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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 13

Chapter 13  Matda the Superman and Kyle


Several guards were standing by at the west gate when I got there. Looks like Kyle isn't here.

"S'cuse me, I'd like to refund the temp registration card now that I have registered as an adventurer."

When I gave them a call... Huh? A nice middle-aged man who seems to be the top person here is coming.

The white hair mixed in his natural hair looks good, but his most distinct trait is the bulking muscles. That upper arm is as big as my body. The other guards are carrying swords and spears, only this person is bare handed. No wait, that knuckle-like things on his waist seem to be brass knuckles.

"Fumu, refunding for the temp registration huh, that means you're a newbie?"

"Yes, I just got to this town today and completed the registration just now."

"Fumu, wait a bit. Oy, Kyle! Stop lazing around and help with this."

Mr. Muscle Middle (Temp) ordered Kyle who was inside the guard station in a loud voice. Kyle ran out while panicking a little.

"Please give me a break captain-commander. I just went in for a break didn't I."

"Fool, stop grumbling at work! You've got to reflect a little for creating a long ass line while you were chasing the adventurer ladies' asses."

"Guooh, even Captain-Commander knew it.... Tohoho, I'll do it, I wiiill."

Mr. Muscle Middle is the captain-commander huh. Judging from his intimidating air, he must be the captain-commander of the soldiers in this town. He seems exactly like your seasoned war hero.

"Oh, the chick who was together with the 『Tail of Wind』 huh. Looks like you're done registering."

"Thanks to you. Also, I have a name, Nobusada, please stop calling me chick."

"Haahaahaa, well I didn't hear your name. Nobusada eh, that sounds like a name from Hinoto Kingdom."

This guy, he's doing the document while looking at me. Quite skillful he is.

"Oh yea, you're calling them 『Tail of Wind』, what's that?"

"Wha? You were with them and you didn't know that?"


"『Tail of Wind』 is the party name of those two. They're D-rank adventures with promising future at such young ages. Though they're more famous for their careful completion of quests than for their combat ability. Those sisters have the look so they even have a fanclub I hear."

They are beautiful but to even have a fanclub.... As expected of Futsuno-san and Mitama. They're awesome.

"Alright now, procedure complete. These are your silver coins."

I received silver coins from Kyle. Right on money.

"More importantly, what's your relationship with those two?"

"Eh? A lifesaver that helped them from goblins?"

"I see, so those two saved you when you got attacked huh."

"No, it's the opposite you know."


"I was the one doing the saving. I helped them when they were outnumbered as Mitama was hurt."

"You did!? You're kidding me, must be a lie, you don't look that strong y'know."

Mugugu, he doesn't believe it at all. I-it's not like I'm mortified by it!

"Then you just see it yourself in a match. Right Kyle?"

"Geeh, commander!"

Geh, Guan Yu.
Since when were you here, Captain-commander Muscle Middle (temp).

"What's with that 'geeh' huuh. From what I see, this lad isn't that bad himself. He'd beat you easily if you let your guard down."

"You serious!? Mugugu, but there's nothing for me..."

"Then I'll give you the right to make an advance on my daughter once."

"To Eleanor-san!? I'll do it, let me do it!"

Wait, the captain-commander is Eleanor-san's father!? The father of War Princess must be terribly strong....
I look at him timidly. I mean, you can't just give someone the right to make an advance on your daughter that easily you know.

Name: Matda - Gender: Male - Race: General Human
Class: Magic Boxer Lv75
Title: 【War Fist】
Fist Art Lv7 - Physical Strength Lv7 - Sturdiness Lv6 - Touki Lv6 - Evasion Lv4 - Danger Sense Lv4 - Command Lv5

Uooo, why is he this strong. An order of magnitude difference, literally.
But really, War Fist and War Princess! Is this a parent and daughter thing. Kyle, are you really going to make a pass on the daughter of this father? Un, I just got to know him recently, but I can see him doing that.
Eh? Me? It's impossible for me right now. It can't be a quarrel if I can't stand getting hit once by his fist.

"Are you fine with swords?"

"Un, I'm good."

"Then, use any wooden swords here."

Several wooden swords are leaned against the wall. Uoo, there's many with blood on them. Just how hard is the guards' training.
I found a lone bokuto while looking at them haphazardly. How nostalgic! Alright, I'm using this one.

Bokuto 『Merciful Blood Slasher』
Quailty: Good - Enclosed Magic: 1/1
A souvenir sold in a certain hot spring resort at Hinoto Kingdom. Magic power came to dwell it after its long history of beating up ruffians.

I appraised it just because.... But what the heck is this. Uwaah, I can see darkened parts here and there when I look closer.

"Huu, you're using my wooden sword huh. You've got good eyes."

So it's yours huh, is that right. Just how many did you beat with it!

"Okay, let's do it. I'm not gonna hold back. After all, having the authorization from the captain-commander to hit on her is like a miracle."

"Muu, feels like you're treating me like a stepping stone, but I'm not going to lose okay."
"Looks like you two are motivated enough."

Kyle and I face each other.

His flippant attitudes he had been showing quieted down. We readied ourselves and looked at each other. I'd feel aggravated somehow if I lose and he makes a pass on Eleanor-san, it's firing me up. Activate Magic Clad, maximum output it is.


Nuu, the captain-commander noticed the Magic Clad. But it's not like he's warned against it, so he probably doesn't mind me using it.
Huh? Since when did we get surrounded by the peanut gallery!?
Guards! What about your job! Wait, the people lining up are paying attention over here too. You the ma'am over there, this isn't a show you know.


The surrounding noise quieted down with the captain-commander's voice.



Kyle rushed in at once with the signal.
However, I had already read that. He looked so obviously wanted to plunge ahead.
I blocked him with the bokuto at the right timing.


I gave Kyle a Yakuza kick when he lost his balance.

"Wha! Waaaaait."

Kuh, he evaded. But it's still my turn!


I plunge with all my might and swing down.
I made my attack while he was trying to fix his balance and posture.
This ends it!? Right when I thought that, I got a severe counter attack.

"Counter Slash!"

Kyle's slashed at me horizontally. Its power was not perfect since he hadn't rebuilt his posture, but the counter hit me. So that was a Weapon Skill.
Ouch ow ow ow, I'd have fainted if it wasn't for the Magic Clad, dammit.

"How do you like that, you should surrender now."

"But I refuse!"

I fix my breathing while enduring the pain. Then I noticed something when I was covering Magic Clad on my whole body for the second time.
My magic power flowed onto the bokuto too?
I don't know if it's effective or not, but since it's not useless, I'm going to put all the magic power it can take.

"What's wrong? If you're not coming, I'm gonna do it instead y'know?"

I ignore the cheap provocation. I stare at Kyle and take an upper stance.
The aim will be for an instant, don't mistake the timing, me.

"Sheesh, I'm gonna finish this quick and go to Eleanor-san's place ya know. Go to sleep with this! Another Slash!!"
He's also swinging from above huh! No, wrong! It changed to upward slash!? How does that even work!?
But this is convenient. I swung down the Magic Clad bokuto at once. The aim is Kyle's wooden sword.



Kyle looked dumbfounded for an instant. His wooden sword that hit my bokuto crushed to pieces.
Not letting that chance go, I jump in the air.


I ram a drop kick on Kyle hard!


Kyle fell down while raising a strange voice. Ah, he's twitching.
The defensive power from the full throttle Magic Clad became quite the offensive power huh. Fuhahaha, evil has been destroyed!


A fist hit down on my head as I smirked instinctively.
I crouch down due to the excessive pain.

"You overdid it fool!"

It looked to be captain-commander Matda's fist. T'was hurt.

"Kyle too, you were too careless. Your attacks were to random. I'm gonna personally train you intensively after today's work."

"Gwooo, so this is what they say when it rains, it pours."

Captain-Commander, that one just now was the decisive blow no matter how you look at it.

"Lad, you're rough but worth polishing. However, you'd have been done in by Kyle's counter in an actual fight. A moment of negligence beckons death, do not forget that."

"Yes, thank you very much! Captain-Commander!"

I saluted reflexively.

Captain-Commander Matda went back to the guard station in a good mood for some reason. The peanut gallery also broke off after being satisfied with the show, only Kyle and me were left. Since he looked quite depressed, I felt a bit bad for him.

"...Er, how do I say this...don't mind."

"Gufuu, don't you cheer up the loser."

Well, it's not like I don't understand.

"Well fine, Nobusada was it. This time, I'm handing over the right to hit on Eleanor-san to youuu."

Ah, he resurrected. He sure recovers fast.

"No, it's not like I wanted to do that...."

"What! She's that much of a beauty. You're not a man if you don't hit on her."

"No no no, please don't decide that with your standard. I just became an adventurer today y'know? Until I can earn enough to lead a stable life, I plan for love affair will be secondary."

Un, I do yearn for mofumofu-san, but I gotta stabilize my life first. Since I'm not a Tokyoite, not having a saving is not my principle.

"You, you're quite calculated for your age...."

Oh quit it, this is the time to remain obscure.

"I lost this time, but I'm gonna win the next match. So don't die inside the dungeon or something you hear me."

"I'm not gonna die that easily. I'll take you up on that rematch. But just you know I never have any intention to lose!"

We face each other with triumphant looks. I dunno who started it, but the two of us burst into laughter.
After bumping our fists, we started to walk back to our own separate ways.
Kyle huh. Quite an interesting guy.

Now then, it took more time than expected, I got to secure a place to sleep tonight.
I ran back to the guild.

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