then I just need to keep attacking.
It's either me making Biffgel surrender or Biffgel completing his magic first. This is that kind of match.

After comprehending that, I started to attack Biffgel more with the wooden sword.
--However Biffgel only kept looking frightened and pained, he doesn't seem like he'll ever activate the magic.

After all this, I started to think that it seemed suspicious, so I slightly lowered the Physical Reinforcement and began to invoke the 【Active Magic Detection】 which could detect all kind of magic as long as it's not cleverly hidden.
A reaction of magic power inside the range--can't be found.

"Mathi. You'd better stop right there."

My father Castor called when I was confirming the result of the detection.
When I look again, Biffgel has fainted with bubbles on his mouth.

"....What is Biffgel trying to do?"

"He got knocked out by Mathi."

"Wasn't he showing a chance on purpose?"

"That was not on purpose. He just normally lost his balance."

....Biffgel was that weak huh.
Ah. I think I know what father is trying to tell me.

"I got it! In short, the Common Sense that father was trying to tell me is that there are people who don't make it even after training like Biffgel!"

"This boy's hopeless! He doesn't get it at all!"

....That's what I thought, but I seem to be mistaken.

"Then what are you trying to tell me?"

"Biffgel's strength."

Look. I got it right after all didn't I.
What's the difference anyway.

"It's not like Biffgel is weak you know. Rather, in the same generation, he's among the stronger ones."


"This Biffgel, among the stronger ones?"

"That's right."

"No, but, father is...."

Our father Castor's strength is not comparable to Biffgel at all.
It wouldn't be an exaggeration if I say that father could win against 100 Biffgels without a single scratch.

"I'm saying this myself, but I'm strong ya know."

No well. The gap between [Strong] and [Stronger Ones] is way too big.

"Then what you're trying to say is...."

"Mathi's strength is clearly abnormal. At least, there's probably no one under 15 who can beat you."

You're kidding me. Regardless of the knowledge I posses, this body is of a 6 year old who have never trained before.
Has swordsmanship declined along with magic?

No. A warrior like father wouldn't have been born if this was a world where swordsmanship had declined that much. Even if he did, he wouldn't be working as a lord at a place like this, but the founder of a great swordsmanship school or something.

Some of father's actions still don't match with the explanation he's given.

"By the way father."

I decided to ask him about that.

"What is it?"

"You agreed to all of Biffgel's demands before the match.... Why was that?"

"Ah. I was going to stop at the right part since I was sure that it was going to be a one-sided match anyway. But since Biffgel was too eager to dig his own grave, I let him do as he pleased."

Ah. No holding back and no referee were indeed the same as digging his own grave.

"Well, it should be a good lesson for Biffgel too. It would be nice if his thought process changes with this...."

Father stopped talking.
Biffgel who had fainted opened his eyes.

"Biffgel. Anything you wanna say?"

Biffgel immediately reacts at father's question.

"It's a fraud! There's no way a Disqualified Crest like him could beat me! This guy must have used some kind of tricks! Father, punish this guy!"

He's quite energetic for someone who just fainted.
Father is half smiling while looking like he can't believe him.
Even though I wasn't using a mind reading magic, I felt like I could hear him saying, 'This guy's far gone, something must be done 'bout it.'
No, perhaps, 'This guy's far gone. He might be beyond help already.' is the more correct one?

Father talks to Biffgel while having that expression.

"I see I see. Are you saying that Mathi was cheating?"

"That's right!"

Father who heard that grinned and laughed.

"Then you'll just have to pay close attention to any trick on the next match. I'm also going to watch closely, fight fairly."

"Eh? No. There's no need to fight again...."

"What are you saying. The mock battle has five matches right? You said it yourself."

Father pursued the panicking Biffgel--
No that's not it. Biffgel was just going inside the grave he dug himself beforehand on his own volition.

"Or rather, Biffgel hasn't given up on the match earlier right? Be glad Biffgel. You haven't lost--"

Biffgel ran away.

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